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  1. yeah I can't wait to see how fast ps4s can download this
  2. THE philbs

    NBA Thread

    Eh I think that's assuming that Nate can't ball... He did drop 34 in game 4... Nate is a monster. Watched him play his final two years in High School at Rainer Beach. Only person I've seen comparable to that explosiveness he has at that height in person probably Peyton Siva in high school. And Thibs has done a really, really good job considering the cards he's had to work with...
  3. I think the problem is that you're still playing halo 4... Not many people left hence worse connection in matchmaking.
  4. Am I the only one that hasn't played a halo campaign since probably 3? I think the storing is honestly a little boring and too repetitive. Just me.. Also can't wait for titan fall to be out. Whether it will be competitive or not (if so it needs some big settings changes) it was still a LOT of fun
  5. Someone who hasn't realized that they will more than likely not be making enough money for the hours they put in.
  6. Who's trying to roll in the park with a ***** on the xbox one? Game is dope though for real.
  7. lol at people saying the only reason they ever played xbox was halo...... C'mon cuz. There's a ton of good games that have come out for the 360. Don't be so close minded. IF Halo 5 sucks (it probably will) just won't play it...
  8. Says the man excited about a 343 beta...
  9. THE philbs

    NFL Thread

    ^^ Yeah I played it but I mean CoD 4 was out at the time as well. CoD 4 was the pinnacle of CoD so far. I just couldn't stand how bad of hit detection halo 3 had and the floaty movement speed. I played halo 2 and CoD 4 during Halo 3. Game was too terribly designed.
  10. Used to hate the guy. Couldn't stand songs like Donald Trump and then saw his new albums feature list and laughed and thought how could he possibly have managed those features and then realized he is deserving. And all his production as larry fisherman. oh my gooood
  11. Sign ups as in buy a different game and then get it, or as in first come first serve... Hmmm
  12. THE philbs

    NFL Thread

    Do people really think H3 was a good game...?
  13. Mac Miller is growing so so fast. His production has been on point too.
  14. THE philbs

    NFL Thread

    Wilson also has the drive to win. Not to mention how great he really is. People don't get how effective he is. His arm... And how he can get away from the D. I think Wilson was built for this offense. Also how about Jermaine Kerse... can you believe he was undrafted... And oh my Percy Harvin. I wish he could stay healthy for a full season
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