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  1. 2 hours ago, ShmaltzyLatkes said:

    CoD can probably get around this because teams in social are far larger, but it would be really hard to introduce a "balance the teams, not the search" type of system in Halo outside of BTB. No one wants to search with friends just to have the game split your party onto separate teams to balance the lobby.

    Not what I'm advocating for, I'm saying MM should balance the teams. MCC did stupid shit like splitting parties for a while it was infuriating

  2. Tie unlocks ranked wins instead of a numerical rank, maybe they could give additional XP payout for playing higher-ranked lobbies (because it is harder work afterall). I used to love the H3 system where you had to get a highest skill to get Brig/General, but that was before I realized how broken the H3 ranking system was and how rampant boosting turned out to be.

    I'm glad we're moving past the days of Reach/4/5 where playing ranked was literally a detriment to unlocking shit as farming social or stupid shit like SWAT and Grifball gave more XP, but we don't have to go all out with the ranked requirements and make people put in endless hours into ranked playlist with shit settings to get a skin.

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  3. 6 hours ago, RC_5213 said:

    I've got a lot of CoD playtime. 5th prestige in CoD4, BO1 and BO2, didn't put as much time into MW2/3/Ghosts, but still played them a good deal.

    Prior to AW, you got pretty random experiences. Some lobbies, you slapped. Some lobbies, you got slapped. Some lobbies were sweaty as fuck. The randomness was a benefit, not a problem. You could stay or go at your leisure. That guy on the other team's talking shit? Stay in the lobby and kick his ass again next game. 

    Now, I can't play with certain friends because it pulls in people I can go toe-to-toe with but whom obliterate my friends. I've got a single friend, out of double digit IRL friends who play MW, who is over 1.00. I'll never get my friends to try to match that 47 game HQ win streak we put together in BO1, because that means playing clones of me every game, and they don't find getting lasered cross map constantly fun.

    Also, unrelenting aggression is the optimal CoD strategy for sure. I do not understand why everyone claims MW is built for camping, because the combination of tac sprint, dead silence and an ADS optimized weapon is lethal as fuck, especially with peaker's advantage in your favor.


    Man I remember teaming up with some decent dudes in CoD4 and never losing a single game of HQ, similarly in MW2 or BO1. I dont know when it happened, because I skipped some games but by AW there was definitely something going on with SBMM (or maybe everyone just became a god in the meantime?). BO3 was even worse in that regard, could legit not play it with IRL friends.

    To me it just doesnt make sense to design a game with inherently random and casual elements such as killstreaks, mines, wallhacks etc. but then slap on tight SBMM on top to force some kind of balance. It just creates a really frustrating experience, because as Multi says, the game just doesnt play well at a high level unless you take out the majorty of elements in the sandbox (the same is true for modern Halos, no surprise there). This clash between game settings and matchmaking parameters is the source of people's frustrations, not SBMM itself.

    Also to repeat what I posted previously: I think wide gaps between players are completely fine in unranked playlists, MM should just try to balance the teams against each other. In ranked you don't want a bunch of 45s and 10s in the same lobby, but in social that is completely fine as long as the teams aren't stacked.

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  4. 9 hours ago, Hemlax said:

    They tested it for HCS but removed it because projectiles collided with textures I think.

    Didn't really got to use it in matchmaking either. Too late too little.

    In true 343 fashion they also made it insanely forgiving. It has a larger 1hk radius that the rockets if I remember correctly. 

  5. On 11/19/2020 at 9:27 PM, Snipe Three said:

    I see what you're saying. I wouldn't really know anything about that kind of smurfing. I just make new accounts to play on if the one I'm using stops being able to find matches. I think the kind you're talking about/that they ban for would be the guys that go in and intentionally lose until they're way down in the brackets just to stomp people that can't move and shoot at the same time

    Yeah deranking is how people get banned. Making new accounts doesnt really work either though, because the system can tell after just a few games how good a player really is and matches them accordingly.


    My honest fix for MCC wouldn't be very popular here but I would just use the Halo 3 1-50. It would work because it put a bit of a cap on the highest visual rank so that you basically were leashed and couldn't get an mmr/level so high that you could just stop matching against competent but maybe not the highest rank players in the game but it was also rather quick to level up in. Usually you'd get to play a game where everyone had a 50 in the MLG playlist back then but if it just wasn't working out they could throw you people in the 40s as well. What happens now is that it takes so long to level up on MCC that once you start getting close to or past 40 you're basically done searching on that account outside of peak hours

    This would honestly be great. I love H2 ranks, but with MCCs population, and the frequent resets and new playlists it just doesnt make sense to have such a grindy system in place.

  6. 11 hours ago, _Synapse said:

    342 are either utterly incapable of innovating, or too scared to do so. 

    There's been 5 legitimate changes they've made that have been genuine improvements, over their 10 year period with Halo. 

    • H5 Forge

    • A Customs Browser 

    • Match Composer

    • 60FPS

    • Regional Server Selection

    That's literally it, not even counting the other tens of features that they've regressed on (like H5's literal-shit tier server-side theater). 

    Even disregarding gameplay, there's 50 features I can think off the top of my head that would be awesome QoL features for a Halo game to have. 



    • A jukebox for matchmaking queues where players can listen to whatever soundtracks are available while waiting for games. 

    • XP Win/Loss multipliers.

    • Party matching search parameters.

    • A community hub page that functions as the spiritual successor to file share. Screenshots, montages, maps, clips, ranked ladders & leaderboards, gamemodes, etc. 

    • Theater mode with features from newer CODs, more like an interactive photo/video mode. 

    • Multiplayer AI bots. 

    • Team forfeit. 

    • Armor customization with more customizable pieces, more armor sets available, an RGBA color selection tool, a wear & tear bar, etc. 

    • HUD Customization. 

    • Reticle Customization. 

    • Added tools in "advanced" custom options to customize the features of each individual weapon: projectile type, projectile speed, projectile damage, melee damage, melee animation time + cooldown scaling, reload animation time + cooldown scaling, magnetism, accuracy curve, effects on player/surroundings, etc. 

    • 60 second pregame and postgame lobbies that show each player's skill levels, XP, performance, spartan models, etc. 

    • Performance that also weights time spent on power positions, power items picked up, damage done, etc. in addition to a win/loss. 

    • 2v2/FFA/3v3/etc. modes on maps having different item sets to suit the gamemode better. 


    I thought of this stuff in like 50 seconds. It's why I cringe whenever people say that "Halo needs to evolve", it's done nothing but devolve gameplay-wise since 2001 and feature-wise since 2010. 

    And the worst thing is that all of these suggestions have been around for at solid decade and have been ignored time and time again. Instead we got kill streaks, grappling hooks, ADS and sprint. 

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  7. 42 minutes ago, Snipe Three said:

    What making smurfs? Yeah I did it all the time lol. I thought about making a youtube series about how easy it was to get placed into plat instead of diamond or onyx earlier on and how you could proceed to drop +20-40 every game for dozens of games in a row to get out of it and the game just never seemed to realize what was happening. The problem was that during placement it didn't matter how well you played individually even though they pretended like it did or at least it didn't matter enough. You could be 80% of your teams slaying but lose the CTF because you couldn't literally get an overkill on every spawn to stop the flag running p1 as your teammates controlled your bubble as if they didn't know this was CTF. It was very weird I had accounts that were champion at the same time I had some smurfs getting tossed into plat after placement just off of getting some teams that really made no sense. It would make sense if I afked or intentionally played poorly or something but I pretty much always play relatively the same even if I'm not taking it as seriously or talking with someone else. The secret bad thing about the H5 system is that your rank actually just didn't represent your skill very well and instead it was far more accurate in displaying time investment and/or how many people you searched with in a party

    No, smurf detection works lol. It came waaaay too late (in 2018 I think) but it actually did a decent job, to the degree where people who shared Xboxes with their little cousins got banned for smurfing pretty regularly.

  8. 3 hours ago, Snipe Three said:

    There is no fixing smurfs in Halo as we know it. You either allow that to happen so that people with ranks can actually find games whenever they want to play by getting on their other account or you open up the skill matching so much that games are trash anyways. The end result is the same. Good players playing against people worse than them. There is no clever solution when the actual problem is that almost nobody is playing the game and the only viable solution is diluting skill based matching in the playlist so that you can find people to play with.

    It works in H5. 

  9. 1 hour ago, _Synapse said:

    SBMM in theory is something else entirely from what it is in practice

    In theory, it's 8 evenly skilled players in a 4v4. 

    In practice, if you're lucky it's 4 pairs of evenly skiled players (as in, each pair is equally skilled) playing on subpar connections and getting incredibly tilted by losing because the bots on each respective team can't aim and shoot simultaneously. 

    I dont really mind a larg skill gap within teams, as long as both teams are somewhat balanced. Most OG H3 socials games I remember had 2 sweats and 3-6 bots on each team depending on gamemode. Now it's usually 1-2 competent players and a bunch bots versus '08 Str8 rippin on the other team. IMO the problem with SBMM in recent games is that it flat out doesn't do a good job at balancing teams and doesn't even attempt to compensate the massive advantage of to4s.

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  10. 1 hour ago, Apoll0 said:

    Is this an unpopular opinion or are people just so sick of tight SBMM in social that they rip all the nuance out of the argument?

    SBMM should exist in social but only as so far to protect the bottom 20%ish of players from the top 20%ish of players. Otherwise it should be totally open. 0-80% of skill can match each other and the 20-100% can match each other. No other kind of prioritization or filtering beyond that.

    Or an alternative where you are basically assigned a slider where you can match say +/- 30 or 40% of your skill level.  So if skill goes to 100 and you're a 20, you can match people up to 60.  Still a pretty wide gap that will give you a random assortment of game experiences, but shouldn't risk you going 3-65 in your first 3 games then saying "Fuck this" and never coming back.

    You could also add a modifier to widen it further the more you play.  If you have played 1000 games of social the last 3 months, you're not going anywhere so open that shit up 100%.

    These percentages only make sense if you know the actual skill gap of the game. 

    Sure if we get another "everyone is a winner" Halo then this works, but if the game is as punishing as CE then 0-20% will get obliterated by the 20-40% tier. 

  11. 4 hours ago, _Synapse said:

    If we don't get any substantial Infinite news (at least 20 minutes of multiplayer gameplay, a 1-2 map showcase, the forge they've been hyling up) within the next 2 months then this game is 100% not releasing before next September

    Pretty sure this is already comfirmed. Maybe a beta in spring, but that's a huge maybe. If the game was launching in spring they would've just rushed out the half-finished thing right about now and then slowly patched it over the course of the next months.

    Don't forget that this is the company that launched MCC PC without forge, theater and file share, which came 8 months after launch if I remember correctly. Also H5 of course.

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  12. 12 hours ago, ShmaltzyLatkes said:

    Do you think there is some hope for greater mod support with Infinite, given it is launching as a native to PC game?

    Very unlikely. What triple AAA FPS of the last decade that promised decent modding actually had it?

    And btw the modding community is just as braindead as the rest of the Halo community (big suprise) and the only mods that really get attention are getting Scarabs and Frigates into MP. Any sort of rebalance mod or unique idea gets 5 downloads. So don't expect them to ask for useful tools like map creators or tweaking weapons/powerups, as long as they have their shiny toys they're happy.

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  13. 1 hour ago, _Synapse said:

    Halo in general is too far gone. The majority of the remnants of the fanbase are social slayer monkeys who think everyone not liking their sprint-thrust-clamber-shit-into-a-urinal-hemmorhoid-chewing is some mouth frothing Bungietard. 

    342 wants to market the game to the ADHD crowd, they couldn't give less of a fuck about making a good Halo game. Infinite should bomb as hard as possible if it wants to listen to these morons, fuck brand attachment. 

    Halo is dead. 

    I'm honestly so tired of even thinking about Halo anymore. The vast majority of people don't and will never what made the game good and the developers are just completely incompetent and so far out of touch with the fanbase. We're still arguing about bloom and sprint ten years later instead of talking and designing ways to finally get the first Halo game with a non-******** sandbox since 2004.

    If at least they could've given us proper mod support for MCC like they promised we could've had some promod tournaments or something, but of course they half-assed that as well and every big MCC patch kills previous mods so they have to be redone. Nice.

    What's the status of the fan-made Halo games like installation 01 and project contigency? I assume MCC PC killed all of those as well.

    And I agree with you, I really hope Infinite blows up in their faces and is even more of a disaster than MCC and H5 so maybe finally Microsoft can get their head out of their ass and clean house over at 343.

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  14. 3 hours ago, Mr Grim said:

    Eternal probably dropped off more because it has no real multiplayer mode like 16 did.

    This is why I didn't buy the game at all. 2016's MP had issues, but it was still a fun game (better than every Halo on the last ten years outside of customs). To completely scratch PvP multiplayer instead of admitting some design choices were bad ideas and rolling back on those is such a 343-level move.

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  15. 1 hour ago, Avenger said:

    I can't tell if i'm just worse at this game now or if the only people left playing Halo nowadays are the crazy try hards. Even social games feel super sweaty now lmao. There are some games where I still drop 20+ kills per game but not as often as I used to in Halo 3 social slayer. 

    Dude even in Insider the lobbies are sweaty as fuck. H4 FFA on Adrift and people are wearing gunnars and chugging Dr. Pepper I swear.

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  16. 4 hours ago, Edain said:

    Did monster and all the other "sponsors" forget to turn off the auto-scheduled marketing posts for Infinite? They are aware that the game has been delayed indefinitely right? It feels so strange to get hype posts like that or the guy that got his FREE 5$ skin posted earlier when the game could be 12+ months away lmao. Blunder after blunder.

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  17. 4 hours ago, _Synapse said:

    MCC is the worst thing (yet) to have happened to Halo. 

    I'm not so sure about that. I think Reach really set a bunch of shit precedents that we're still recovering from (sprint, the concept of "abilities", the pretty much complete removal of ranked play and party restrictions, the shitty CoD-like XP system, absolute dogshit map design).

    I doubt H4 and h5 would have been the dumpster fires they are if they were actual sequels to Halo 3 instead of Reach. Sure 343 would've chased trends because they're unorignal clowns, but at least the initial starting point would've have been so god awful. And I dont even like Halo 3 from a design standpoint, but at least the game was fun, which cannot be said for the unholy trinity of Reach, H4 and H5. Fuck Bungie for sending off Halo on such a low note.

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  18. 6 hours ago, Warlord Wossman said:

    Afaik IcePrincess was one of the people really pushing the logically flawed fairness idea and only having static timers (better yet no items at all because it would be unfair if one team had a powerweapon and the other wouldn't am I right?) and I think she only wanted a single symmetrical map - so yeah no idea what your comment was trying to tell me.

    I think he meant it the other way around that's at least how I interpreted it. Ice = the halo players that think Halo should only be your starting gun because pickups are "broken", and not  actually "you" = iceprincess.

  19. 1 hour ago, Snipe Three said:

    I find it really hard to believe people spent an average of $300 on REQs for every Halo title ever bought if I'm reading your stats right. Whales are one thing but an average of 300 per copy of Halo 5 already seems crazy but your stats are for every Halo game released not just H5. For more perspective the entire game industry for 2020 is something like 159 billion globally. Those numbers aren't just unbelievable 

    Right this is basically impossible. 3.6 billion times five is 18 billion and Halo 5 allegedly sold around 5 million copies, that would mean the average player spent 3600$ on REQ packs. Even if it sold 10 million (lol) that would mean 1800$ per player on average. Sure, whales and kids with papas credit card are stupid but not THAT stupid. Also considering Warzone Assault was completely dead a year after the game came out, I personally never found a game of WZ without using expanded, and the estimated player base being below 20k for most of the game's lifespan, this just doesn't make any sense. Why would people pay that much for p2w packs yet never play online?

    This also doesn't even factor in that historically 50% of the people who bought a Halo game never even once touched multiplayer. "Rare" achievement stats also confirm this, most of the multiplayer achievements will put you in the top 5% to 0.1% of the population depending on difficulty. So you can basically remove 2.5 million of those H5 sales and say the average MP player bought 7200$ worth of REQs which I'm pretty sure would instantly unlock everything in the game.

    I dont doubt REQs are a cash cow, but these numbers are off by at least an order of magnitude lmao.

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