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  1. Bracket: Challonge.com/JWalkTourney11 Team List w/ Livestreams: http://JWalksTourneys.weebly.com/team-list.html
  2. A few teams have signed up so far. Awaiting the Friday/Saturday registrations, as usual. There should be a decent amount of livestreams this weekend, and I'll have channels listed on the Team List as teams continue to sign up. Looking forward to this weekend.
  3. I received your submission and signed your squad up. You can just resubmit a registration form with the substitution added onto it, and I'll change your roster on the site. Regarding the teammate leaving situation, I have made the substitution max of 2 for all teams, if extreme circumstances should arise.
  4. That's unfortunate, man. I apologize for the inconvenience. The first Halo 3 Tournament I ran included teams from all over the world, and that was the most grueling 12-hour tournament that I've ever ran, due to connection issues and problems joining lobbies. Personally, I would love to include everyone from all over the world if there wasn't the recurring problem of hosting/joining lobbies, and unplayable games for players that aren't in the same country/continent as the lobby host.
  5. LOL, the toxic smack talk was at its finest that day.
  6. Haha, Ant played in the first few tournaments with his California squad. That'd be cool if he played in this one, but we'll see.
  7. Yes, I have seen the updates. However, I have very reliable sources (players) that have shared their experiences with me after playing Halo 3 on MCC, even with the "updates." The overall opinions have been that it simply does not work still. I recognize that you, and others, have spent many hours forging and contributing, and I thank you for that. Unfortunately, I just can't run another tournament on Halo: MCC until there is evidence that it runs smoother, and has improved the aspects which I listed in my original post.
  8. Just so everyone knows, the start time has been changed to 5pm Eastern Time on Saturday, May 30th, to allow for players competing in the HCS Open Cup #5 to be able to play, and to avoid overall scheduling conflicts. Registration closes at 4pm Eastern Time on this day, too. Spread the word if you would like! Great support from these forums so far! Thank you!
  9. Awesome montage, sir! Enjoyed this very much. Good work!
  10. Hello everyone, Like Massacre said, there is another Xbox 360 Halo 3 MLG 4v4 Tournament on Saturday, May 30th at 5pm Eastern Time - Registration closes at 4pm Eastern time that day. Before you ask, "Why is this tournament not on Halo: MCC??," let me explain: 1.) Maps and gametypes are not complete, as forgers are unable to edit maps to properly mirror the variants from the original Halo 3. (Halo forgers are amazing, and they have done a great job forging maps. However, there are a few things that cannot be edited in forge due to the nature of Halo: MCC). 2.) Shot/bullet registration is horrible. If you have played the game on Halo: MCC, that should be pretty obvious by now. 3.) Overall, Halo: MCC is still not complete. Problems joining lobbies, starting games, and player disconnects are still prevalent. 4.) Downloading gametypes and maps are much easier on the Xbox 360. 5.) A game at 60 FPS (Halo: MCC) that seems "flashier" than the original is lacking the basic components - The components that made the game great. - I could go on and on, but I'll stop there. Although there is a Halo: MCC - Halo Championship Series Cup on this day, I'll leave that up to players to decide what they want to play. I chose to change the start time from 2pm to 5pm Eastern Time in order to give players who are competing in the HCS Cup a chance to play as well. I realize that many have devoted large amounts of time and energy competing in the Halo Championship Series Tournaments, and I wish you well if you decide to compete in either tournament. Feel free to contact me on Twitter (Twitter.com/JWaIkk) with any questions or concerns, and like Massacre said, the tournament site is JWalksTourneys.weebly.com - All tournament info and the registration process are listed on the site, as well as how to download the maps/gametypes if players need to re-download them. Prizes: 1st Place - Each player receives $100.00 ($400.00 Total) 2nd Place - Each player receives $25.00 ($100.00 Total) 3rd Place - Each player receives $10.00 ($40.00 Total) Grand Total: $540.00 - Generously donated by @@Dave_Easily - A huge supporter of Halo and known on Twitch.Tv as "DaveStu." If you will be playing in this tournament, and have been playing Halo: MCC a lot in the past few months, I recommend putting in some solid practice on Xbox 360 Halo 3 before Saturday, due to the visual differences. After a day or so of playing, your eyes should adjust to the game. I know that may sound silly, but trust me. Feel free to post any questions/comments on these forums relating to the overall tournament, tournament specifics, roster changes, etc. Looking forward to a fun and competitive tournament. JWalk
  11. True. However, if the word "network" is used, that confirms there is not a system link capability. Yes, they'll be on the same connection, but players still have to either sign into their Xbox Live accounts, which was done when I was there and took a long time, or Xbox Live tags are created from event staff for them to play on in order to speed up the process of getting players in and out of stations.
  12. MCC does not have a system link capability. Xbox One COD Tournaments are able to be run on LAN because the game has the system link option. MCC does not, such that all of the "LAN" tournaments were basically online tournaments on the same connection given the title of "LAN event," when most people clearly know, if you've tried to actually system link, it isn't possible. After refereeing the IG event back in December and seeing the issues of joining lobbies, it was pretty obvious that there wasn't a chance that system link was able to be enabled on the game.
  13. Thanks, sasky. Doing any sort of tournament on this game is currently one of the hardest and lengthiest things to do, because of all the problems. Hopefully this next "update" does something beneficial, because it is a nightmare for not only players, but tournament directors as well.
  14. I wish there was one piece that I could pick out, but it all was just so good. I think a great aspect of it was that three clips were from a tournament I put on back in December. Ace barely played any Halo 3 before the tournament, ended up winning and put on a show with those few clips at the end of the tourney as well. Dude is a beast.
  15. My teammate and I are on tonight for a few hours. Send a message to JWalk (l is an i) for scrims. JWalk

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