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  1. Oh my god lol. It's been such a long day at work. I didn't even notice I said that. I meant BR starts LOL. I'm going to bed now.
  2. No Radar, and No Sprint? Actually excited to play Halo again. Edit: Not no sprint. I mean Br starts lol
  3. The Multiplayer will be F2P, and you should get your own opinion when it does drop. My opinion? I think the game is going to flop, and the saving grace for Halo Infinite will be a Battle Royale mode.
  4. When is the Battle Royale mode being announced?
  5. So the only point of sprint is to slide? Please just get rid of sprint 343i. LOL
  6. I played like an hour, and I still feel Sprint doesn't belong and it should be increased base move speed. Just my opinion though. Hopefully competitive has separate settings with no sprint. It would make me play Halo a lot more. I got bored of fighting AI's but look forward to play actual players to get a better understanding of how the game is going to play.
  7. If there's an option for it. Hopefully we hear some news today about options.
  8. Where's my Halo Battle Royale?
  9. If competitive settings have no sprint and other gimmicky shit. I'll come back, but 343i is getting no more of my money until that happens.
  10. New Expansion looks good as fuck! I'm more excited for this than Halo!
  11. Sorry for watermark. My main computer is down atm and I had to use what I was given on this POS laptop.
  12. Am i missing somoething? Wheres the pregame?
  13. I hope Marty is back! Has this been confirmed or denied yet?
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