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  1. I'll hit you up when I can Skai. Either me or my friend will contact you to see if we can run some games for awhile
  2. Alright for sure. You are central right? Edit: Nvm I re-read what you typed, Lol
  3. I know I have you on my list but hit me up when you can. We will see what we can do
  4. Right now my buddy and I are looking for a team to compete for future events as well as online events. So hit me up via XBL at Rippon HCE if you are interested of rolling with us
  5. I was playing alot for the IG CE 2v2 and the Beyond one
  6. Team: Kreygasms Gamertag #1: Rippon HCE Gamertag #2: sStrafe HM
  7. Welcome my dude! Enjoy the forums :halo:
  8. I am currently looking for a new since my old team shut its doors
  9. I live in Arlington Heights, IL GT: Rippon HCE
  10. I was just joking. That's why I threw in the Kappa
  11. Well... I better get to work then
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