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  1. One would assume at this point that there will be H5 going through the Summer and probably through Mid-October if the model for past years is similar (correct me if I'm wrong). So, new settings and changes would need to be announced this month I guess. Adding Forge maps would be great, but the settings are the more intriguing part.
  2. Yea, I play it a few times a week. I haven't as much the last couple weeks, but the Trueskill Menke has implemented is pretty good in the social playlists. It goes live in every playlist when the ranks reset today, and I'm planning on putting a lot of time in it with the HCS playlist. In my experience with the HCS, I got from Onyx-low Diamond, and it's crazy how my rank swings based on party play. Going in solo I end up matching teams of 3-4, do well personally, and lose a ton of rank in a given session. However, when playing with my team, wins come a lot but you climb rank slowly. Hell, I would be happy if the Trueskill factoring in individual play just manages the loss of rank when searching solo. It'll be a huge improvement if you actually match parties similar to yours AND have a personal factor.
  3. Came back to this thread late. But, to add something to the already great matchmaking/ranked play talk, how do you guys feel about promoting a certain playlist with rewards? Apollo and Hard Way have some amazing points with this talk, and one of you mentioned promoting Team Arena as THE ranked playlist. Gears 4 gives a certain weapon skin based on the season and ranked achieved in a certain playlist. So, to take that a step further, how about giving, say, a magnum skin based on rank to players in Team Arena. EG, an Onyx skin with CSR on the handle based on top rank achieved that season. The only problem I could see with that model is that players in other playlists would be upset and not every player would be able to achieve a certain skin/reward. We've seen these type of complaints in Destiny, and are now in D2 with the pulse rifle being a reward for ranked Crucible. It's something to think about that goes hand in hand with visible rank. I think it would be cool to tie yourself to your rank not only with that, but with in game cosmetics too. I understand not everyone has the mindset most of us do in wanting to get better. Nevertheless, I don't think promoting ranks and rewards would be a negative addition.
  4. They did the experimental gametypes with Oddball/Assault and the community/pro players went nuts about it and complained about having to play maps and modes that weren't in the competitive play pool. Granted, those gametypes were a mess, but the experimental idea was still there. I think the key to that (which I agree, is a great idea) is implementing modes that are being tested for competitive play, but have them vetted beforehand to the point that they're quality modes. I would love to see Team Arena be THE ranked mode for Halo. I know that will probably catch some backlash as Halo has always had a variety of modes to offer in ranked play, and the community has a variety of players that only play a certain mode. The model now looks to be moving to a unified ranked experience. It would be so cool to me to be able to communicate with other ranked players about their rank. I've ran into a couple people here in my small area that saw me wearing a Halo shirt and told me they play. After talking I find out that they're Platinum players. Okay, that's awesome. Then the conversation goes further only to find out that they're talking about their rank in Slayer with vastly different settings, playstyles, and meta. Having one ranked playlist that is the end all be all would be a cool pipe dream.
  5. Damn, that's sick. I remember the Halo:Online buzz going around. It's pretty awesome that this was a fully realized project. I actually installed it last night but haven't had the chance to play. I'm sure I'll give it a shot this weekend, even though I'm awful with M+KB.
  6. How's this work? Is this actually Halo 3 on pc with matchmaking and all? It looks amazing.
  7. Not sure if this is the right place to post, but I just saw the 4v4 tourney tomorrow. Are there any teams out there that need a 4th? Really last minute I know, but I've got experience and would love to hop on a team if anyone needs someone. Shoot me a message if so. Also, so hyped for Worlds this weekend.
  8. For sure. It would be something very interesting to read about in full detail once all is said and done. I mean, we all give 343 crap (and sometimes, deservingly so) but if they pull this off years after release, then I see no reason why this couldn't be the precedent moving forward for gaming. It's been a fiasco for years, but it could turn into an example of positive community and customer support.
  9. I was on your desktop background! This Optic thing is interesting. I have a few friends that are die hard Optic fans. They support them in every esport they're involved in. I get messages last night from them saying the Halo scene is dead and that's why they cut them out. So, I wonder if the overall fanbase is taking a similar view on the subject and Optic's decisions moving forward.
  10. This entire MCC development, release, Band-Aid fixes, and fix is pretty unprecedented in the gaming world, right? I can't think of another game that was released busted to that extent, and then (hopefully) fixed completely. Battlefield 4 was bad, but it didn't span 4 years. This seems like a huge deal, and talking about fixes to the actual games now would seem pretty hasty. I'm thrilled that they picked it back up after so long and are righting the wrong.
  11. and then we'll have one more H2A season of HCS, right Grim?!
  12. I'm going to be tickled pink if the game works in a fully functional state, but I may just die of happiness if it gets ported to PC as well.
  13. And there's the update he was talking about! Damn, I'm over here foaming at the mouth after reading all that. This feels like MCC will be fully functional and supplemented. That Custom Game Browser will be huge. I really hope all of this gets pulled off without a hitch. I'm also very pleased with the depth of communication in the talks about MCC since October. I'm very excited about the thought of all of this.
  14. Did this update change the BR in arena at all? Or just for scoped weapons in Warzone? Avi 10/10 btw
  15. Over on r/Halo, Sketch replied to a comment on MCC saying he has news to share, just waiting on approval to share it. So, hopeful news incoming.
  16. Played some more of the H3 playlist, and I may be crazy, but moving laterally seemed faster to me? The forward walk speed still felt slow as the first day, but strafe battles felt snappier and more enjoyable. At this point I really wish Halo's identity was more akin to a fast paced arena shooter with fast base movement, slight projectile to weapons, crouch during movement, etc. Playing default HCS, then the throwback playlist, then back to default H5 is a wide spectrum of settings, but it's jarring to say the least.
  17. Much like you, I really liked the sound of things said in that interview. One of the big complaints I remember when MCC launched was that the PC ports weren't akin to their console counterparts (the whole, play the games like you remember quote). So, I'm chomping at the bit to get a look at some patch notes/fixes and more news on when the testing will start.
  18. Obviously not a pro player, but I play competitively. Made a few analysis/tips videos back in 2015. Just got some updated gear, and I'm planning on making some content in that wheelhouse starting soon. I agree, though. I love watching your lore videos, and there are other people still making content (LukeTheNotable). But outside of general Halo content, the competitive side doesn't get represented much at all. I believe I saw a breaking the meta channel a few days ago. That said, we'll see how it goes. Also, was there a 2k today? Edit: Yes, answered my own question thanks to Moses!
  19. I'm going to be in Seattle March 15-19 (going to visit a friend and she couldn't get HWC week off work RIP me). I was once in Portland and ate at a place called Voodoo Doughnuts. There wouldn't happen to be one in Seattle, would there? Also, what's the menu at Biscuit Bitch like?
  20. Second this. I was probably one of the few people that played H4 from launch to H5 release. There was a period of time that doubles CTF on Skyline was an absolute blast. No way! I'll always say that The Covenant-Halo was the most epic stretch of levels in a game. Storming the citadel was the height of gaming. Still to this day I'll take on Scarab down with the Pelican, then drop out of it from above the second Scarab, stick the core with a spike nade, and watch it explode as I backpedal away from it. Damn, that level was amazing.
  21. https://imgur.com/a/lSA9N Hey, everyone. I just got home from the event, so I figured I'd share the experience on here. This was the first Halo event I've ever been to after being with the series since 2001, and the experience was amazing. I'm from Kentucky, so I met with my team and traveled all through the night Wednesday to get to Orlando. I was extremely hyped going to the event on Friday (to the point of fanboying). My team was "Isn't This Campaign," and we consisted of myself, M4dcow, Only Nike, and Alpha Physique with Pressure GG as our coach. We won our first series 3-0. We then played Fable on the Red feature station and they beat us pretty handily, but I thought we played to the best of our ability. Then we won our first losers bracket round series 3-1. My teammate, M4dcow got an overkill exterm on Coli CTF that was HYPE. Alas, we were then knocked out by a very coordinated team in the next round. All in all, I was super pleased with our performance given limited practice time and limited event experience. The FFA went a little long, but there were 320 players signed up for it, I believe. I was knocked out in the second round and in a lobby with a couple guys that went really deep in the tournament. I started off Truth with an overkill, then Regret with a triple kill before running out of steam as the matches went on. I was definitely nervous doing the FFA! All the stations were top quality, and everything ran very smoothly. Other than personal play experience, watching the pro matches was a blast. So many exciting moments, the venue was top quality, and meeting fellow community members was a great experience. Walshy walked by and talked to us for a minute, took a selfie with my teammate during his FFA match, then took a picture with us (sadly my eyes were closed!) Being at this event was definitely one of the more memorable things I've ever done. It was worth every penny, and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. The Halo community is one I'm proud to be a part of. Hopefully I'll get to go to another! I linked an album to some pictures as well. Can't wait to watch the rest of the season!
  22. What didn't you like about it? I haven't played enough to have a well-formed opinion, but what I have so far was fun. Turf Slayer with no sprint, and Fiesta on Narrows were a couple of the matches I remember. I'm probably in the minority of this, but I enjoyed H4's art style, and it feels good having some of the weapons from that in with the H2/H3 art style (I love how Guardian looks). Other than aesthetics, it felt throwback to have those maps and no sprint being playable. I wish there were better matches though. Most of the time it's just crazy/casual gametypes being hosted.
  23. I'm probably super late to this, but I installed Halo Online this week. Holy cow is that game fun. I'm awful with Mouse and keyboard, but it's amazing playing that game. Just wanted to rave about it a bit. Any of you guys try it?
  24. So, is that where the 6'4" fully tatted joke came from?! All this time lurking and I finally know. Anyone on here going to be in Orlando? This will be the first eSports event I've ever participated in (or attended). Living in the middle of nowhere sucks. But I'd love to meet some of you guys if you're there. Super hyped for this event.

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