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  1. Honestly, I wish Microsoft would just fire all of 343 and hire the Installation 01 guys lol
  2. I have to admit, the guy's actually got a point. I don't know of any other developer besides 343 that would be able to: A) with their first game, kill off 75% of the playerbase in less than a year after launch; B) with their second game, launch a completely broken and buggy game that took 1072 days to explain what happened; and C) with their third game, surpass the first title in the series as the lowest-selling mainline game in the franchise. To me, that honestly takes a hell of a lot of talent (or lack thereof) to achieve. And LUL when Halo 3: ODST outsells Halo 5 and it isn't even a mainline Halo game!
  3. And it will have the highest number of active players than any Halo game since Halo 3!
  4. Personally, I think the maps 343 has released have always been bad. Maybe it's mainly because of their being designed around armor abilities, but whether there was professional oversight or not 343 has always had piss poor quality assurance when it comes to their maps. Pretty much this. I think armor abilities make Halo completely noncompetitive, and maps will continue to be awful as long as they remain (yet casuals love to complain how 343 is always catering to the COMPETITIVE COMMUNITAY lul).
  5. LOL pretty much. 343 is so out of touch with the community it's sickening. If Halo 6 comes with armor abilities like Halo 4 and 5 have (and it will; they have to entice the CoD kiddies somehow), it's probably going to beat Halo 5 as the lowest selling game in the franchise. Sad!
  6. Please don't give 343 Incompetencies any more ideas on how to further shit on franchise. They've done enough.
  7. Lmao that really made me laugh. Another one I heard was a Halo YouTuber's motto who would say 343's logic is 3 steps forward, 43 steps back.
  8. Are there any classic Halo discords out there that I can join that anyone can link? Anything related to CE, 2, 3, Halo Online, Installation, heck even Reach. Please and thank you.
  9. I play MMOs so I know how social spaces work there. The thing is, social spaces are an integral part of MMOs. MMOs don't have menus as their UIs basically serve as the game's "menu" per se. You have things like group finder to queue up for PvE instances and another interface to queue for PvP instances. The way MMOs usually function in how you control an avatar and play 3rd-person in a persistent world is why they're fully entitled MMORPG. I honestly have no issue with this but, assuming 343 is looking into this, everyone and their mom knows that all they see is dollar signs. As @QuietMan said, "You end up with something that feels completely bland and lacking character." Every single change to Halo by 343 and Microsoft has been nothing but bland and lacking character. This will be yet another change for the sake of change. Halo has basically been whored out so 343soft can make a quick buck by imitating CoD.
  10. I think we've come to realize that the Halo we grew up with and adore is long gone. It's dead. I don't think it's coming back. Personally, I'll never quit Halo, but I'll never buy another Halo product with the 343 label slapped across it ever again that's for sure. TMCC will be the last Halo product I'll likely ever buy, and it's really sad to say that. While Bungie did destroy the formula we all know and love with Reach, I think Reach was simply a precursor to what we know now to be Destiny. However, Reach still felt a bit like Halo; it came out with Forge and Theater at launch, and its innovation in sandbox thanks to Forge World really gave it a strong Custom Games community like Halo 3 had. Halo 4 nor Halo 5 have had any ability to capture a healthy sandbox community in any capacity. While the communities are small I'll keep up with Halo 3, H2V, CE PC, Reach, and TMCC. H2 and 3 are still fun, CE PC zombies can be very addicting, Reach still has a Elite community chugging along, and TMCC has the classic Halo games integrated in it for the XB1 so I won't drop that. I'll also keep up with Halo Online and Installation 01 since it seems "classic Halo" is a concept too hard to understand by AAA developers. Are AAA developers really that autistic that fan-made games get more hype and marketing success than their own?
  11. Maybe they can make it up to us by releasing Halo: The Master Chief Collection Anniversary in 2019.
  12. If they had simply stuck with Halo 2 Anniversary from the beginning, this shitshow probably could’ve been avoided.
  13. But I and many others expected a fully functioning game for $59.99 MSRP at launch, not at some point many years later...
  14. I'm with you guys but there really is nothing to make up for or fix in the grand scheme of things. The population is never going to come back (if there was even one to begin with). We're going 3 years into MCC's lifespan and 343 and Microsoft fucked up everything before it was released. They knew it was going to be released broken, incomplete and half-assed. So many people bought an Xbox One just for this game. So many people bought into this, into the hype, in order to relive the peak of the classic Halo experience for just a few more years and they screwed the pooch. While "improvements" and "enhancements" are welcome, it's too little too late. The damage has been done. Meanwhile we still have 1069 days and counting since Frankie promised us an explanation for MCC.
  15. Well this major but much justified necro shows what they've done to Halo in these past 6 years is that they'll never learn. Halo 4 dropped the ball and MCC screwed the pooch. I didn't even buy Halo 5. 343 won't win my trust back probably even with Halo 3 Anniversary knowing they'd somehow manage to fuck that up too. I think I speak for many in that if they're going to win the trust back of millions of Halo fans, they'd have to do a hell of a lot of marketing and ViDocs to physically show they'll be sticking with Halo's roots. That means that in their marketing, no hint of Sprint, no Spartan/armor abilities, and no ADS for starters.
  16. Pardon me for being ill-informed, but why would Bungie and B.net go on a campaign to ostracize the hardcore/competitive playerbase? Look at what MLG has done for other titles. Why wouldn't they capitalize on that? And other Halo fans have the audacity to call us Bungie fanboys LUL.
  17. Yeah it sucks, but we shouldn't try to assume that the content being discussed from the deleted posts is stuff that hasn't been said a million times before. It's a shame - I found the content of the posts to be quite constructive among ourselves - but in hindsight this is the Halo 5 General Discussion thread and it was derailing the thread's premise. Methinks that the best course of action is to PM CyReN about it for further elaboration lest we continue derailing the thread since we've all already been warned.
  18. It wasn't just your posts that got deleted. Anyone discussing 343's withdrawal of their employment offer from Multi, and anything regarding moderation of other Halo communities was removed as both were getting too political for the mods. Mods have the final say on this but hey, least we weren't b&.

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