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  1. I just thought he's busy putting the finishing touches on the E3 H6 announcement
  2. Best PR for 343 would be to buy out the game, release it on the Microsoft platform and run it as HCS until H6 arrives
  3. @@Tashi (I think) was doing one a while back called 'HCS Listen In' It was a while ago but I think Bravo might of co-hosted? Mikwen was a guest on one episode
  4. Well, the one guy that does it (Spartan) gets bagged the shit out of on here
  5. I reckon there will be an announcement at E3, pretty sure its not going to be the announcement I want (H6 in 2018), but they will at least show something. Its been a long time and a lot of silence since H5 came out.
  6. Probably Gaskin's on the spotlight, planning some 'phantom of the opera' type move to get his casting job back.
  7. Sadly, without Moses to chart and post the numbers, we'll never know.
  8. Has anyone tweeted this at Spartan, would love to see his reaction. Could I suggest a 'selfie' series, would love to see Royal2 in his Fur Coat on a card.
  9. I'm guessing the pool has been drawn, probably just giving the team as much time as possible to sort out what they want to do. If they do get an Org for this weekend (seems unlikely now), it would be good for everyone involved to be able to promote it.
  10. 'Skin Money' seems like one of those ideas that at first was a great idea, but unless the time is taken to make it work and sought out the details, becomes a point of contention. Unfortunately this seems to be a pattern with lots of H5/HCS things, some good ideas, but not fully thought thru or implemented well enough.
  11. Come on, you would have said The Flood infected the bullet and caused it to deviate from its true path
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