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  1. I haven't played Halo 5 in months, but I wanna try out this "trueskill". Is the Solo matchmaking any better?
  2. Got mine. See if you can download it when you go to manage games?
  3. Relic > Midship. That's why it won the FAN FAVORITE VOTE that 343i held.
  4. if competitive had no sprint in Halo 5, i would play it all day. Is there a chance that Halo 5 competitive could have no sprint?
  5. I wish all the Halo's were on PC so I had a reason to not have an Xbox anymore.
  6. Looks like im going to wait for e3. See you guys in June.
  7. I think he's talking about the mini usb port on top of the controller.
  8. So, to get the voice pack tomorrow I just have to watch the finals on Mixer?
  9. Everything pretty expected today with the matches. Can't wait for Day 2, and I want at least one upset tomorrow. I'm looking at you EU.
  10. Today is going to be insane! Will Snakebite and squad 3 peat with 3 different org/team names? Will EU make it out of groups? Will @@Clap have enough balloons? Rooting for REC today, but I also want TOX to win! Can't wait!
  11. Man, Fortnite replay system makes me miss a good theater mode in Halo. I hope 343i gets this right in the next Halo.
  12. Wow. So after a long break I decided to play Trials this weekend to get a full grasp of the fast movement. and the spooky trials. No Radar sucks in Destiny 2 Trials. It's WAY too chaotic, and you have zero idea where your team is most of the time. I'm 50/50 on the weapon ammo spawning faster. These things aren't the reason Trials sucks though. I'm playing with LFG's and I had to reset my card like 4 times because we were playing against their friends who were doing paid carries/recovs. This got annoying as fuck. Then I got DDoSed twice today which made me even more irritated, but I finally got flawless after 5 hours of playing. I just wanted to get the hunter cloak because it was the last thing I was missing for all the gears. LOOL I'm going to take a break from the PvP again, but the PvE is fun.
  13. How come I didn't receive the feedback email? I've been in the feedback since the beginning and haven't got one since October of last year. What's Grims TB name on here? MAybe he can help me out?
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