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  1. Can't wait to use my Swift Ride in PvP! I loved it before the patch, and I feel it's going to be a powerhouse this patch!
  2. Got the complete set. Looks like i forgot to get the Iron Banner boots for the hunter. Looks like IM playing that this week. At least it's 6v6. Does anyone else still play?
  3. It's been long since I've been excited for a Championship Sunday! Lets go REC!
  4. You could just get this guy, and your problems will be solved. Save you $$$ please tell me someone knows who this guy is.
  5. Late to the party, but got my 19th solo win. This game is a love hate relationship, but I LOVE how competitive it feels to play! HMU if you would like to play on PC: TTV zFLuFFy I also stream from time to time, but if you're all willing to hit me up with a follow I'm close to 50 followers! Thanks Hope to see you guys on the battlefield!
  6. Servers already blew up for a couple hours today with all the new people coming. It's insane!
  7. Need to get the last sets for each Guardian!
  8. WHen is the next faction rally?
  9. Just wait until Halo 6. Wallrunning, Grappling Hooks there's so much more stuff to make me feel like a Spartan! CAN'T WAIT!
  10. LF1M. Must be 18+, 50+ raid completions, 6.2kd+, IQ Above 200, Know how to make PB&J in 2 minutes or less, 4.0 GPA, No Trash Talking and have fun! *Kissy Face Emoji*
  11. I thought I read something about the HW2 art people are going to do the next Halo installment. Might be wrong though.
  12. It happened in D1. Spooky trials
  13. So how about the TWAB? Solid revamp of the crucible, but I don't know how I feel about the removing tracker. Guess we will have to see
  14. Just got done playing a game of it after not playing Halo 5 for 10+ months. It actually felt good to play without all those SA's, but good lord the aiming in Halo 5 feels like shit.
  15. I wished I still had my free upgrade to Windows 10 because I'm still on Windows 7 because if the next Halo comes out of PC it will be a Windows 10 exclusive.
  16. So, I haven't played close to a year now, but I've been wanting to try again. Should I?
  17. A FPS Halo Battle Royal I could get behind it, but it would need to be released on PC as well as console.
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