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  1. and Molten. That map gives me the heebeegeebees just remembering it.
  2. Osiris Reveal about to start https://www.twitch.tv/bungie
  3. Finally hit 3.0kd in trials
  4. Halo 5 current state is probably boring for them, and them wanting BR/GF starts is new, and they are hoping if refreshes the game play so they can enjoy the remainder of Halo 5.
  5. You didn't answer my question. Why did you bring up sprint, and ads?
  6. Where is this coming from? I thought we were talking about a new starting weapon?
  7. Because they are actually having an enjoyable time in Halo 5 with something new, and fresh to the table?
  8. I can't wait for the DLC. Getting pretty bored smashing kids in crucible
  9. Streaming some more PVP https://go.twitch.tv/zFLuFFy
  10. Have they started dubbing them?
  11. Streaming some PVP https://go.twitch.tv/zFLuFFy
  12. Reach was a turd, 4 was diarrhea, and Halo 5 was a polished turd.
  13. Nope. I will not agree to that statement. Halo 5 is by far the worst in my eyes along with The 4.
  14. How can you keep slide when you remove sprint? Slide was revolved around sprinting.
  15. I'm fine with this casting desk. Can't wait for the series to start.
  16. Good guy Optic Gaming for letting them win so we didn't have to watch another Fathom Flag game reset.
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