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  1. 1 hour ago, Hxrshly said:

    I've noticed this sentiment a lot recently amongst even competitive players. They always throw out vague phrases about "being modern" and "attracting young people" and they attach all of these concepts to the sprint mechanic. The arguments against it are the same as they have been for years and remain, for the most part unrefuted, but now I see more and more on twitter and elsewhere this almost scoffing attitude to people who are against it. I feel like this community has just turned into a massive social experiment in the study of Stockholm Syndrome.

    Microsoft throwing money at HCS and the relentless marketing of the Spartan Gimmicks as "advanced movement" has lead people to believe that these abilities are "competitive" and Halo would be "slow and dated" without them. Neither statement has any kind of evidence behind it and all it takes is a simple "what exactly is advanced about my gun pointing at the floor for half the match?" to shut them up. Since they're out of arguments, they call you a boomer or nostalgiafag. It's similar to the AR kids saying "git gud and learn to control the map".

    The good thing is though: These people will eat whatever shit 343 throws at them. If Infinite turns out to be classic (lol) these people will be the first to talk about how good of a decision it was to go back to proper Halo, I guarantee it.

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  2. How is it bad idea to stomp AR kids and show them beyond a reasonable doubt that AR starts are a god-awful idea? These people are never going to listen to solid arguments no matter how hard you try so maybe getting steaked and spawntrapped every once in a while will show them.

    The only problem is that playing the AR playlists sends 343 the message that this is something people actually wanted. Which is obviously not the case because we spent more time in MM than in games yesterday when playing BTB ARs. Also you can play as a Dino in BTB KOTH which is amusing.

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  3. 1 hour ago, -DeucEy- said:

    I was a bit bored this morning before going to work, so I decided to hop on Halowaypoint for a little while and just see what's up with the forums and I can't believe 15 years later we're still having this discussion. (Not going to link it because rules and whatnot but) The "DMR Start" Problem thread is hilarious. Reading back and watching people like @Stoppabl3  @arglactable and @Basu try to argue this logic through the sea of casuals has had me entertained for at least 45 minutes lmao.

    I'm going to read this all day, this is great.

    Arguing with these people is extremely tiring which is why I quit doing it for the most part. No matter what you say, they find a way to twist it and bring you down to their level of dumbassery and then "beat you" because it's their natural territory. I will never understand what kind of twisted logic thinks the Reach Banshee is "useless" just because it can get killed if three people drop what they're doing and DMR it out of the sky.

    It's funny to read but it's also really depressing because this is 343s target audience and it's because of the average player's lack of understanding when it comes to game mechanics and balance that Halo will always remain a mediocre shooter, at least in default settings.

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  4. I think the biggest issue isn't the bad mouse aiming, aim assist on PC debacle or even the AIDS core gameplay, it's the fact that 343 thought it was a good idea to ruin the big things Reach was known for: Custom games and the slick UI. Don't need another paragraph why MCC UI is a joke, but I want to emphasize how fucking stupid it was to launch without forge and theater on PC. It's such a 343 way of handling things and the cherry on top is that Forge is actually in the game, but you have to use mods to unlock it. They could've easily just had it there at launch with a disclaimer that for now it only works with controllers, given that 90% of the population is using controllers anyway.


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  5. 9 hours ago, Boyo said:

    Halo should be bland.  It’s the measuring stick of console FPS.  One man throws a ball.  Another man swings a bat at it.  That’s bland.  But it’s also a good measure of skill.  

    It should be bland in that it shouldn't have more abilities than buttons on a controller just to appease CoD tourists with the attention span of a goldfish. It shouldn't have a blinding sun or plasma grenades that serve as flashbangs because "cinematic gaming experience". But I'd say the average MP match shouldn't be bland in terms of thinking and strategy required. It's why stuff like Narrows slayer is so detested because the meta of that map can be figured out after 3 minutes of a social slayer match. Halo can be more than that.


    That’s what Halo really needs to succeed.  The map pool represents a significant portion of the overall experience.  We can dance around the issue all day but if the maps aren’t good then Halo won’t be good.  Aside from base player traits, maps are the most important aspect of halo multiplayer (with the weapon sandbox coming in a close third).  

    So much talk about shit that doesn’t matter.  The reality is simple.  Good maps, good base traits, good sandbox,  That’s what Halo needs to succeed.  

    I mean yeah but that's like saying all a campaign needs is good story and good gameplay. Duh? The thing about maps is that they can hold a good game back, but the can't carry a bad game. I'd say the sandbox is more important. Just look at CE, it has some pretty weird and low-effort maps like Rat Race, but they still play well because the gameplay holds up. Meanwhile Creek and Penance suck so much in Reach that they're now getting removed from the circuit, because the player traits and sandbox are so garbage.

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  6. 2 hours ago, Warlord Wossman said:

    Yeah tEcHniCalLy the starting weapon does lose against some other guns but it barely has an impact on the game with weapons spawning slowly and the starting gun being viable at almost any range which no other gun really is. I am just saying that by far the most kills are made with the starter gun and that generally shows that pickups are very weak compared to stuff like Quake World TDM where control is literally messured in the amout of rocket launchers a team can hold onto.

    I mean I get that it's kinda what Halo is but what I am saying is that naturally you get people that think there should be some sort of fairness build into maps if your game kits out people who just died with such a potent gun, it gives you the feeling that your death was mainly a loss of 1 score in TDM not so much giving up control (well if your death does make your teams control weaker it's probably based on losing the position and not being able to clean up people with your starting weapon).

    But if that is what Halo is about it's pretty bland to say the least and gamemodes like CTF are fairly one dimensional so even if people say they are more competitive they don't come with the depth some games reach for TDM, not that many people here would know about those games tho. 

    Yes, that's what Halo is in a nutshell. I don't know what to tell you. So yeah it's always been "pretty bland", but you're literally comparing an arena shooter that is too complex for 99% of even hardcore gamers and played on a superior platform and at 2-3x the pace to a console shooter that has never been an arena shooter (sorry H5 marketing team). CE borrowed some neat ideas from AFPS and created this nice hybrid squad/arena thing that then was subsequently eroded with every release and then turned into basically a meme of a shooter with Reach onward, we all know that story.

    I'd say for the "ideal Halo" most people would aim for is getting that CE sandbox and pace back and then add the more robust objective gametypes of H2 onward on top. Expand the niche weapon and powerup palette, add some solid maps and that's it. Pushing further into APFS territory with stuff like nerfed starting weapon/nades, no health/shield recharge, spawning with limited health/no shields, dynamic everything, headshot bonus against shields, more powerful items, more ammo in pickups etc. would likely not make it a better game and just turn it into a completely different thing at some point. Would it increase the skill gap? Maybe. But seriously why not just play a real AFPS at that point?

    I also fail to see how it's necessarily a bad thing that the majority of kills come from the starting weapon. Saying all weapons need to have equal representation on the post game report sounds like some sort of AR kid or 343 board room meeting idea. Why is this a desirable stat to go for? Make the starting weapon sufficiently hard to use, make sure niche weapons consistently destroy it in their respective niche, give unique advantages like quick camo/swap speed to the other weapons and this "issue" ceases to exist.

    Also regarding map control: Just as you say it's a joke that people who don't have map and weapon control don't always go 0-50, others say it's a joke that some weapons are literally free kills. I have limited experience in AFPS but from what I can tell no single powerup/weapon just gives you a free killing spree with barely any effort required. You have to constantly work for kills. You can still choke and get destroyed with rail or rockets, while in Halo this just doesn't happen because the skill in execution is far smaller as, again, it's a console shooter (and always will be even if MCC and Infinite on PC confirmed) and thus lacks any sort of advanced movement tech/strafing and is overall super slow compared to those games (inb4 H5 kids correct me on advanced movement tech.) If you want to know what "total control" looks like in Halo look at Derelict in CE. It's just people up top running in circles stacking camo, rockets and OS and spawnkilling/watching portals with rockets. Some people like it, but most would say it's stupid.

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  7. 7 hours ago, Warlord Wossman said:

    Why remove TDM? We have not even tested proper maps for it yet and BC and Penance had a bad item layout with nobody attempting to test different layouts than the 2012 Killa KC ones. Guess it's easier to just start a shitstorm on twitter. But we also wouldn't know because apparently the community testing is done somewhere else with some people that placed 3rd a couple of times in Halo 3.

    That said Halo is the only game with TDM where the "competitive" players think asyms are broken, maybe because there has been a lack of good asym maps ever since CE and spawning the player with the strongest weapon naturally has people crying out about any form of control one can get on a map...
    Or I guess also because it's a goofy console game for casuals and the entire competitive scene is more or less a meme compared to any proper esport which makes sense given that the devs gave zero fucks about esports until H5 where they did just throw some money on tournaments rather than refining gameplay for competition.

    Modding PC Reach is fun but probably should have stayed out of this entire discussion, the scene really is 95% casuals that buy/play anything that has "Halo" printed onto it and 5% MLG kids that think CTF on Midship and the Pit has good competitive value.

    Talking about MLG/HCS settings obviously. They are dead set on using slow timers and 5sk starting weapons. We had full forge in H2A and we still played TS on default Lockout. We will never have good TS as long as we're using 3 minute rockets and 2 minute powerups.

    Also this has been the case for 15 or so years now. Slayer has never been good outside of CE. And as you said the community hates anything thats asymmetrical so the only maps that "work" for slayer is something super small that forces action, which is either 2base2tower or a warlock remix. 

    TS isn't fundamentally bad, but it definitely is in the context of slow killtimes, bad weapon layouts and slow timers. Unfortunately I don't see these issues ever going away so we might as well shift to better gametypes or at least not make slayer the main gametype. 


    spawning the player with the strongest weapon naturally has people crying out about any form of control one can get on a map...

    Interesting that you bring this here. I know you come from a Arena FPS background (and hate the fact CE and GPMA have strong startingutilities) but this statement just isn't true when looking at the majority of the Halo games. The H3/Reach/4/5 utility get completely destroyed by any sort of map pickup (in competitive settings, not talking Needlers here). Maybe the H2 BR could be considered the strongest weapon because of the instakill glitches, but I wouldn't even go that far. The utlity has been garbage compared to the rest of the sandbox for many years, especially the H3 BR and the H5 Magnum for most of H5's lifespan until the rifles and autos got nerfed/removed.

    All in all, Halo has never had a problem with a utility that is too strong outside of (ironically) 343's attempts at recreating the CE gameplay in H5 and CEA, in both cases giving us a way too forgiving 3sk hitscan pistol instead of the real thing. MCC CE is also mostly pistol because of things like broken shotgun and broken plasma stun, but that game is such a mess that it doesn't even count.


  8. 2 hours ago, My Namez BEAST said:

    Easy. CTF is the best gametype. Dont really need more than that. Where's the uproar about having 5x more slayers than any other gametype?


    1 hour ago, TheIcePrincess said:

    Big ups, on the real. Of all the things being added, CTF shouldn’t be complained about lol.

    Trust me I'd love to get Slayer the fuck off the circuit but we all know they're not going to do that. They're either removing KOTH or Assault slots or worse removing a good CTF map to shoehorn in a "H3 fan favorite". Either way the settings will be worse for it.

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  9. 39 minutes ago, Boyo said:

    Halo is primarily a console game and should be designed around a controller first and foremost.  Unlike AD, the thumbstick has a physical distance it needs to travel in order to cause the player to change directions.  This physical travel distance prevents AD spamming.  

    Not really. You'd break your controller after a while but you can flick your thumbstick back and forth very quickly. 

  10. 7 minutes ago, Boyo said:

    Allowing the player to momentarily accelerate to above top speed upon direction change allows for an effective short strafe without increasing base movement speed.  

    Increasing the rate of acceleration is great but is still limited by the max speed.  Increasing the max speed for a fraction of a second when the player changes directions bypasses this limitation without breaking map movement.  

    Strafe is already a dodge mechanic.  It’s just terribly ineffective.   

    If you increase it by enough it becomes hard enough to hit targets. With just acceleration you can get into "too much strafe" territory and yes there is a thing as too much strafe it happened in early builds of our mod, it happened in CSGO when ADADAD spam was the meta. You don't need fancy mechanics for people to dodge shots (unless you want a flashy game).

  11. 23 minutes ago, Boyo said:

    Buffing the Short Strafe 

    When a player changes his direction of movement, he should instantly accelerate to above top speed for a moment.  This allows for a more effective short strafe, making bullet dodging more of a possibility.  The downside is while a player is vibrating from side to side, he is not moving anywhere, leaving him vulnerable to grenades’ area of effect.  

    Macro movement, map movement, provides the player with pick ups and positions.  Micro movement, strafing, effectively provides the player with a damage resistance to bullets. 

    This isn't really neccessary. The strafe acceleration can easily be increased to make strafing more viable, no need for dodge mechanics.

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