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  1. My advice is to keep and eye on a twitch streamer and YouTuber named leopardstealth. He's quite competent at Crusible, like ninja got early access, streams all the time, and actually walks people through encounters in Destiny explaining how to tackle them and his thought process behind his actions. He also goes throw a lot of trouble to explain game mechanics.
  2. You package up the Alpha and sell it as-is and it would still be better and 40-50% of the games currently on the market. Especially for "next-gen".
  3. And my observations are coming from actual playtime. Anyone who honesty believes this game is "slow", "boring", "too easy", "derivative" etc etc... couldn't be more wrong. I look forward to discussing this openly and in-depth, once the embrago is lifted on Tuesday.
  4. What the game actually plays like and what some people perceive it plays like, based on their impression/interpretation of a highly scripted demo, are two different matters.
  5. The gunplay is very "Bungie"... and I mean that in the best possible way. It's a compliment and it *complements* the rest of the game well. Keep an eye on /r/destinythegame next week. On Tuesday, our embargo lifts and we can openly discuss our experiences.
  6. Posted by redditor AgriosEndendross. Here are a few highlights from the upcoming articles. Bare in mind, these are just highlights Games Master July 2014 Destiny Cover Issue: PlayStation UK Magazine June 2014 Destiny Hands-on:
  7. The point of my comment was that it is obvious to me that the reason he found the gameplay "awful" was his mindset. It read like he walked in expecting to play Halo BTB or Planetside 2 and was surprised to find Destiny doesn't play like either. I can't argue with you on Bungie's marketing up to this point. They built a free-roam ARPG shooter and instead of owning that from the beginning and explaining it to their fanbase point-blank... They spent all of 2012 and 2013 tip-toeing around the subject. Throwing around PR fluff and confusing their fans. It wasn't until January 2014 that Bungie finally came out and said in no uncertain terms that Destiny's sandbox will not resemble Halo's and that the game is structurally different than their past games. They wasted almost two years hyping up the phrase "shared world shooter" , which means nothing to a average person off the street.
  8. No one here has seen the "campaign" gameplay. All anyone has seen is two heavily guided and scripted Strike missions. The players and the audience were lead down very specific paths to show off key features of the game. In niether instance where the players allowed to free-roam or explore.
  9. Bungie knows exactly what they are doing. They are making a new IP with a new sandbox. The problem is too many gamers are dense as fuck. They look but they don't see, they hear by the don't listen, they watch but they don't learn. It is completely obvious this dude simply didn't "get it". He walked in with preconceived notions expecting a different game. Instead taking the time to truly understand the new sandbox and mechanics he turned off his brain and went on a hyperbolic rant on how the game is different than he dreamed it up to be in his mind.
  10. Destiny isn't suppose to be a COD-killer or Halo-killer. It's an ARPG shooter. In a different genre than those two games. Activision themselves have said that the games are so different they will not directly compete. That said, that dude's first impression reads more like a guy expecting to play Planetside 2 or Halo BTB than a guy who was there to play Destiny. Also, I'm pretty sure he admitted he was drunk when he wrote that.
  11. If by multiplayer you mean players playing together. The whole game is multiplayer. It's a co-op driven social and interactive shooter. You'll come across other players as organically as passing people on the street. Same for Public Events. Bungie has some seamless, background matchmaking constantly going on. If you mean PvP. I posted a whole thread about it a few days ago.
  12. That's what it's suppose to be. Bungie trying to built the new "gold standard" in that genre (ARPG Shooters). The PvE is meant to carry the game. The PvP is the well executed icing on cake. Meant to complement, reinforce, and enhance the cake's flavor.
  13. If that's what you want from Destiny, you are completely missing the point of Destiny. It's not Halo. It's not a minimalist shooter. It's an investment game. It's a shoot and loot action and exploration adventure. Bungie's goal isn't to make a replacement for Halo. It's a completely different game, different sandbox and different rule book. If you want a barebones competitive arena shooter, you need to put the pressure on 343i to deliver with the next Halo. That's their job.
  14. With E3 fast approaching (June 10-12) and Bungie's announcement that we will be getting our first glimpse of PvP, I feel now is a good time to get everyone more acquainted with Destiny's competitive multiplayer (Player vs Player). Using all the information we currently have available. It may surprise both "newbies" and "vets" that Bungie has actually release a good bit of information on PvP that will help us frame this conversation and better understand Bungie's approach to PvP in Destiny. So here we go, in bullet-point fashion: - Destiny’s competitive multiplayer will not be capped at 3v3. - Competitive Multiplayer must be unlocked by playing "at most a couple hours" of campaign and PvE. According to Tyson Green, Bungie Investment Lead, this will give players time to learn the game's mechanics and upgrade their character(s). - You carry your weapons and gear into all modes, including PvP. Lars Bakken reiterates this statement by saying: "Like Reach" your character will be the same throughout every mode and upgrades to character(s) will carry into multiplayer. In the Game Informer Competitive Multiplayer featurette. - Competitive Multiplayer is played on separate maps made specifically for PvP. From the January Bungie Podcast. - PvP is not emergent. You cannot ambush or force players into combat. - Halo's "run and gun" style of rushing to find players and put shots on them without consequence is counterproductive. As dying effectively gives Supers to the other team. - DeeJ, from the January Podcast. Death earns the opposing team "light", which is needed to recharge Super abilities quickly. - Success doesn't come from twitch skills alone - Destiny will never reach a final level of balance - Everything in multiplayer is designed with a counter in mind. This next portion comes from the Sept 2013 Bungie Podcast: - Certain weapons can only be earned in competitive multiplayer and vice versa. - You can change your loadout mid-fight, however Destiny will have mechanisms in place that discourage you from doing so and make it more cumbersome. - Unlike in Halo, weapons are not found on the map. You bring your character's build (including weapons) into PvP as mentioned above. - In place of that system we have ammo drops. Which are found on the map. Making map-control still key to success. - Ammo management is VERY important. Primary ammo is the only confirmed ammo type to respawn after death. Heavy weapons will respawn empty. You drop your ammo when you die. - Ammo is divided into three generic, color-coded categories that correspond to the three weapon slots. Primary, Special and Heavy. - From the Game Informer "Special Edition Podcast: Bungie's Destiny": - The "speed" of gameplay varies from activity to activity, mode to mode. Some modes like story-missions have a slower cadence that lets you really take in the world. Others, like strikes are meant to be quick arcade-like, clear the room experiences. PvP's pace was described as somewhat reminiscent of Halo 2. Faster, but map control is still important as well as being tactical. A truly skilled player can still turn a fight around with a couple well-placed shots. Lars Bakken echos this sentiment by saying: Destiny is "definitely faster" than Halo. "More lethal than Halo." If you can catch a guy with his pants down, you can take him out more quickly. It will be "harder to get away". All and all, the goal of this thread is to make sure everyone is on the same page and has a basic understanding of Destiny's PvP prior to E3. I hope this helped.
  15. The problem is: Borderlands isn't for everyone and isn't even a phenomenal example of what the "gold standard" for ARPG shooters should be... - BL falls short on delivering gameplay as robust as their gun count. - BL matchmaking system is very limited and last-gen. - The UI, menu navigation, inventory system, and HUD are also very last-gen. - The dungeons and bosses are very two-dimensional. - The art direction, dialog, characters, and themes don't take themselves seriously. What Borderlands does well is make the game both fun and colorful enough that at first glance, first play-through, you don't notice all its shortcomings. So with all that said: If Bungie wants to swoop in and raise the bar (James Cameron style), let them. Console APRGs will be the better because of it. Let Bungie show people how it's done. Let Bungie be the new gold standard.

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