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  1. Honestly, I wish Microsoft would just fire all of 343 and hire the Installation 01 guys lol
  2. I have to admit, the guy's actually got a point. I don't know of any other developer besides 343 that would be able to: A) with their first game, kill off 75% of the playerbase in less than a year after launch; B) with their second game, launch a completely broken and buggy game that took 1072 days to explain what happened; and C) with their third game, surpass the first title in the series as the lowest-selling mainline game in the franchise. To me, that honestly takes a hell of a lot of talent (or lack thereof) to achieve. And LUL when Halo 3: ODST outsells Halo 5 and it isn't even a mainline Halo game!
  3. And it will have the highest number of active players than any Halo game since Halo 3!
  4. Personally, I think the maps 343 has released have always been bad. Maybe it's mainly because of their being designed around armor abilities, but whether there was professional oversight or not 343 has always had piss poor quality assurance when it comes to their maps. Pretty much this. I think armor abilities make Halo completely noncompetitive, and maps will continue to be awful as long as they remain (yet casuals love to complain how 343 is always catering to the COMPETITIVE COMMUNITAY lul).
  5. LOL pretty much. 343 is so out of touch with the community it's sickening. If Halo 6 comes with armor abilities like Halo 4 and 5 have (and it will; they have to entice the CoD kiddies somehow), it's probably going to beat Halo 5 as the lowest selling game in the franchise. Sad!
  6. Please don't give 343 Incompetencies any more ideas on how to further shit on franchise. They've done enough.
  7. Lmao that really made me laugh. Another one I heard was a Halo YouTuber's motto who would say 343's logic is 3 steps forward, 43 steps back.
  8. Are there any classic Halo discords out there that I can join that anyone can link? Anything related to CE, 2, 3, Halo Online, Installation, heck even Reach. Please and thank you.
  9. I play MMOs so I know how social spaces work there. The thing is, social spaces are an integral part of MMOs. MMOs don't have menus as their UIs basically serve as the game's "menu" per se. You have things like group finder to queue up for PvE instances and another interface to queue for PvP instances. The way MMOs usually function in how you control an avatar and play 3rd-person in a persistent world is why they're fully entitled MMORPG. I honestly have no issue with this but, assuming 343 is looking into this, everyone and their mom knows that all they see is dollar signs. As @QuietMan said, "You end up with something that feels completely bland and lacking character." Every single change to Halo by 343 and Microsoft has been nothing but bland and lacking character. This will be yet another change for the sake of change. Halo has basically been whored out so 343soft can make a quick buck by imitating CoD.
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