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  1. All he has too do is spend one night with Ryanoob.
  2. Great Job to Pure for taking it too a Game 5 with a person they pick up last minute. Hopefully they run through the losers see them on the mainstage again.
  3. I've been saying that for awhile now, playing on symmetrical isn't a bad it's just that it gets really boring.
  4. It's quite a possibility that there could be another bundle coming out, so my answer is Maybe. If they do come out with another bundle, I hope they add in some old school emblems. I miss my Crescent Moons from Halo 2.
  5. - They talk about Spartan Assault and stuff with the smart glass. - They talk about how you can get some stuff for Halo 4 when doing some stuff on Spartan Assault - They talk about the Comic Book, cool pictures, a cool video and what not - They talk about the release of the Champions Bundle - Halo Legos/Mega Bloks - Question/Answers Possible Guardian to make a return (Halo 4?) and CSR to be visible for Halo 5? 45:30 - 47:30
  6. Alright Hold on AGL is confusing me, because during the stream is said that Heinz and all on that team were in the Western Division but now looking at the bracket they're on the East. WTF?!?!? Don't blame, blame AGL. Still I am going for the West and have been since 2010.
  7. Why am I getting a geography lesson, this is fucking Halo.
  8. I don't know what is confusing about my post?
  9. Since I am from Michigan, got to go for the WEST! LEGGOOO!
  10. A 20 Minute, 1v1 to 10 kills on Skyline with Concussion Rifle as the power weapon.
  11. So, yeeeeah...... Who else thought that was ******** to watch, or was is it just me?
  12. Great, now I miss Halo 2. I'm going to go cry myself to sleep knowing that the multiplayer will never come back.
  13. Map: Midship Gametype: FFA Weapon: BR Playlist: Halo 2 Team Doubles/Halo 3 MLG
  14. It's like going through memory lane seeing all of the games. My were: -Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past -Halo 2 -Starwars Battlefront -Pod racer on N64 -Diddy Kong Racing -Mario RPG -Runescape And so many more.
  15. I could make it too Sturgis.
  16. Don't know any details yet, but hopefully he will announce some information about it soon.
  17. Brad from Arena Gaming just announced that they are going to be having an event here in Michigan! Now I don't have an excuse.
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