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  1. I like this logic. This should be applied to other Halos like H2 FFA seeding H2 2v2 and finally H2 4v4 Sunday.
  2. Death from Above - WildCherry, Zyfe, KillZonE, Echo
  3. Dude, I'm totally down! I'll hit you up on twitter man!
  4. Luckily there is an event coming up this Saturday near Hollywood, CA! Come on out man! http://teambeyond.net/forum/index.php?/topic/7010-halo-2-nostalgia-tournament-lan-before-mcc-release/ Thanks for the referral @teapot
  5. Tournament is this Saturday guys! Let’s get it! Be sure to tune into the stream to watch the action live! So far: 26 people have signed up 12 confirmed teams current size of the pot is $260 1st gets $156 2nd gets $78 3rd gets $26 - Zyfe
  6. Hey guys, I wanted to let you all know that I’ll be hosting at Halo 2 2v2 and FFA LAN on Oct 18th, 2014 at Ultimate Gaming Center near Hollywood, California. 8551 Vesper Ave, Panorama City, CA 91402 For those that missed last year, there was a LARGE H2 LAN at Howies Game Shack and it was pretty successful! We had Bungie send us over 200 copies of Halo 2 with DLC discs - so instead of letting them go to waste we are trying to get one last bang before the MCC release. https://www.facebook.com/events/860490447295495/ Let me know if you guys have any questions. Here’s the flyer for more details: Hope to see you all come MCC! - Zyfe
  7. I wish we were at a location where everyone that wanted to go could go. Thanks for the support man - we all appreciate it! See you on stream for sure!
  8. Awesome man! Send over the signups - this thing is starting to get large already! And I know a ton of people that are coming just to play for fun and catch up with old friends. See you Oct 18th!
  9. Just been getting this LAN together - I appreciate that dude! Going this weekend to test streams and equipment - looking forward to seeing you in the stream chat!
  10. Haha, how's it going man? Just trying to get people to come to my tourney
  11. I'm surprised too! But there were a TON of people last year, I want to say around 16 teams showed up (4 people each so 64 people for 4v4) and several dozen people just played ffa. All in all close to 100 people. This event I have around 10 teams pre-signed up so far, so it's a start with a $20 ($10 per person) entry fee. I know a few people driving down from Vegas, so people are definitely driving the distance for this!
  12. Discs sent from Bungie. IT'S HAPPENING! LAN Oct 18th!
  13. Very interesting concept I've seen before. I would definitely attend a small event if the game I play was supported (Halo CE and 2 mostly). Were you thinking of doing cross-state events as well? If so, that's a pretty hefty variable cost (gas, maintenance, est.). Btw props on the spreadsheet!
  14. Trying to get some exposure here - I'm holding this event for all those around the west coast; I know some from Utah are going to try to make it out. It may have a small prize pool (or it may have a large pool depending on the total teams going and so far, and I have 5 doubles teams signed up), but the experience is definitely worth it!
  15. I have 5 teams signed up so far - the more teams, the better! Lets get it guys!
  16. I feel ya, man! Always gets to me when I see a LAN I can't get to attend. Hopefully we can see you catch the stream that day!
  17. Calling all Cali players! Here's one last bang before the MCC release:
  18. I'm glad! Was cool to see you playing - add me so we can play in the future
  19. Hi Hoke! This helped me solve the same problem you were having.
  20. Not only you - the gameplay does run slower and the field of vision is a lot different.
  21. Name: Dom Gamertag: Zyfe Games I play: H1 and H2 Area in CA: Los Angeles Future Plans: Looking to travel to more events in the future (ie upcoming H2 UGC and LAN events) We really need to get a large Halo 1/2 LAN going in California. The last one in OC was epic! Check it: http://www.twitch.tv/howiesgameshack/b/414499238 I'm willing to help setup one of these bad boys up!
  22. We're looking to scrim 4v4s tonight or the rest of the week at 9p est. Hit me up on twitter fellas @thezyfe We'll set something up
  23. Hey Fellas! Just wanted to hear your thoughts. There's been some rumors that H2 Vista is dedicating some servers in Chicago that will emulate the H2 ranking and matchmaking experience. I'm not sure if this is true, but if it is - it definitely changes some things before the MCC release. Here's a link: http://n.twitlonger.com/show/n_1s2ql7h I'll post more relevant info as I come across it as well. Lastly, I've been thinking about how to properly setup H2V (ie monitors, laptop, and streaming devices) - anyone have a good setup? I'm looking to buy a cheap windows laptop and hdmi dongle to a monitor - think it creates any type of delay? Thanks guys - Zyfe
  24. Timing is definitely the key here, but as far as I know it looks like the server is ready for production. Almost seems like this may be rolled out within the coming weeks! Until then I'm happy (for the most part) with XBC. A lot of scrims going down every night and very good players almost always on.

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