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  1. I'm not arguing with you. I'm simply trying to make you and others who have the same ignorant point of view more aware (which is totally constructive). Sooo i dropped some knowledge on you, and you admit it, but to save face you then play it off as if you didn't actually care and call me a bitch. LOL grow up kid. GG
  2. LOL ignorance is not an excuse for immaturity. You'r totally misunderstanding on what the rep system is supposed to achieve. You neg someone for giving one word cocky answers where as you plus someone for a well thought out opinionated post. The rep system is supposed to promote people who make constructive posts not to make them afraid to post their personal opinion. We want individuality and real discussions. Not a bunch of people parroting the same opinions over and over again
  3. You'r supposed to neg and plus rep based on how the posts are presented like how thought out the post is, good/bad grammar, reasons for opinions ect. Not on whether or not you agree with an opinion. Neg repping someone simply because you don't agree with them is just immature
  4. Having a solid balanced game that the majority enjoy playing is more important for esports than spectator mode will ever be. Without a good game spectator mode means nothing
  5. The one way windows were really campy from what i remember.
  6. I've been wondering the same thing. I don't know how it's not going to be as laggy as H:ce PC or Xbc without redoing the maps/netcode
  7. I don't think it will be. Yes no more EU vs US will be great, but that does't mean much when the latency affected so much, even on good hosts, in halo 3. I can see my bullets and rockets disappearing mid air already. Don't get me wrong, I love h3. It was the first halo game that i owned and played religiously (farted about on h2/ce in a friends house) but I just can't see the latency issues disappearing. But sure who really cares when we're getting multiplayer for halo 2/ce. Cannot wait to get stuck into them
  8. I find it funny how everyone thinks the latency issues with h3 will disappear because of dedicated servers
  9. yes i think so. Halo ce was the foundation for halo 2, which was the foundation for halo 3, and so on and so forth.
  10. Yeah they're really going to have to put a time limit on them. I'm guessing/hoping they are on top of that though What worries me is the use of modded controllers specifically for halo 2's double shot glitch. I remember people saying that it would ruin matchmaking which i kind of agree with. What are peoples thoughts on this?
  11. ^This I actually can't imagine a multiplayer game being released without a system link in this day and age. They will figure it out. Also Spectator mode is defiantly not essential for this game to take off competitively and have similar, if not better, success than halo 2+3. If borderlands 2 had a spectator mode it wouldn't change the fact that the game sucks for competitive play. Were as a halo 2 multiplayer remake without spec mode will have people hooked from the get go (newbies, casuals and hardcore fans) because of the competitive merit, ranks and because the whole "easy to learn hard to master" aspect is there. All it takes is a good, balanced game for noobs to get addicted and then become either casual, competitive players or hardcore, competitive players which will make stream numbers and team/spectator pass sales rise.
  12. Happy days, cheers. Only thing that worries me is that i remember reading that the file sizes for the maps in halo ce were too big to play multiplayer online, which is why it lags so bad on xbc and pc. Just wondering how they are going to get around this without re-*oing the maps from scratch. *the letter between f+s is broke on my keyboar lol

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