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  1. Wow. So after a long break I decided to play Trials this weekend to get a full grasp of the fast movement. and the spooky trials. No Radar sucks in Destiny 2 Trials. It's WAY too chaotic, and you have zero idea where your team is most of the time. I'm 50/50 on the weapon ammo spawning faster. These things aren't the reason Trials sucks though. I'm playing with LFG's and I had to reset my card like 4 times because we were playing against their friends who were doing paid carries/recovs. This got annoying as fuck. Then I got DDoSed twice today which made me even more irritated, but I finally got flawless after 5 hours of playing. I just wanted to get the hunter cloak because it was the last thing I was missing for all the gears. LOOL 


    I'm going to take a break from the PvP again, but the PvE is fun.

  2. Late to the party, but got my 19th solo win. This game is a love hate relationship, but I LOVE how competitive it feels to play!


    HMU if you would like to play on PC: TTV zFLuFFy


    I also stream from time to time, but if you're all willing to hit me up with a follow I'm close to 50 followers! Thanks Hope to see you guys on the battlefield!

  3. So many people in my building, neighbors and friends, are all connecting together now because of cross play. Tons of PC, Xbox, and PS4 guys that could never play together. Absolutely crazy how effective cross platform is. Game will blow up no doubt.


    Servers already blew up for a couple hours today with all the new people coming. It's insane!

  4. The problem with the Spartan Gimmicks isn't just their inherent lack of balance and detrimental effects on map design in MP. They also make the basic act of playing the game a chore and this is no different in the campaign. Just play the H3 playlist for 5-10 games and then try to go back to Advance Space Warfare Halo, it's jarring at best.


    Just wait until Halo 6. Wallrunning, Grappling Hooks there's so much more stuff to make me feel like a Spartan! CAN'T WAIT!

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  5. How are those raid trials? Worth doing? Just kinda feel like playing some PvE. Played a little halo campaign yesterday lol


    LF1M. Must be 18+, 50+ raid completions, 6.2kd+, IQ Above 200, Know how to make PB&J in 2 minutes or less, 4.0 GPA, No Trash Talking and have fun! *Kissy Face Emoji*

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