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  1. First few names that come to mind from the pro scene are Walshy, Snakebite, and Bravo. All three are consistently incredibly cool, calm, collected, and positive. And I'm a sucker for Walshy's awesome (terrible) jokes. From the Twitch/YouTube side, Stress, Vetoed, and ShyWay are the first few I think of. Really chill, great content, and seem like genuinely good dudes. Obviously, not a comprehensive list, but positive role models in Halo.
  2. Sounds somewhat promising. Last sentence of his tweet is, "What I can do tho is listen to this community." Seems like the kind of thing we like to hear.
  3. Very good points. In one of Saiyan's streams someone asked him why he wasn't playing with teammates. He said something along the lines of, "it's too easy." Now, matchmaking isn't too easy for me, but like you and Pistola said, it's good practice and it puts the burden on you for objective and power-ups/weapons. And OP, in my humble opinion, Champ 1 is possible. However, if you have top pros grinding that season extremely hard, it will be a tough road.
  4. What's going on? I'm John, a long-time Halo fan who got back into the series in 2017. My first memories of Halo are playing endless hours of system link Halo 1-3 in friends' basements during high school. I enjoy just about all aspects of Halo, from HCS, to social, to the campaigns and lore. Besides Halo, I like to spend my time recording guitar covers for YouTube, working out, and playing golf. If folks want to play some H5, hit me up. My gamertag is NightClerk. See y'all around. John
  5. I'm currently Diamond 4 in Team Arena, have been as high as Diamond 6 this season. If you're still looking for players I'm down to play. My GT is NightClerk.
  6. I'm currently Diamond 4 in Team Arena and am down to play. My GT is NightClerk.
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