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  1. Note: only talking MP and overall experience with the games. Campaign would probably go CE > H3 > H2 > ODST > Reach (gets better if you mod out bloom and sprint) > H4 > H5.

    1. Halo CE - Best game in the franchise by a long shot. The only Halo with a properly balanced sandbox. Fast TTK, mostly good maps, fast timers. This game is a blast no matter if you're playing sweaty 2s or social 4v4. Only downsides I see is 1) movement is really unfun compared to the sequels and 2) BTB is the weakest in the series.
    2. ZBNS Reach - MLG v7 is damn good even with some questionable decisions in terms of settings and maps, fuck whoever made those decisions back then. I'm also including Gold Pro in here, the original 4sk settings and the mod. A utility that shoots straight, good movement, good sandbox, decent collection of maps. Shame it never took off population wise because this is the best Halo out there considering MCC CE is mostly a joke and the other games below suck compared to this.
    3. Halo 3 - I don't like this game from a design standpoint. But it was a blast to play back in the day, introduced me to competitive gaming, made tons of friends in this. Best progression system of any video game I've played. Best art style. Sniping in this game is so satisfying. Good maps with some downers. BTB in this is great, although vehicle balance is wack. Equipment and BR spread can suck it. Objectively speaking this is probably the worse game than H2 (aside from lower AA), but I'll admit I'm biased just because of the community surrounding it and all the content created from it.
    4. Halo 2 - I actually think this game is pretty overrated, but that's probably because I missed out on playing it in its prime. The BR is awesome and the game has a great map pool for 4s, movement is super fun in this game. The sandbox overall is too easy and insanely imbalanced though, and I 100% blame this game for sending Halo down the path of playing with radar, slow TTK, burst fire utility, auto starts, dumbass weapon sandboxes, high aim assist and shallow map design.
    5. Halo 5 - This game made a few steps in the right direction but overall was another bland and pathetic attempt at chasing trends. It really didn't age well considering the mobility fad has already died years ago. WTF were they thinking putting ADS into Halo, and why can't I aim my gun without getting motion sickness? How did this game become objectively worse from the beta to the final? Warzone is an abomination and so is Breakout. Pistol duels are fun but the sandbox overall is complete shit, holy fuck the sniper in this game is a joke. The game is just insanely frustrating to play in any scenario, and I hate the HCS kids that it created. At least there aren't people out there pretending that H4 and vanilla Reach and competitive masterpieces, but people to this day defend H5 and I just dont get it.
    6. Halo 4 - I won't lie and say I disable H4 in MCC match composer when I just want to chill in social. The game is tolerable when shooting bad kids or running around in BTB, but quickly falls apart in any other scenario. Overall it's probably the worst overall Halo not just from a design standpoint but it also lacks polish and looks really amateurish. And man the art style is repulsive, you can't see shit on half the maps.
    7. Vanilla Reach - I cant help but put this below H4 and that is for two reasons: 1) Bloom and 2) the more offensive AAs like armor lock, jetpack and the OP sprint. The maps are also awful, but the bar in H4/5/Reach is so low that this isn't really a negative point down here. It's crazy how much better this game would play if you just disabled AAs and bloom across the board.

    First impressions from Infinite put it around H5, depends how much shit they throw into the MP this time around. Given that it has sprint and the sandbox looks wack already there's no way it will score above place 5 on this list.

  2. 5 hours ago, Boyo said:

    Aren’t there more interesting ways of enhancing vitality than stacking the same basic power up?  


    Shield Collar - absorbs one precision headshot while shieldless 

    Gravity Vest - damage from bodyshots/explosions is reduced by half 

    Exaltation - nearby teammates gain 125% damage resistance 


    I'm actually kinda digging the first two. Would make for more interesting pickups, especially if they can be stacked and combined with OS even. If there was a good way to portray this on the characters/armor I'd be all for them. Exaltation seems like it would just lead to even more hand-holding. In something like CE it could maybe work, but in H2-5 this sounds pretty cancerous.


    Regarding vampirism, @MultiLockOntalked about a power up that puts a decay on your normal shield layer, forcing the player to deal damage to merely survive while simultaneously allowing him to vampire into OS layers.  This would be more interesting than a basic vampirism power up. 

    That sounds cool for an action sack gametype (didnt' COD Ghosts have something like that?), but I don't see the point in giving a powerup an inherent disadvantage. Also sounds like people would just run and hide from the vampire if they could play the clock and wait for him to kill himself. I meant it would have to be tested, maybe this is a sick idea, but on paper it doesn't convince me.


    I’m not inherently opposed to a generic vampirism power up but I would prefer to implement vampirism through specific items so that I have more control over the parameters, namely the range at which they can be used.  Notice how both vampirism items are only effective at close range?  The user can’t maintain an OS by popping off long range pot shots. 

    Uh why not? If the primary does decent damage they could get an OS from typical long range battles like base-base on middy or cross map on Hang Em.


    Light Blade - melee an enemy to begin your shield recharge

    This is way too niche to be useful as a powerup or pickup. Sounds like a H5 warzone attachment.


    Conduit - This device is categorized as a grenade type but it is not thrown like a typical grenade.  Almost like a single-use dual-wield weapon, the player model’s left hand fires a short range continuous beam for 0.9s, vampiring 1 shield layer per second from a contacted player.  After use, the spent device is automatically dropped, like an empty soda can.  

    Good idea, this reminds me of the Syphon Grenade in DOOM 2016. 0.9s sounds pretty long though.

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  3. On 12/27/2020 at 7:27 AM, _Synapse said:

    Post how you'd redesign powerups or any new powerups you'd make.

    First, I would make all powerups last 45s (for OS this is decay time) with a 60s static timer.

    Speed boost by itself is pretty useless outside of maybe CTF and Assault. I'd rather have something like Haste:

    • +40% higher rate of fire
    • +20% enhanced movement speed and acceleration
    • +40% faster weapon switching, equipment usage, reloading + melee attacks
    • +20% shield recharge rate

    Then I'd love to see a vampirism powerup:


    Charge Time: Instant.

    Duration: 45s.

    Spawn Time: 60s static.

    Traits: 50% of the damage the user inflicts on enemies is returned instantly to user as health or energy shields respectively. Player can supercharge their shields up to a full overshield.

    I also thinking turning the Sword into a powerup would be sick:



    Charge Time: Instant.

    Duration: 45s.

    Spawn Time: 60s static.

    Traits: Allow the player to kill enemies in one single melee hit. The player can still use the active weapon, but melee is replaced by a 3.5-meter dash in any direction (like the Genji ult in Overwatch). Give them glowing hands, claws like wolverine or something like an energy bayonet to showcase this.

    Then like Sitri said, stackable single layer OS would make a good addition as well. Damage boost would be great if it didn't break the sandbox.

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  4. 2 hours ago, Sitri said:

    You get 5 unlocks per category(PVP, campaign) per week. The past 2 seasons have only been 50 unlocks as well. Not counting seasonal challenges, there's plenty of chance to unlock shit.

    I have everything from seasons, and a bit over 30 points left over. Of course, this can be a problem if you're not doing weeklies.

    Right, but it's still stupid to completely prevent people from earning tokens outside of certain time windows, especially with a season model that continuously adds new content. Making things time-gated and requiring people to play every week, but still limit amount you earn before you stop earning tokens is just stupid. What's wrong with people wanting to grind? Even in dumbass Reach you could unlock everything by just playing your favorite gamemode for an extended amount of time, plus it had commendations to earn XP. Daily/weekly challenges should give a bonus, not be the only way to earn tokens.

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  5. 4 minutes ago, OG Nick said:

    Wait they made it impossible to get every skin on one account? The rank locked skins are whatever, I prefer having some that way but the shit in their "seasons" eventually becomes impossible to get on one account?


    This company man. They had such a good idea with this season and fuck it up.

    You don't get any unlock tokens for ranking up past 100. So any XP past level 100 is completely worthless. The only way to get tokens past that is to do the weekly/seasonal challenges. But even if you complete all of those I'm pretty sure you're not getting enough tokens to unlock everything in a season, and keep in mind these challenges are a huge time sink, so the average dude playing a couple hours a week can unlock maybe 10 items a season. #343 strikes again.

  6. 20 hours ago, Basu said:

    Isn't it amazing that with 343's ingenious unlock system you're forced to play dogshit like spartan ops and farm promethean kills instead of just grinding MP to unlock stuff like literally every other FPS game in existence? Not like the skins are impressive, but it's mindblowing how out of touch with their fanbase they still are.

    I found the solution btw. Make a new smurf for every game and level that to 100. Then you can unlock whatever you need for a single game. I spent too many unlock tokens on Reach so the only way to every get the CE and H3 skins was to make a new account and get them on there.

  7. On 12/23/2020 at 7:19 AM, FireAtWill said:

    Those numbers were interesting. Seems big but 19 million hours in MP in a year is very low. Original Halo Reach had 263 million games played every month and that must be around 800 million hours in a year. So 42 times more than MCC. 

    I was waiting for someone to do the comparison to Reach and H3 numbers. Funny how none of these stats exist for H4 and 5 tho 🤔

  8. Isn't it amazing that with 343's ingenious unlock system you're forced to play dogshit like spartan ops and farm promethean kills instead of just grinding MP to unlock stuff like literally every other FPS game in existence? Not like the skins are impressive, but it's mindblowing how out of touch with their fanbase they still are.

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  9. 3 hours ago, Boyo said:

    No scoping gives the sniper rifle properties of the shotgun.  Overlap!


    Some people do actually say that, but it's not really a good point. I thought with Halo on PC this would come up again and mouse gods would be noscoping left and right , but apparently no one uses MKB.



    Allowing the shotgun to give more than a friendly wave hello to an opponent outside of arm’s reach isn’t diluting weapon roles.  It’s correcting the design of a power weapon in a game where the player can only hold two weapons.  If players can’t move around confidently with a power weapon then all you’ve done is create a corner camper by designing a weapon that is by far most effective when used in such a manner.  

    A shotgun that simultaneously fires a spread of lethal close-range pellets as well as an accurate long-range slug with each trigger pull removes the ball and chain shackling the user to ambush locations only.  

    Magnum (utility weapon) - [email protected] (0.3s fire delay) 

    Shotgun (center slug) - [email protected] (0.45s fire delay) 


    Sure, but there's still a huge gap between extending the shotgun's range with a tighter spread and turning it into a no spread 3sk with headshot bonus.

    Basically what Synapse above said. Tighter spread, longer damage fallof. Give it a slow bullet velocity so you have to lead (scattershot is actually cool in this regard).

  10. 7 minutes ago, Apoll0 said:

    No.  Dual wielding is just terrible, lets not even try to bring it back.  Both those shotguns were total BS in that game.

    The SPAS12 was okay in context of everything being insanely OP. It's just that the netcode was stupid af and you regularly die around corners or before even seeing the dude that made such a 1hk weapon a joke.

  11. Ok what if:

    Smaller reticle and spread, increased range

    Need to hit all pellets for 1hk

    Make it covenant and function like the beam rifle where fast consecutive shots make it overheat. If you miss the first shot you have to time the next one correctly or you get punished by a long overheat animation. 

  12. 11 hours ago, S0UL FLAME said:

    The Plasma Pistol did. So did the Plasma Launcher

    Good points. The beta Plasma Launcher could be a decent starting point. With a decent player movement speed and charge+lock-on times fine-tuned against the utility this might make for a good weapon. 

    4 hours ago, _Synapse said:

    " projectiles, but it deals a lot of damage and imparts a hell of a lot of kinetic energy to vehicles. The missiles can be remotely aimed after firing, following the user's reticle and dealing damage similarly to how the bullet fire does.  

    I've actually had a very similar idea. Basically a micro-missile launcher that works like TF2s salvo core. You can shoot up the missiles and then use the wire-guided aim to let them rain down on your opponents. 

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  13. 25 minutes ago, _Synapse said:

    I could very well be wrong but that's the only tangible thing we really have to go off at this point. I do think that the strafe will be good, at least because we got to see how it looked in a first-person gunfight. I'm not sure which H4 reveal vid you're talking about, could you link it? Maybe that was first person too and I'm in for an unpleasant surprise.

    If I am correct in my observation, then slightly raised movement speed + proportionally tweaked acceleration might make for the best strafe we've seen in mainstage Halo. 

    At this point, we have to push HARD for a projectile utility. If we received this level of strafe, a projectile 4SK utility with a TTK between 1-1.2 seconds, and ESports Engine settings that aren't shit - we could have a decent H2-styled game on our hands. 

    Sprintfinite is gonna be what it's gonna be, and I ultimately have to come to terms with it or move away from this franchise as a whole. This really is the make-or-break game, no one's going to wait 10 years for the next game to redeem the franchise. 

    It was the very first H4 MP reveal with spartans walking around on Haven (it was called Wraparound or something like that).

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  14. 5 hours ago, Shekkles said:

    So with the bar set to "this game will be garbage and not Halo" I actually find myself feeling much better than when Halo 5 was launching and I was so tense about if it was good or not. 

    Was there ever a H5 hype train? The game came out right after MCC, it was a sequel to H4, a year before launch it was already known that it had sprint, 5 more abilities stolen right out of Advanced Warfare and ADS on top. The game looked like absolute trash from day one. 

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  15. 5 hours ago, RatherSilentMr said:

    Well its a good thing they made it easy to rapidly deploy new skins... wait I mean weapon tuning patches this time around.....

    For every game so far they said they made it easier to deploy fast balance patches, but it seems its taking longer and longer. Infinite will get its first patch two years after launch probably.

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