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  1. I can't help but notice ADS does actually effect the accuracy of the AR, SMG and Pistol in the gameplay I have seen. ADS turns off Bloom for these weapons. Can't say I approve. The Pistol in particular shouldn't even have any bloom. On a separate note I think I prefer the visual design approach of the AR zoom as opposed to the putting a red dot sight on the BR ADS approach. Looks more 'Haloy' to me. Fits more with the 'Spartans use an advanced targeting system that negates the need to aim down sights' theme. Still looks very visually appealing. And I think it would work more naturally alongside mechanics like toggle zoom and descope. Weapons like the Sniper can just use the old zoom.
  2. I would love a headshot multiplier versus shields in Halo, One of a Handful of things I enjoy about destiny is the health and headshot system. The only issue I can think of might be player feedback. Destiny has damage numbers and enemy health bars. I think if you are getting the headshot multiplier, shield flares and animations should look different in some way, just so you have some idea how well you are doing in a gun fight and as such can decide whether or not to back down. I wonder what would be the specific damage numbers that would work best for this system. Minimum kill time I think could be shortened to make up for the additional aiming requirements needed to achieve a kill. 2 BR burst headshot to pop shields (6 bullets), versus 4 bursts to the body maybe? 1 full burst (3 bullets) to the head to kill an unshielded opponent, versus 3 bursts to the body. 3 shot kill total versus 7 body shots. A 2x multiplier versus shields, 3x versus no shields. Even if shield bonus damage wasn't included, an unshielded headshot multipliers would be nice. 3 BR bursts (9 bullets) to pop shields, 1 full 3 bullet burst to finish the kill. 4 shot kill. Would stop people complaining about sweep shots. Not sure I would increase Auto RRR to 45m. Raising it to 30ish same as the unzoomed BR would be fine I think.
  3. To me the Golden Triangle is just a statement that having Grenade throw, shoot and melee mapped to independent buttons is fundamental to Halo. To extrapolate, the ability to mix up your form of attack in a single engagement adds value to gameplay. I agree with this. Halo has longer engagement times than most typical shooters, what this does is give players times to make decisions and out play their opponents. Options make the engagement more interesting. Just as faster weapon swaps, strafing etc and make engagements more interesting. Though I do think people put more into the golden triangle than is actually there. I did go into this thinking, what can be added to Halo without over complicating the rule sets or mechanics? Only really one new rule has been added, 'hold LB to swap grenade'. Having only 2 slots helps keep the game simple compared to having to cycle between 4 slots for example. It will help people keep track of the grenades they are carrying. The mid air trajectories of each grenade wont vary at all in the interest of keeping it simple, trajectories will only vary once they hit something. A typical map will only have 3 grenade types in the interest of keeping things simple. Small maps might have only 2. I discounted other lasting area of effect grenades such as emps and fire bombs because I didn't think they added much value to the sandbox with the Pulse grenade being in the game. I mean there's simplicity, then there's minimalism, what I want is depth, variety and simplicity at the same time.
  4. The good thing is if people want to play a more classic experience they can, if only Frags and Plasmas are placed on the map the grenade system will work just as it always has. I would also be keen on custom options to adjust how many grenades a player can carry. So if people want to play with 4 grenades per slot they also can. It's not a change like default flinch or default Sprint, that fundamentally changes the gaming experience, it's an addition. Pulse grenades have made it in once before so who knows.
  5. Pulse Grenades would have a similar area of effect as the current Pulse grenades in Halo 4. The lasting damage area will be highly visible. It will be more of an area of denial tool. It will be destructible as well. Offensively it will take a reasonable about of precision, just like the ones in Halo 4 do. The area of effect isn't any bigger than frags. The Homing shards are just a different take on area of effect, as opposed to a blast radius you have a homing radius. The Shard grenade when thrown will behave just as any other grenade, following a parabolic path until it it hits something, then the shards will split off and to the own thing, within reason. This is not a grenade that would be capable of an instant kill. Even if you hit the player directly and every shard homes in and hits it will only do full shield damage and 1/2 health, but most of the time you wont be that accurate, if the grenades is a bit off, only some of the shards will home in. The grenade will be better than a frag versus 1 player, it can do a bit more damage, it can do damage around cover... But it would not be that great against groups of enemies since the shards will divide them selves between each player. The grenade will split into say 8 shards.
  6. Well I did say 3 grenade types per map. That way there will be no scenario where there will be pick up conflicts. And even If there were more on a map it wouldn't be any more problematic than the current weapon system.
  7. I wouldn't want the YRY thing to return again where you instant kill someone without ever revealing the Sword, but I wouldn't mind the draw time being a bit quicker. For the Slash rate, I think it should be much quicker, I think you should be able to enter a crowded room and a slash, slash, slash, slash later, Overkill. I don't thing the animation should just be uppercut > wait > uppercut > wait > uppercut, I think you should be able to combo, uppercut > back slash > cross cut > back slash > uppercut.
  8. For 'Power grenade type weapons' a visible weapon silhouette could be useful for balancing reasons. The grenades in the above example would be on a similar tier to frags or plasma grenades or somewhere in between, not so much power grenades. I consider the concussion rifle more of a lower damage rocket variant since it cant ricochet and the arc is very minimal. I did have the Idea a while back that the Fuel Rod cannon could become a sort of fuel rod mortar, heavily parabolic, instant explode at longer ranges but for the 1st 3 seconds of flight it will ricochet, exploding on the 3 second mark. So if it bounces 2 seconds after it's shot it will detonate 1 second after that. This would be a sort of power grenade weapon. But I wouldn't consider it redundant. Just as much as I don't conciser the Sword redundant because of melee. I would definitely like frags to have large physics impulses, flipping vehicle, frag jumps, nading down weapons, knocking people off maps. Makes the game so much more fun. For plasma's they can be returned to their former glory being balanced for Arena. Larger area of effect than frags. Maybe they should do more damage to shields than health like other plasma weapons, only instant killing a player if they are practically standing on the grenade or stuck. I hope they really nail down the mechanics of insta-sploding. Say if a plasma is defected mid air it will just luanch, but if it bonces of a surface then gets deflected it will launch then explode mid air.
  9. Let's talk about expanding upon the grenade sandbox for Halo 5. I definitely think this is something 343 should do, to help increase gameplay variety and longevity. Seems to me like something Halo should have done in fact a while ago. I have some ideas how I think it should be implemented. I don't think it should work as it did in Halo 3. With 4 grenade slots. No I think there should only be only 2. And I think as default there should only be allowed 2 grenades per slot. Though an option to increase that in custom games would be nice. Grenades will be picked up automatically as normal but if your slots are full and you want to pick up a different type of grenade you do so by holding down the switch grenade button. Which would be for example LB or X not the D-pad. It should be done this way to avoid interfering with weapon pickups. On screen it would look similar to dual wielding pick up indicators, grenades on the left, weapons on the right. For the grenades we could have Frags, plasma grenades, Pulse grenades... The Pulse grenade I think should primarily be a field damage grenade. Kind of like Destiny Void grenades. Field damage could be devastating vs stationary or slow moving vehicles. For the visual effect I would have it look something like this: The pulse grenade could emit 4 pulses, each pulse doing bonus damage and creating a physics impulse that could potentially flip a vehicle. (Just not as easily as a frag will). 1 upon activation, 1 at the end, 2 in between. The grenade could last 3 seconds. If a player is killed by the field they will immediately begin to disintegrate. The Grenades could also be destructible. 3 burst of a BR to the center or a frag could destroy them, but if they are destroyed they will explode with a larger explosion/ pulse depending on how many pulses were left over. Instead of snapping into a fixed position I would have the grenades sort of levitate. With a high tendency to stay still/ high friction. Potentially falling if they activate mid air. They should also activate just as easily off a person as a wall. Pulse grenade I think can become one of the coolest grenades in gaming if done right. ...Spike Grenades. With a twist. Now they are proximity activated. They'll detonate on their own in maybe 4 seconds, so they are not just throw and forget weapons, but will detonate early if a player is very close to them. Very similar to Destiny Tripmine grenades only the auto det time would be a bit quicker and they will detonated projecting spikes primarily in the direction the spike grenade is pointing. 1 shot destructible. ...Blamite. Or Shard Grenades. Based upon Needler tech. Functions like a cluster bomb but each shard can home in on nearby players sort of like a Destiny Swarm grenade. Tracks around cover and corners. Does not have the lasting area of effect like a Swam grenade. If there is no player nearby when it splits it will detonate similar to a Destiny Scatter bomb. Yes I've been playing Destiny a lot lately. I'd be happy leaving it there. 5 grenade types. Other candidates could be fire bombs and power drainer/ arc grenades but I wanted to avoid too many area of effect grenades. Flash bangs maybe. not really needed. And I was hoping to stick to sci-fi grenades. I'm open to new ideas however. As for placing grenades on the Map. I've started doing something with my forge maps where I have 4 of the same grenade in one location. And only having say 4 grenade locations on a map. 3 on Smaller maps. 2 of which are frags. I do it that way so you can predict what grenades a player might use based upon their location. And so if 2 players on the same team go to the same location for grenades they can share. 30 sec respawn timer. Could do something similar with the new grenades. 2 frag spawn locations, 1 plasma or spike and 1 Pulse or Shard location. 3 Grenade types per map. For a 4v4 map.
  10. A noticeable strafing advantage would be nice. Also they could speed up other player actions in addition to faster reloads and faster weapon swaps such as melee speed and grenade throw speed. + Faster a recovery from Sprint maybe if that mechanic returns. On the topic of new power ups, I have some ideas inspired by Destiny golden gun super for Damage boost. Overcharged weapons and their projectiles could become infused with energy creating highly visible projectile trails, but every weapon could gain an area of effect, bullets could now create small explosions on impact. Explosives like frags could do more damage, have larger blast radius's, create larger physics impulses but also they could have an overlay red explosive effect over the normal explosive effect to imply their additional power.
  11. It definitely would. I'm taking about the amount of damage you can do per magazine. Which is what matters really. It's what you have to balance for, which is the context of the discussion. The Pistol would take 6 shots to kill, the BR would take 4 bursts. So in effect the BR has a 1/3 larger ammo capacity. The Pistol would have to have an 18 mag to have the same effective ammo capacity in terms of damage and balance.
  12. It isn't, just magnetism tends to make up for it on the most part.
  13. I assume this is a question about bullet travel time versus instant hit. In which case I think I am leaning towards travel time. However I don't think projectile physics were very intuitive in Halo 3 or CE. The projectile speed kind of sits in the uncanny valley between hit scan and projectile and a lot of people can mistake it for lag. The solution I think is tracer rounds. Such as that as in Destiny. Tracer rounds I think are good from a target acquisition perspective anyway so I think its all round a good thing. 343 will have to be careful to avoid the varying lead angles based upon lag glitch, and blood shots. But I believe this can be avoided simply through the net code communication order. And they will have to optimist tracking prioritization and update intervals to maintain 1080p 60fps. A 3 burst fast projectile BR is much easier to account for than a slow projectile automatic plasma rifle so I think it should be fine.
  14. It was just an idea to help bring the Pistol up to the Par of the BR. To make up for the lesser ammo capacity. Even with a 12 mag a 6 shot pistol would in effect have 2/3rds the ammo capacity of that of the BR in terms of damage. I would be fine with an 8 mag if the pistol was a 4 shot kill. But I'm balancing it against a 4 burst BR. I don't see a 3 burst BR happening any time soon. There are plenty of other avenues we could take as apposed to a dexterity perk. The BR could become a headshot multiplier weapon for example. Taking 3 bursts to pop shields, then taking all 3 bullets in the 4th burst to headshot kill. Making the Pistol the superior heashot weapon. It would only make sense in the context of a sprint animation where you are swinging your arms. In which case a longer duration sprint would be more appropriate I think from a gameplay stand point. Seeing as it wont effect long jumps and cover distances. But honestly I'd prefer sprint not to be in the game. The only positive I see for this idea is its a perk of using the Pistol. But I think there are other better ways to improve the Pistol.
  15. 53 seconds in just before the grenade goes off you can see a throw animation. You cant tell how far the throw is because it bounces off the ceiling. I just hope it is much less than in Halo 4, and from a game design perspective I would recommend that pressing RT or Y should allow you to drop the ball normally. Seeing as ricochet is in H2A, I'm not surprised. However I am confident there will be an option to disable it.
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