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  1. I'm waiting until next week to play Trials.
  2. I wouldn't even call it an expansion, more like an update. It sucks that I spent $35 on the first two expansions.
  3. How does Bungie keep doing it?
  4. The Prometheus Lens makes me not want to touch PvP until it gets fixed. What in the actual hell did this not get play tested before release?
  6. Patch Notes https://www.bungie.net/en/Explore/Detail/Update/46522
  7. You can update your Destiny 2. 6gb update. Also, still did not receive the Six Shooter. Got up early this morning and grinded out 2 more Bright engrams and spent $5 on 3 and I'm sad now.
  8. Oh thank god, I was worried. That was honestly the worst thing 343i added to Oddball in 4.
  9. Question about Oddball since I don't play H5, but can you throw it like in 4?
  10. Wreckage was cool until you turned around and you saw the sun was like 100ft away.
  11. Oh dang, might play some CoD with ranked coming out until Destiny 2 comes out with their ranked.
  12. Pantry Doors OP plz nerf, but that Signs - Hands of Fate song though. Love it!
  13. You can buy both of those emotes at the eververse right now. Sell all your Shaders, Ships, Ghosts, and Sparrows.
  14. Im working towards getting Six Shooter emote. Please end my life.
  15. That sucks. I'm still somewhat enjoying it. What about it sucks for you?
  16. I thought Greenskull didn't really care for the competitive side of Halo?
  17. I remember somewhere, someone from 343i stating that forge maps will not be used in competitive.
  18. My only dream from this tweet is that they turn the Halo 2 servers back on.
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