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  1. Yes, a big part of the reason i got this game is to Redo a Legendary Coop playthrough of H1-3. But somehow, even though we kept trying up until about a month ago, every time we enter a h2a or h3 coop session, the game seems to run at like 10% speed and were always rubber banding and the hit detection is atrocious...for campaign!? This was rly dissapointing considering how excited we both were to get the nostalgia back and do our legendary speedruns we used to do a few years ago, but this experience has been ruined due to these issues. And i know its not either of our internets cuz we usually have good connection and we played various other mp shooters that day after we quit, and experienced no lag in other shooters or games we played that day
  2. Yea i agree with what your saying. But if Halo just added new maps and guns and game modes i wouldnt consider that justifiable release for a sequel. Halo 5 is adding mechanics to base game but i agree and dont think these are the right mechanics. But i do think halo needs to have new additions(forge mode, fire fight etc) but doesnt need nor should it have the base mechanic adjustments in h5 but only has to improve a few things technologically in that regard
  3. Lol i dont think you read what i wrote. i said Halo 4/5 were not innovative entries because their "idea" of innovation was to copy paste other popular mechanics form other shooters that detracted from the core halo experience. Those mechanics were new to halo but not to the vast majority of shooters in whole and they didnt have their places in halo
  4. I agree with u. Dual weilding equipment forge and theatre where not invented in halo but they werent nearly as common in other shooters(maybe cuz there werent as many shooters). But we didnt see those features nearly as frequently as we see enhanced movement(the "innovation" in h5g) in other fps games we do today. Now enhanced movement is standard for AAA and halo is playing catchup but trying to sell it as a sequel. I think if halo wants to see success they need to implement something unpresedented or they can implement features that arent too common in other games but do them very well like h2 h3 hR did. Maybe if the took the mechanic of dynamic gravity or some other feature that might exist in another game but implement it well and with their own halo spin on it, then theyll see widespread acceptance like h2/3 did with their improvements. Also 1 last thing the feature cannot alienate the halo experience like loadouts and ordinance did in h4 otherwise you taint the halo experience. Forge and theatre were neat additions because they didnt negatively affect the game but gave the consumer another reason to value that game over its prequel
  5. COD bottomed out arguably at cod ghosts. It sold well based off if brand recognition alone! Youll always have the die hard codfans who buy the next cod because it has call of duty in the name and theyll buy it based off of past experiences theyve had with the game regardless of the quality of the game. Ghosts is the prime example, it sold well bc blops 2 was good, but alot of the gamers who liked blops 2 and viewed ghosts objectively largely rejected the game and saw through the shallowness of it. The pop quickly dropped off and last time i checked which was about a year ago the game had about a peak of 12000 players, and to this day black ops 2 peaks at 125,000 players not counting zombies players. Advances warfare was better than ghosts but still sees less players than blops 2. I dont want to see permanent damage done to halo franchise similar to the cod series saw after ghosts which suffered from being the least innovative game of all time. H5 looks mechanically sound and fun but you can only sell the same product in seperate yearly installments for so long until people stop buying which is why h5 can take the step in right direction by innovating and rejuvinating the franchise
  6. Oh no i agree that halo should keep its core mechanics as that is what makes it halo and unique. But i see halo slowly conforming to the style of other popular fps games and i dont want to see it become another cookie cutter fps. The biggest complaint i heard from people when playing halo 4, is that " If I wanted to play COD, Id go play COD, but I want to play halo and this isnt it". And i feel if 343 continues the path theyre travelling theyll be subject to the same criticism as before and ultimately lose respect as a company and hurt halo in the process and its halo that matters.But do you remember when halo kept its core mechanics, improved them and innovated? The result of that was halo 2 and halo 3. H2 and h3 were arguably the peak of the franchise because bungie took the mechanics of halo everyone knew and loved but improved them technically while still adding valuable features like the ones you mentioned(dual weild, forge, theatre mode, etc). 343 could emulate that success if they had the same mentality of keeping the core mechanics while still adding features to constitute the sequels release and building excitement of the game through the novelty of the genuienly new experience youll have when you play it. H5 will be h4 with a few adv warfare mechanics to put it bluntly. I feel like im repeating myslelf but i honestly feel this is whats happening and i dont think it should be
  7. While that has worked for the past few years in games( because a fluctuation of new games came out about or over half a decade ago with new consoles,and through word of mouth and sequels with improvements these games and brand recongnition of said games gained popularity). But now if you look at the charts youll see all these games latest sequels have see a decline in sales( battlefield, cod and halo), with the exception of Gta5 because that is a legitimate sequel. Cod ghosts sold worse than blops 2, and advanced warfare sold worse than ghosts. Mcc sold less than h4 and h5 has much less preorders than h4 aswell. Bf4 now has more players than bfh across all platforms except ps4. Gamers are now realizing that theyre paying hundreds of dollars on sequels to games they love that are very similar to the prequels. A few years ago, this argument wouldnt apply but it is now that we see rehashed games beggining to fall and i dont want this to happen to halo as its a frachise i love dearly, and upon playing h5g beta and seeing ads for it, i fear that halo might suffer the same fate as those games that have seen decreased sales due to unlasting improvements or novelty to the sequels they buy. They might not be unhappy with the game but feel that its unnecesary to purchase these sequels when its either not much better than prequel or if theyve already experienced the game with other fps shooters
  8. From a sales perspective, yes this formula has worked well for them, however one of the main critisicms of this franchise is that the series doesnt innovate enough or that it is the same game rehashed and resold every year. I personally dont want halo to fall in the same catagory as cod and be the same game every year with a minor difference which is why i think we see a decline in the games population. I only call for valuable original change because as a consumer you want to get the most for your money if your paying for a new, improved experience. No need to eliminate working mechanics/features just give legitimate reason to buy the improved predesesor
  9. Oh sorry i havent been on this forum in a few months. Was there a general consensus about this or where can i view discussion if its still going?
  10. Yes i know but its still just as important to take these ideas into consideration and act on them to get a better halo game. Date of vid is irrelevant
  11. https://youtu.be/eLqjxYQ7irs Please take this time to watch the video open mindedly. This video explains why Halo needs to have valuable change in the upcoming sequels or the franchise could suffer from the same problem alot of fps games are today, which is a lack of innovation. He actually makes some valuable points in saying that mainstream fps games havent seen much innovation for the past couple of years with the exception of inhanced mobility. He thinks this is due to developers not wanting to take the financial risk due to fear the public opinion might spite it and they will receive loss on return of invedtments. Also that games are suffering from lower population numbers than 2008-2011 because thats when we stopped seeing hugely different game mechanics being implemented because devs realized that it is more profitable to play it safe(ex, H4 just added killstreaks, sprint and loadouts) H5 big selling point(aside for campaign), are a set of "new" features that enhance gameplay like ads, ground pound, mobility features like thrust and grapple etc, but weve already seen these mechanics in alot of other shooters. Now these additions imo dont hurt the game, in fact i think some of them makr the game more fun and complex, and id be ok with it if 343 implemented other large creative changes in the game but that is the main selling point of the game and the vid maker and I feel the Halo community should call for some innovation to justify any future halo games as legitimate sequels and get the most for the 60-120 dollars we spend on next game. I also dont mean to disrespect 343 and i know the video guy might seem radical or bias at times but his overarching message is correct i beleive. And i cant blame 343 for not trying new things as they are a company and are set out to make money and if playing it safe is most profitable theyll continue to do that, but we the gamers have a voice and chance to influence the next halo games to get the best experience possibly by talking with our wallets. So hopefully you agree with us, pls comment below ur thoughts and if you stuck around to read all that thx. (PS sorry for any gramatical errors as i typed this with my phone)
  12. IMO the ideal competetive halo weapon would be a projectile based, accurate (no spread) 3-burst BR.BR takes more skill because you have to land 3 shots per trigger pull as opposed to 1. I feel in h whoever gets first shot basically wins and it's hitscan
  13. Okay, this is a pretty interesting marketing technique from 343, but really? Unlimited ammo and grenades? I think this obviously was directed to a more casual audience to buff sales of this game. Bc to a casual they see unlimited ammo and are like "OMFG ALL DA AMMO TO KILL ALL TEH BAD GUYS!!!" . So I get they want more casuals to buy the game but I honestly thought this game was appealing to a more hardcore halo audience. And now I won't know if someone got a campaign score with or without that skull which makes everything super easy mode for real. Like unlimited rockets or grenades themselves. That takes a lot of skill out of the game. I know some people will enjoy this and I would call this a slap in the face to HC halo fans but I know it is optional and I'll make sure to keep my 5 dollars. But what do you guys think of this? Will you be getting it or using it? No judgment if you are just a general question and how do you feel about it? Thx
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