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  1. Optic hasn't played on Mainstage yet until Sunday/today??
  2. Just tuned into the stream not to long ago, and the mainstage game is off for technical difficulties, and now the Optic v Liquid is having problems. This is Halo now?
  3. Will the stream be on Twitch, or is it just Mixer now for Halo? Also what time will it start EST?
  4. I haven't played Halo 5 in months. I don't know if I want to from all the changes I've heard. I'm so tempted to play it though. The only thing that is stopping me is the 100gb storage.
  5. Imagine if TSM would of just beat Flash Wolves? You think the same things going to happen with C9 vs EDG? NA not the big of choke artists are they?
  6. Holy my nostalgia feels going on in this thread! Here's one for you guys. I used to play the shit out of Super Mario RPG!
  7. It felt the same when I left. Only 200 exp from a 5 star general !
  8. Do the pulse rifles feel awful in D2, or is it just me?
  9. Can you join more than one clan, or would I have to leave my current one?
  10. Hey TeamBeyond! I thought I would stop by and give you guys an update on my mom. So four weeks ago my mom was transferred to Detroit from Grand Rapids (4 hour drive there, and back) because the hospital that she was at in Grand Rapids lacked knowledge of my mom's condition. She went through several surgeries, and therapy that the doctors saw she was fit to come home to Grand Rapids to finish up her recovery!! I was praying she would be home today since it my birthday, and wanted to so badly celebrate it was her and it finally happened! Right now, I am leaving to go see her for the first time in 4 weeks! To everyone that gave sent their prayers, and encouragement. Thank you. These past 5 weeks was a crazy rollercoaster, and thanks for letting me come here to let me vent and had to place to come and talk about it. You guys are the best!
  11. It's about damn time I went flawless! EU Destiny players > NA Destiny players.
  12. I still hoping for Heroic/Prestige Missions, and some sort of Challenge/Prison of Elders again.
  13. What time are you going to be doing it?
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