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  1. Can't wait for E3 this year. Gonna be interesting.
  2. Is this real? Grappling hook? https://www.gamespot.com/articles/halo-infinites-new-game-engine-lays-the-groundwork/1100-6473535/?fbclid=IwAR1gZ6jdBhdOKM8R8ypW0VYk4c8chkAhCHpBRTKMRtYRl8Wyo1x6AuEf-hs
  3. Hi, I've recently started playing Halo Reach, and was wondering why the sound seems off with a headset on? It sounds like they are behind me when there's clearly a wall behind me. Anyone know if I should change something?
  4. Exciting news about PC Halo! Hopefully some new faces find their way towards here!
  5. Oh. That's awesome to hear. Maybe I'll play try some MCC out when it is implemented.
  6. Happy New Year TB! Lets hope we have a better year for Halo in 2019!

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