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  1. Uncle Sudd to lead Reality Check to victory. He's going to get into Cratos head and make him choke.... again.
  2. FLuFFy

    NFL Thread

    Can't wait too see how Bush plays with the Lions!
  3. So how many people from Michigan are actually competing in Knoxville right now?
  4. Live, but still have too wait. Damn
  5. I'll show up to Brutus LAN 117 :O
  6. Columbus 2010 was my most memorable because it was my first event I went to that I could afford.
  7. Just got a car, got to fix it up and I will start coming to these LANs again.
  8. The BR is amazing! Also did they decrease the aim assist?
  9. The settings are sick. I need some people for Throwdown. HMU!
  10. So everything he posted was right? We will be seeing a lot of you on here and Halo 4?
  11. There is no doubt the Call of Duty 4 was and will be the best Call of Duty.
  12. I really hope we get some better information about the Xbox One. As of right now, I am most likely not going too buy the system until maybe Halo 5. Mircosoft needs to take it to another at E3 to convince me and the fan base why we should buy it.
  13. FLuFFy

    NFL Thread

    I am praying that the Lions have a good year.
  14. It comes out 2 days before my Birthday. So excited.
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