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  1. Here's a website for it http://halo.monsterenergy.com/#home
  2. They recently took out the gameplay room at the WalMart I work at and put a Monster canopy in it.Surrounded it with a wall of various Halo 5 Monsters, and a tv with a Halo 5 advertising sticking out the side. I asked my store manager what it was about, and he said that they were gonna have some game demos in there.I'll take pics of it tomorrow if peoples wanna see it
  3. It was 09 nationals, took place in January 2010. #Believe
  4. Clue/Killer on Headlong (H2), I'm not sure what the actual name of the gametype is.
  5. Ay yo, I'm hosting a Halo 3 LAN(Shoot IV the Birthday) on December 31st in Evansville, Indiana. It'll start at 6PM and will last until there aren't enough people to play. It would be great if you could bring your own setups, but not required(if we dont have 8 full setups we'll play split screen) If you're interested in attending message me to let me know. I'll provide more details about the location via private message if you plan on coming. <3
  6. Myself and a few others have been posting it on twitter and facebook also, but that's it.
  7. I already talked to him about it before I posted. He told me he could unlock the thread or I could make a new one
  8. A friend of my parents started this fundraiser for them.If would be greatly appreciated if you would read and share this on any form of social media. https://www.giveforw...&fb_ref=1273407 Some more info for people so you don't think this is a scam. "On July 3, 2013 we almost lost Tom Keown. Thank goodness for the trauma team keeping him alive. He has lots of blood clots in both lungs. He has massive blood clots in his pulmonary arteries - both sides. His heart is enlarged and in failure. He spent most all of July in the hospital. To include his 48th birthday on July 9th. The doctors say it is a miracle that he is alive. They say people usually die from this before they even realize something is wrong. Tom was on oxygen. He is on several different medicines now and will be for the rest of his life. To include Coumadin and high blood pressure medicine and several other medicines. He was on Coumadin pills and getting Lovenox shots in his belly and also had Heparin through his IV and getting Heparin boosters pushed through on top of all that. Tom is like a ticking time bomb with all of those blood clots. He is still in danger. The blood clots can still move and go to his brain or lungs or heart. He is not supposed to worry or stress or get upset. He has to have numerous test, scans and blood work for the rest of his life. Some test are once a week. He has several doctors/specialist. From family doctor to Cardiologist to Pulmonary doc to Oncology/Hemotology doc. Tom was crushed by a crane several years ago while working when the crane broke and swung free. He was pinned between the pillar and the crane. Broke his back. He went through quite a bit of work hardening therapy. After quite awhile of therapy he was able to return to work. Even though it was rough on him, he worked. But now with the blood clots and enlarged heart and heart failure He can no longer work. Tom has always been a very strong, stout, hardworking man. Tom was the provider for the family. Tom has been the primary caregiver for his wife Teresa. Teresa had major back surgery in 2003. Bone was removed from her hip and fused in her back. She still suffers from pain and back problems. Teresa was diagnosed with MELANOMA CANCER in 2006. MELANOMA CANCER is NOT just skin cancer. It is deadly. It is the most aggressive form of cancer. It attacks all of your major organs. Since Teresa did not go to the doctor and catch this in the early stages...it escaped from the original location and got in her lymph nodes. Teresa went through eleven months of chemotherapy treatments. She had a pic line in her arm for the chemo treatments. She got blood clots in that arm because of the pic line. The first eight weeks the chemotherapy treatments were every Monday through Friday. After the first eight weeks of treatments then the chemo treatments were every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the remainder of the time. There were no days off for vacations or holidays or sick days. Teresa was sick daily. Her fever was dangerously high. The chemo treatments destroyed her immune system. It burned up her veins. She is extremely prone to infection. She has has numerous surgeries. Two of which were emergency surgeries where she nearly died. Her last surgery was April 15, 2013. She had to be opened up in two places on her chest because of infection. There were complications from the surgery and healing has been very difficult. All of this has taken it's toll on the family. Tom and Teresa have three sons. Their children have been very supportive and positive. They have been right by their parents sides through everything. This has not only been about health. It has affected their health, physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. Medical bills, medicines, power/electric bills, all bills etc. Household, yard work, home repairs.... things that need done but cannot do or get done. It has been very rough for this family. They are in desperate need of help. They have been in need of help for quite sometime but were to proud or embarrassed to ask or let anyone know. Through all of this they remain positive and hopeful. Teresa needs to have another surgery asap. She was in the hospital again Sunday night. Sad thing is that because of no insurance the doctors want cash money up front before they will do the surgery. The Keown's do not have any money. Teresa needs a complete hysterectomy. She has several huge fibroid tumors. One is 9cm (larger than a orange) and is in her uterus. This is putting pressure on other organs. Causing other issue's with her health. Her Oncologist says this needs done asap. But the OBGYN says they need money first since there is no insurance. Teresa is in discomfort every day due to all of her health issues. Tom and Teresa worry about each other and the boys and all of the bills and home repairs that need done."- My mommy ^My dad at his most recent hospital stay
  9. Somebody started a fundraiser for my parents.If would be greatly appreciated if you would read and share this on any form of social media. https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/q7x2/teresa-and-tom-keown-medial-fund?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=fb_share_stream.share&utm_campaign=BA_FBshare&og_action=hug&t=3&fb_ref=1273407
  10. Rumble Pit and Regicide are both based off your score
  11. Am I supposed to re-register every week? Edit: Nevermind, the leaderboard updates super slow
  12. I just watched the rebroadcast. Agl 10 sturgis Michigan September 20th-22nd. AGL 11 Indianapolis Indiana November 1st-3rd. AGL 12 California December 13th-15th
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