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  1. Ghost's favorite word right now is "Unfortunately". I think he's said it like 10 times in this series and it's rubbing on Goldenboy.
  2. I've been waiting for this match up! Let's go Classic!
  3. HOLY SHIT THAT'S TOWEY!!?!?!?!?! He lost a lot of weight!
  4. Every time I go into a Halo stream chat.
  5. They are not on Xbox Live anymore.
  6. Blaze is good at getting interviewed. #NoSprint on Slayer Skyline - Blaze 2013
  7. Wish we could see that game right now.
  8. WOW 3 - 0 SWEEP. GMM! Snakebite with a nice Extermination.
  9. Well, good for them. They look like a good couple.
  10. Yeah I understand that, I just don't know why people are dicks to others for no reason. Their parents must of grown them up the wrong way.
  11. Gamers 4 Christ does so much for the Halo Community and all they get from us is a bunch of shit. I don't understand most of the people in this community.
  12. So I heard that there is going too be a movie coming out from this match with Ryanoob.
  13. Pretty sure they use the ASUS VH236H
  14. The next game Infamous vs Ambush should be a very GREAT series. Hopefully they can actually take some games from them!
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