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  1. The NFL debacle is stupid for two reasons: - NFL players kneel because they either refuse to accept the election results or think they're being oppressed. Both of which is ********. I would hardly call a rich person, oppressed. Being anti-democratic is also a good way to piss off EVERY football fan. - Kneeling doesn't give a clear message and all you're doing is virtue signalling. Everyone is busy railing against NFL instead of thinking about whatever cause you support.
  2. Found this forum after some snowflake on r/Halo linked me to it, whining on and on about a toxic community. Had no idea what he was so offended about but I liked the discussion on here. Decided to join since I got banned on Waypoint for calling Warzone the ******** brother of BF4's rush. And also I hate the stupidity going on in r/Halo just to bash Multi when they probably spent half of the last two years bashing 343. Am I a pro player? Not on Halo. The only game I would consider myself I pro in was the original Battlefronts. Just came here to talk about Halo.

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