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  1. Hey guys, it's been a really long time since I posted here but I wanted to drop in to hype up Reflex. After Halo 5 launched I kinda dropped off the grid on all things Halo and really started focusing on PC gaming. I ended up landing on Reflex last December and have been playing it almost every day since then. Since the game is launching today I want to encourage everyone to try it! Reflex is a pretty ridiculous game. Really, really fun... but almost too much for a lot of people. Quite frankly a lot of my friends have told me it's too hard, but I figured that wouldn't discourage anyone here. The skill cap is to the moon, and coupled with the best netcode of any shooter currently available, there is no room for error. It's a brutally revealing experience .Good players roflstomp the living shit out of worse players...but the grind is worth it, and improvement happens fast and is satisfying. The movement system is a highlight. Gameplay is fast because the movement system is so fluid, and 100% skill based. As in, better players will constantly move faster than worse players. A combination of mouse movement and keyboard presses controls strafe jumping, bunny hopping, etc. which accelerates you. This combines with different types of jumps for crazy but challenging freedom of movement. I compare it as a muscle memory skill similar to spray control in Counterstrike. As far as features go - at launch it's got pretty much everything you'd expect...ranked + social matchmaking, competitive season play, replay editor, live spectating, LAN support, endless config and UI customization, map editor, bots, and plenty more. This game is what I was always trying to get out of Halo. They are very different but fundamentally share a lot of traits. Your map awareness and positioning skills will transfer. Learning the movement and weapon effectiveness is a blast. It's essentially Halo on a cocaine milkshake. Fast as hell. Hope you guys will check it out! If anyone needs help learning the ropes feel free to add me on Steam, I'm in the Beyond steam group.
  2. I'm heartbroken by this news. CrazedSpartan is an incredibly friendly, outstanding member of the Halo community, and a great man. Absolutely did not deserve this. He is a dedicated forger and some kind of memorial to his children immortalized on a Halo map I know would mean the world to him. Please consider donating whatever you can to help him and his wife.
  3. It's been a year since I was legitimately excited about something with Halo. This is cool.
  4. I like the initiative Cujjer. Honestly Halo is way on the backburner for me these days. I just don't have the time or resources to organize anything myself. If someone else wants to put in the work, I'm up for lanning H1, 2 or 3 - any weekend barring next week and a week early in July. If a date is set, you can count me in.
  5. There's a different competitive event with huge teams going on every single day in this game. I love it.
  6. http://steamcommunity.com/id/delementary Hit me with a group invite! I play most nights NA time, currently Gold Nova 2. Working on improving fast.
  7. Nailed it. Sadly, just a pro's status alone brings in massive viewership. If more effort was put in to collaborate with actual personalities, we'd see some awesome shit. Not sure if it's ignorance, laziness, or just big egos that have made this impossible.
  8. But they are both very different. Removing/reducing shields drastically changes the pace and style of gamplay. It adds variety, but I would rather watch (and play) core Halo.
  9. To me, adding breakout to as competitive variant is like adding SWAT...not what people want to watch. It's a niche experience that appeals to CoD players and casual Halo players, but that doesn't necessarily mean it will be enjoyable at a pro level. Sure it has a skill gap, but not in the same way traditional Halo does. I'd much rather see a gametype introduced that's aligned with traditional bomb/SnD but with core Halo gameplay.
  10. Regarding this, Halo has always been a team oriented game, but that doesn't mean it should be exclusively team oriented. From both a player and a spectator point of view, a game with no room for the spectacle of an individual dominating is incredibly dull. A focus on team shotting and positing is great, but making it impossible to stand out with exceptional strafing, aim, etc. is frustrating to say the least. Use Spartan Abilites like thruster to empower individual skill (I've given feedback several times on ways to do this), and keep the weapon damage and TTK focused around teamwork. That seems like the best direction to me. -- Jumping is very fast and spontaneous on during ascent, which is countered by a slow and predictable fall. To mimick this risk/reward system of movement burst with thruster, consider a momentum & velocity based system. Thrusting in the direction of movement results in a shorter, relatively slower burst, but maintains overall momentum. Thrusting in the opposite direction results in a fast, long burst, but results in a total loss of momentum (mimicking the negatives of falling and landing a jump for greater unpredictability). Thrusting any other direction could have results somewhere between these two extremes, depending on the angle from the original velocity (speed & direction).
  11. @@Sal1ent A bit behind this discussion regarding shooting while thrusting, but I wanted to address your comment that it was "intentionally balanced to use in combat". Disabling a player from shooting during any movement oriented action isn't balance, it's just a limitation. Thrusting doesn't make a weapon stronger, it only enables a more spatially intelligent player to win a 1v1 fight in the same way that fast strafing does. It creates a stronger player through skill of application in conjunction with other in game elements, not some arbitrary number in the game- (balance vs. limitation) Using thruster is just as spontaneous as jumping, which is another form of spontaneous acceleration that has famously created skill gaps in individual play in Halo. Adding an additional dynamic to movement without sacrificing (but rather enhancing) the way Halo has always played is a perfect example of your team's philosophy applied correctly. With a more utilitarian, offensively oriented thruster pack, you are creating an even greater skill gap, without taking away the core experience. Players like to be in control, to be offensive, and to play a fast paced game. Its a small change that will make a big impact to the flow of Halo 5 at every skill level. THAT is all we can ask for. Please consider it.
  12. Thanks Alex, appreciate the incentive to help Halo streamers. It's not an easy game to pull in viewers. I'll post mine for anyone interested. I try to keep things interesting, streaming MCC and the new arena shooter Toxikk. You gotta do something to stand out.
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