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  1. I feel like we've been stuck in a cycle, saying the same things and making the same arguments over and over. Only once you stop caring about Halo can you become free. As the man himself once said, They may take our lives, but they'll never take our freedom!
  2. I've known Christian (Multi) for about two years now, and I can confidently say that he is probably the best overall forger there has ever been. I literally can't say this on Forgehub (where I usually post) because the imbeciles over there will just accuse me of being a dick-riding fanboy all day and the site owner straight up bans people he disagree's with... but I digress. It really sucks that he won't be saving Halo anytime soon, but I honestly think that Christian will go on to do much, much more important work as far as the gaming industry and competitive shooters are concerned. He has an incredible and seemingly abstract understanding of level design, and as a designer myself I have learned over time that to truly understand level design, you have to understand how the game works all the way down to player psychology. It is for these reasons and more that I wouldn't trust anyone else but Christian to start a true reformation of this industry, and it's about damn time we had one. Anyways, you'll do great things and I'll be right here watching man.
  3. 1) Fuck Halo 5 xboxdvr.com/xXandrith/4d21c8e4-48f4-4dac-8c7e-8ea428213e7c 2) Fuck Halo 5 xboxdvr.com/xXandrith/0e0cdae1-4aaf-4fb8-91d5-9545b04410b4
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