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  1. I upvote for Good Will Hunting. One of my favorite movies.
  2. That lame. I was looking forward towards mods 2.0 as well.
  3. What did they push back that you were looking forward to?
  4. All ESL One events, and ESL Pro League for games CS:GO and Dota 2.
  5. Could you imagine Halo 5 still being with ESL, and having to watch the events on Facebook? Thanks you for picking up Halo again @@Clap, and I can't wait for more events to watch!
  6. I was in it for Trials. 6 win streak on card and get a baboon error, and then went on another 6 win and we go against DDoSers. I'm done with P2P matchmaking. Bungie needs to get out of the early 2000's
  7. deleting Destiny 2. done with getting cheated in trials when it was the only thing going for me.
  8. I know it's a joke, but I'm betting you threw up in your mouth just a little bit?
  9. I'm excited for ranked, but at the same time it's going to suck so bad. The population is plummeting.
  10. I've been watching him since Justin.tv, and watching his growth from then is crazy.
  11. One of my goals completed. Now to get 100 flawless for Year 1 is next.
  12. There's actually a playlist called Castle Wars. I thought you guys were talking about Runescape this whole time....
  13. Optic is in League of Legends now. Toxic is about to go to another level.
  14. New Season boys! Good luck to everyone, and hope you hit your goals! My goal this season is to hit Diamond.
  15. Now if we can get them to make the OG xbox controllers. I still have my blue xbox controller.
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