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  1. Hopefully shotzzy puts a team together. Would be a shame if we lost our probably most mechanically gifted player to cod when he's not even of age to compete yet. Would be interesting to see the crazy stuff he could pull off in H3.
  2. I hope tox stays together for STL. Would be interesting to see if their dominance continues in a different title.
  3. How did Excelerate and Elevate end up on the same side of the bracket as the 5th and 6th seed? Unfortunate that one of these teams will now place top 8.
  4. Tox beat Renegades in a game 5 and Elevate beat str8 in a game 5. Was really hoping for an upset in one of those matchups.
  5. Prediction: Tox Rec Splyce Renegades Excelerate Elevate Str8 Trifecta
  6. I'm actually excited for this weekend, should b a good sendoff to Halo 5. Feel like there are a couple teams that could realistically take this one. Also excited to see how some of the other non top 4 teams perform like elevate, str8, and naded's team.
  7. If they were looking to replace el town interesting that they wouldn't have gone with bound seeing how well they did in that 2k a while back with him subbing in.
  8. Pretty sure they were only inconceivable for 1 event then got picked up by Splyce for the remainder of the hwc. Renegade then joined after hwc 17.
  9. Not sure what this is all about but he just competed at london with bullet, contra, and rammyy. He has also been playing in the latam 2ks. I've been wondering why he's not on the top latam team though.
  10. Splyce look unbeatable today (and probably for the rest of halo 5).
  11. Hopefully rec can pull out the w so we can have a new grand finals for the first time in 5 tourneys.
  12. Rec vs splyce was nuts. Splyce will likely play against renegades for top 3 which could be interesting. Renegades have been playing very well and match up pretty well against splyce. Gutted for Lucid and super disappointed we missed that match seeing as there were no other matches going on and it was the last remaining, best European team at a European event there is really no excuse. Interested to see what Lucid will do for Atl though. Only change I could maybe see is swapping out tufoxy for someone. Slg has been playing very well and kimbo/respectful are cemented as the best EU players at this point. Trifecta vs Excelerate is going to be a crazy match up for top 6 tomorrow.
  13. Kimbo is by far the best EU player. Could probably play on a top 4 NA team.
  14. Prediction 1 Splyce 2 Reciprocity 3 Tox 4 Renegades 5/6 Excelerate 5/6 Lucid 7/8 Elevate 7/8 Trifecta
  15. An open team placing top 8 wouldn't even be remotely surprising considering Elevate, Str8, Mentality, etc. are all open bracket teams. I really can't see an EU team placing top 4 as the top 4 in NA is pretty stacked right now. Maybe top 6 but even that is questionable.
  16. Did anyone ever end up picking up Bound or does he not go to LANs?
  17. Tapping's team scrimmed ex-lux gaming. Think that was it though.
  18. Wonder if he is just subbing in for the weekend. No way they would drop commonly over cratos right?
  19. Yeah but if the game doesn't come out for another 2 years who knows if it will still be the trend by then. Plus the market is likely to be flooded with br style games by then. I'd rather they focus on the core elements of the game and maybe try to make their own original game mode.
  20. Crazy to think that a little over 2 years ago there was an am team with renegade, tripppey, and musa that failed to make the first pro league.
  21. I think it would be pretty foolish for either of those teams to do that. Musa played great this weekend but both of those teams are consistent top level players.
  22. Wow, did not expect that. Nice to actually see some upsets this tournament even though it sucks that it's at the cost of pistola/snipedown. Happy to see rayne and shooter back in the top 4 though.
  23. Bit of a disappointing showing from this new EU team but wow what a win for the LATAM region. Wish tapping's team could have made the event too. Also not sure why Dastroyed seems to be such an overlooked player. He has been absolutely killing it at events for months now.

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