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  1. My bad, I should have clarified I was mostly spectating about how the blast radius change will alter what I was describing. As it stands, yea, you're absolutely correct. Thrust does change a lot, and allows the person that the nade is being thrown at to evade too. That gets into the whole thrust debate though.
  2. Nades are definitley one of the more rewarding aspects of Halo (and it will hopefully feel even more so in this update when blast radius is reduced. Now to get hitmarkers taken out...) The use of grenades in this discussion is interesting. Anyone that's experienced with Halo knows not to throw a grenade in a gunfight that you're engaged in. That's a rookie mistake. You're even in shots and throw a nade? You're dead. You're up shot and throw a nade? You're dead. One of the more skillful aspects of gunfights to me is popping behind cover, baiting your enemy into throwing a nade, then popping back out to pull even or win the fight. As to throwing nades around corners when you're disengaging from a fight? There's a reason "Don't chase" is solid Halo advice. Moving to a different game that doesn't allow nades to be manipulated on floors/walls as Halo does feels weird. I've grown accustomed to thinking about how I can bounce nades.
  3. I could just wait for the update notes today, but screw it, I'll ask. What changed with the BR? I didn't play any of the tuning playlist.
  4. In my eyes, both GoW4 and H5 are good games. They aren't to the level of greatness of the others, but I do acknowledge their good points and the bad points of the games that came before them. That said, a lot of the GoW community feels betrayed by some of the game mechanics (but that happened as early as GoW2 with stopping power). In the end, it's just a matter of perspective. As an avid player of both since their inception, I understand how easy it is nowadays to say, "I give up on this franchise, etc."
  5. Happy Halloween, everyone.
  6. Firstly, I don't believe anyone compared TC and 343. Second, the micros in Gears for what they call "premium packs" weren't and still aren't implemented well. The credit payout was and still is absurdly low while the cost of the packs with in game currency is too high. All that while only making them purchasable for a few days forces some players' hands to shell out real cash. I don't understand forcing a comparison between the two. It feels like an anti-343 agenda. One game's mistakes doesn't apply to the other. Both series stand alone with their own history and ways of doing things. Just because one slips up in their unique ways doesn't make them equivalent.
  7. For sure. I would be all for it if the split was contained to settings such as starting weapons, weapon placements, etc. But altering range and damage values split the playerbase way too hard. It's fine if you're someone that just plays in one of the settings, but it becomes really poor when certain gamemodes and the mindset of players are separated by the core/comp split.
  8. Loads of problems with GoW4. -Micros and the Gear Pack system. Yes, it's a very important issues to Gears specifically as the series has a history of awesome characters/weapon skins being earnable through in-game accomplishments. Goes directly against the series, and is compounded by how Gear packs work. -Vague, muddy, and ineffective rank system. There wasn't any transparency for how it functioned until recently. - Core and Competitive weapon tuning split and handling of it. - Not listening to community when it comes to weapon tuning. - Disregard to handling of matchmaking and quitting.
  9. Two series I don't think I'll ever abandon: Halo and Gears of War. Even with all the BS that's happened with both of these franchises, there's nothing as satisfying to me as a close arena game or gibbing someone with a Gnasher.
  10. Oh snap, you're at Morehead? Literally an hour away from me.
  11. Way off-topic, but heading out to an interview for Physical Therapy school. Had to tell someone. Wish me luck.
  12. We back! We have about 12 pages of rampant MLG speculations and hopes. What a time to be a Halo fan.
  13. Not trying to carry this on any further, but to chime in with a different perspective: We do have statistics that quantify players making the sacrifice plays or plays that don't lead to personal kills: damage done and assists. Now that doesn't add much to the remove slayer/don't remove slayer discussion, but they are valid stats nonetheless. Now, about kills. I preach into my headset everytime I'm playing to people in flag/strongholds game not to give up their life for the objective when it's a dead play. For example, diving on a flag that has half reset time only to die isn't a good play. Hanging back with a good sightline to help pick off the enemies returning the flag is. The important thing to consider is that dying in an OBJ game can be as bad as dying in a Slayer game in certain situations. Then again, that brings into play the discussion of if casuals want to think or not while playing.
  14. I mean, with all the hinting it has to be MLG, right? ...right?!
  15. Trying to keep my rampant excitement in check for all of the Halo changes. I may be a nub, but what's so bad about GAF?
  16. That's great news! Really hoping they look at everything that makes the MCC not play like the original games.
  17. Cuphead and The Witcher 3 are both on sale on the marketplace. Which should I go for? Or do I throw caution to the wind, get a PS4, and finally play Bloodborne?
  18. Clamber is in Destiny 2, and I think I've had it activate twice. You don't even realize it's in the game. I wish H5 clamber worked that way. Def don't want to turn this thread into an abilities discussion, but if we HAVE to have abilities in H6, I think I would set it up like this: Thrust, but be able to shoot during the thrust. Ground Pound. Stabilize. Up the move speed by 10-15%. Allow crouch strafe.
  19. Your avatar is more fitting than ever these days! It's Tuesday and I'm over here highly anticipating this week's community update.
  20. Wow, you guys are bringing up some stuff that 14 year old me thought was awesome. I distincly remember those Lockout CTF games. Only then I was thinking how awesome it was. But, yea, this whole Slayer thing has become cyclical from the beginning, and it doesn't seem to have a jumping off point. You can't just take a large portion of the playerbase's favorite gametype away. That leads to other problems like throwing games, dodging, and all the other things we consistently campaign against.
  21. Felt like nV wasn't into the series mentally or emotionally.
  22. NV has had problems regaining control and flow of a match once they lose it.
  23. Tension between the two? Could be nothin', could be somethin'.

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