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  1. you're right we could have, after seeing what they can do with H2A I'd love to see updates for H2A,an H3A, or at this point just have all future titles built like H2A. Gameplay, graphics, even the shooting vs H5.
  2. Yeah I was hoping, but not expecting much for this from 343. After H5 released I just went back to playing mcc. Kinda pumped for these game to go backwards compatible, also hoping Halo2 is made backwards compatible just so we have better playlist options per game at this point. And until then an update to remove SMG/AR starts would be nice!
  3. I completely agree, I tried playing that new h2br start in h5 and I don't even think the graphics compare with H2As graphics
  4. I'm hoping they improve. And seriously though anyone who wants to help support at all feel free to vote here(doubt it helps but we'll try) https://xbox.uservoice.com/forums/363186--new-ideas/suggestions/20492341-release-halo-2-anniversary-separate
  5. I completely agree. It's like they literally ignore their community
  6. I agree, it would look amazing! Heck I wish they'd at least finish remastering the trilogy. I'd love a H3A campaign. Don't see why they did 2 of the 3.
  7. Haha I don't think it'll happen but I figured it was worth a shot lol
  8. Lol I figured it'd be worth a try at least, would love to see it
  9. Not sure how often 343 checks these things but I'm hoping to get support from the Halo community to update Halo 2 anniversary by giving us more maps. Another idea is for a separate release of H2A that will have more than just one playlist option. Vote here. Thanks guys! https://xbox.uservoice.com/forums/363186--new-ideas/suggestions/20492341-release-halo-2-anniversary-separate
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