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  1. Also why A.C. Royale is currently broke and had to issue an apology
  2. Why would anyone trust a gofundme for a guy who was known to donate $20k to people on the internet? It's not like he'd need the money
  3. As a mostly lurker and couple time poster, I totally agree with this. I'd even been thinking recently about taking a hiatus from here and getting my halo news from the pretty much subpar r/competitive halo. However, something had been keeping me from leaving and you just put it into words better than I ever could have. I also came in during the dark days of H4, I didn't really follow or even know about competitive Halo before then. Discovered the forums sometime during H2A, and have been lurking ever since. The amount of passion here is incredible, sure it gets negative at times, but during events it's great to follow along with the forums and see dope clips I miss on stream. I don't even mind much that 343 doesn't post here, I think it's more than cool enough that a decent amount of pros post here. To conclude, I think I'll be sticking around for a while. P.S. Recently changed my GT, new one is "Get Deleted Nrd" Hmu I'm a solid gold 6 in the HCS playlist
  4. I actually have 3 work friends that play Halo Wars 2 all the time but hate H5 with a passion...I just don't get people.
  5. I liked Lifestyle's montage, but I think Commonlys that released a while ago might be the best montage I've ever seen production-wise. Snipetality is a god-tier montage maker.
  6. How does towey have the final decision? That makes zero sense, the teammates should decide who stays and who goes
  7. Yes but what I'm getting at is that ninja only says it to relatively new pros, it's like he assumes they got this good at the game without knowing how to be good at the game if that makes sense. Just seems unnecessary, or at least it could be worded better i.e. "slow down" or "reset"
  8. I'd be curious to know when the callout "don't die here/now" actually does something beneficial. Seems like ninja says it all the time to the newer pros (saiyan and trippey) and I just can't imagine a scenario where that information would be helpful.
  9. Does anyone actually know who optic 9 inch is? Or is it just a running joke I'm not getting Edit: team dormer
  10. What if we all just pressured ESL to drop Halo instead of the other way around?
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