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  1. They just need to add drop the flag again. Fixed.
  2. With this coming out of nowhere, maybe they will come out with descoping out of nowhere.
  3. I'm all excited for this too come out, but I am more excited for this! THE MARK V [email protected]@@
  4. The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, on the SNES.
  5. WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!?! Brutus is a god.
  6. I'm going to hell for this
  7. I come back from a wedding and I see all the Gooby shenanigans.
  8. Michigan gamers are just better. Heard some players made some upsets throughout the weekend.
  9. Can't wait to see who all is going too this event. Roy is going to be a power house at AGL8.
  10. Wow, you actually had to moderate the chat? I'm sorry.
  11. I think the Halo community really needs to thank @UMGGAMING for giving us a chance to compete in their events. Reading the UMG Chat made me feel awful to be apart of the community with the negativity towards UMG, I know we are more respectable than that.
  12. I think something might happen to someone. Not going to point fingers but here's a hint.
  13. Probably the best series in Halo 4 yet, and YES that SQ vs Warriors Adrift game was amazing!
  14. Ambush is just a dominate team. When will there be a team to stop them?
  15. My predictions were close. Edit: Did not expect Warriors to beat Status Quo.
  16. Hopefully the population for matchmaking will rise. I'm going too download it so I can have the campaign again.
  17. I cannot wait for this tournament too start, first place is 7500 while 2nd is 1500 is going to be fun too watch. Everyone will be trying 100x harder for first and if anyone wants that money the most will be ROY. He is going too go off this tournament!
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