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  1. I mean we usually play at night, we live in the central time zone and usually play from 8-12/1 at night. We are able to adjust if you guys are worth it lol
  2. Actually I think it depends on who you talk to and whether or not they want to be chill. If you look at tox, they never yell at each other in their listen ins. They just calmly call things out and are good friends in and out of the game. Maybe you can't find chill teammates, but it is possible.
  3. we are backed by an org with at least some funding. you must: 1. Be at least onyx or close to it 2. Be willing to take criticism and look at film consistently 3. Be from North America (for online lag prevention) 4. Not have a big ego and be a team player 5. Just be chill Hit me up on Xbox: Nitemare or Twitter: Nitemare_HCS we are also looking for a coach
  4. I'm a senior in high school and my summer is about to start. I still cant find any people with brains in matchmaking so if you are diamond/onyx, please help me get away from the braindead kids in matchmaking Also if you wanted to see if we should team for future events, thats cool too
  5. I might have a team for you, I'll let you know by next monday
  6. We have found a 4th but we are interested in a coach still. If you want to coach do t worry about paying for the teampass or anything, we got that covered
  7. We need 1 player and 1 coach to play at denver with us. Preferably diamond to onyx level players. Gt:nitemare twitter:nitemare_hcs Also make a millennial esports account if you want to join
  8. hit me up gt:Nitemare I'm in Chicago, so I'm not too far, but a couple hours away probably
  9. I'm diamond 2 in hcs, looking for teammates to play with at events and online tourneys and stuff. MUST be at least diamond! I'm sorry if you're platinum, I'm just not interested. I believe that we can take the next step and get to onyx as a team by watching our games in theater. If you are interested in getting to onyx as a team hit me up. Gt: Nitemare Twitter:Nitemare_HCS
  10. just checked your stats, and it says you're a silver 4. I thought you were diamond?
  11. Im in wheaton not too far from chicago
  12. what rank are you in hcs? Also no offense, but people on here aren't looking at your spartan rank to see what your skill is
  13. Still looking for teammates? Im plat 5 in hcs. HMU GT: Nitemare
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