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  1. Mentioned this on Sunday but the more I think about it the more I get excited for Worlds 2018. The quality of Halo on show was brilliant and a credit to all teams that where involved. Not being bias but I was glad the EU teams did show up and close the gap ever so much between the two regions. Sad to see some guys move codes or retire from the scene but there will always be new talent given the chance to fill those gaps. Hoping to hear some news on the host for Worlds soon but from the EU side of things I hope Gfinity remain involved. They were excellent in the production and handling of the events both for the recent HCS and Worlds 2017 at Wembley. Interesting to see with 16 teams does EU get 4 places, which I believe are justified after the performances of Denver and to keep up the good progress on the EU scene. Curious to see where the other extra places go since there is no Asia place, LAM & ANZ 2 places each maybe? I wonder also will the likes of Immunity or other ANZ teams take a page from the EU teams and fly early to the Worlds finals to get scrims in and acclimatized to timezone changes and that. With the LAN update due out soon it should add another dimension for teams preparing too and I am excited for all the other events (Microsoft Store 4v4's & Smaller LAN events) that will happen in 2018. All exciting stuff ahead
  2. This is why I would love to see the Worlds Final for 2018 take place in London in either the Gfinity Arena or Wembley. Two venues more than capable of hosting it and the community here would come out in force to support it! I know time difference is annoying but compromise can be found I'm sure.
  3. Late to the conversation but felt I had to make a Team Beyond account to show my support to Multi and share my own view. I think yes Multi was wrong to publicly criticise 343i however 343i don't need any more bad PR regardless of whether this was to shine a negative light on them or not. In my opinion 343i need to produce a very high quality game in Halo 6 to revive the Halo series to it's former glory. Do I think Multi would have helped contribute to making Halo 6 a better game? Yes I do. 343i have disappointed the community before with MCC and failing to listen to the feedback entirely from the community so I think they needed a passionate highly skilled member like Multi to give the community a little more faith in them. I think hiring Multi would have been too great of a benefit to the company and would have outweighed any negative issues from his previous comments and that they have made a mistake this time around. Multi has conducted himself very professionally since this news broke so you deserve credit for that, glad to see it hasn't deterred you entirely from your passion for the Halo series also. I hope we hear the full story from both sides soon.

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