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  1. Forgot FR0ST-EE5 was a thing again in Destiny 2, and it made getting the Hunter arm ornament so much faster to get.
  2. Dead Orbit this week for the Graviton Cat. I'm a New Monarchy type of guy tho
  3. Got to rank 15 today in faction. More grinding tomorrow!
  5. https://www.twitch.tv/bungie Season 2 Reveal starting soon!
  6. Yes actually. No one wants to play Halo 5 for another season lol
  7. I miss the days where you could just pop a disk in and be set.
  8. Holy shit. It's been 5 years already?! #36 reporting in, and still not banned. I must be doing something right. Congrats on the 5 years!
  9. Now, do we give the management for settings to MLG? @@Clap
  10. When you getting that promo code? I need a new Logitech mousepad!
  11. Is Blackout free? That's one of the HUGE reason Fortnite is as big as it is.
  12. I have a feeling we will be going back at least a page by tomorrow. It was fun reading though. Thanks for the entertainment
  13. my body is not ready. i really hope it's a good showing this year.
  14. Just finished, and I'm sad on how short that was.
  15. Going to stream the new campaign! Come by and say hi! https://www.twitch.tv/zFLuFFy edit: nevermind gameshare is broken, and Bungie is looking to resolve it. edit: it's patched now! I'm now live!
  16. lol matchmaking is going to be absolute trash with all the DDoSers in the game because Bungie have no idea what to do about it. Private matches are going to be nice though.
  17. Has Plaza spawns always been so trash? ALso what is the best setting? I'm having troubles
  18. Playing ranked for the first time in like months. Game feels awkward, and clunky. 2-0 tho
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