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  1. What island is he on? I'll help him look for that Halo news in April.
  2. It’s me and I’m working to find a flight schedule that could work. I really appreciate your generous offer here, even if it doesn’t work out. Either way I’ll be watching the event with my old ass MLG A40s and hat, Doritos is hand. It might just be on my phone instead of in person.
  3. Yo! Let's get this started. Grayson Allen is an insufferable asshole. Proceed
  4. Haven't seen a GO post yet. I know I'm going to look like a crazy person, but I can't wait to challenge random people in my grocery store to a battle or join up with random people to battle a legendary. I hope they offer more peripherals than just that bracelet.
  5. Yeah but prank videos are equally important for qualifiers. I think game three is usually prank videos on RipTide.
  6. I love my elite. The quality is amazing. Personally I prefer it to the scuff. (Bonus for being a lot cheaper)
  7. I saw Spartan use it earlier in Columbus so word travels fast. Nice find.
  8. I'm pretty bias as I've only owned Triton, Turtle Beach, and Astro, but Astro A40's have never let me down. Their customer service is fantastic. I can't see myself buying anything else.
  9. Every listen in should just be Naded. Every time.
  10. She's just salty that some dudes with controllers are 100x more relevant than here. Who the fuck is Kristi Leskinen?
  11. Solid game tonight against Kentucky. Another 'game of the season' candidate.
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