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  1. 42 minutes ago, Hard Way said:

    Def a lot of chokepoint fighting. No doubt there. But as long as it’s the only map in the rotation that plays like it, I don’t mind that style of play every now and then. To me the big teamfights feel a bit like Orbital in the fact that you need to brute force your way through a chokepoint, but hopefully we can all agree that Condemned does it better than Orbital.

    Both maps are complete dogshit, but I'd rather play Orbital than Condemned tbh.

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  2. At least on PC they should just released the full map editor and ideally utilize the steam workshop. Forge is good to quickly fix stuff like items/timers or objective placement, but as a full level editor it's needlessly inefficient. So ideally we should have both, especially if they want to be taken seriously as a PC game. On console sure, Forge is still fairly unique and ahead of the curve aside from games like Far Cry and Murder Miners maybe. 

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  3. CE has too much an entry barrier with the spawn system and just like H2 there is no way to teach people button glitches and quirks like quick camo and weapon nading. That plus stuff like dated graphics/animations and jump delay are the real "problems" with CE, not the core gameplay loop.

    I don't think large parts of the population would riot if the starting weapon was more lethal but harder to aim. Design the rest of the sandbox around it and people would probably enjoy it because for once 50% of the sandbox wouldn't be useless garbage. I don't agree with the "popularity and skill gap are always on polar opposites" mantra that gets thrown around so much. I mean come on, H4 had a pathetic skill gap but was also the least popular game.

    There's also the fact that 80% of sales are made because it says "Halo" on the box and most casuals just like the default state of the game and will play it regardless. If Reach launched ZBNS and the TU added bloom and sprint the casuals would want ZBNS back, I guarantee it. As long as there's a decent MM system in place so people don't get destroyed 24/7 and enough social playlists (that aren't an afterthought like H5's) the skill gap's impact on popularity is negligible at best.

    I think bullshit like having more abilities than buttons on a controller and progression-based in-game advantages are a much bigger problem than the starting weapon being hard to use.

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  4. 11 hours ago, Hully said:

    ITo be honest I'm kind of surprised that there's not a bigger crossover between Halo and OW players. With how positioning and teamfight based OW is I would have thought more former Halo players would have gotten into it.

    I gave OW a lot of chances, but the basic issue is that the game isn't a real FPS but just a MOBA played from 1st person. I also hate how "teamplay" is just forced with insanely strong healing and barrier mechanics instead of allowing players to organically play together and work as a team. If you're not holding hands with at least one  teammate 99% of the time you're at a massive disadvantage and to me that's just no fun.

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  5. 8 hours ago, TheIcePrincess said:

    I think the real problem here is you winning Octagons by landslides, lol.

    The map is symmetrical. Not just one way but it has eight lines of symmetry. Plus everyone spawns with the same weapon and there are zero items on map. How is that not the best competitive map to play on? Probably the best way to test someone's skill in Halo. Honestly should be in HCS. The only downside is that with more than two players the enemy will sometimes not spawn right in front of you, which mean you can get shot in the back (objectively bad for competitive play). 

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  6. 12 hours ago, Warlord Wossman said:

    Halo 2 and 3 have even more of a Mario Party vibe than CE, so if you like that I could see how you say it's more fun for goofing around.
    Personally have not played that much CE but I never felt like the skillgap was as giant as people claim, maybe that's more of a console perspective people hold tho. Having played a ton of Quake 3 / Live and even CPM just casually with friends I can't say getting stomped spoils the fun for me, can always call ggs and move to the next map or if it gets too bad just play some FFA or CTF with 8 people and make teams as fair as possible.
    I honestly find it more annoying to die to "bullshit" weapons in Halo like the needler because that gun basically aims for itself and has way too much damage in the later titles. Think that stuff gets old quickly because you know they put it in the game so people who refuse to use the sticks can get kills, not that it really makes me mad but I just can't stand gimmicks as much as a solid shooter experience. Guess that's why I would take CE for social fun over the other Halos any day.

    Not too sure about that, I guess it depends if the people you play with get frustrated by losing or not.
    But I think I can see what you mean, I would say in 2v2s it can be hard to balance teams out so you get even games, should be easier with bigger teams.

    Honestly just dislike how most modern shooters are watered down to even out the playing field these days - it feels too artificial I guess. And to me it feels better to get destroyed in a game I like than being able to get even games in some janky H3 setting with ghosts and bubbleshields, hard to explain.


    Dude your opinion is literally invalid, can't even go positive in a 3man octagon lmao yikes fam.

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  7. My experience with casuals is that they value fast kill times above all with a lot of different guns to shoot people being available. I would always use GP settings (IIRC with radar lol) when introducing people to Reach and they had a blast. Same for CE, once they discovered the pistol and dealt with the fact there's no sprint it was a success. 

    Stuff like the disgusting art style and audio in H4 were a way bigger turn off that skill gap. Had one dude ask if my Xbox was overheating when the H2A announcer showed up because he sounds so deep fried. 

    Nonsense like jump delay and the slow-mo vehicle physics are obviously dated though and should IMO get fixed in MCC but the purist will eat me alive for even saying that. 

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  8. 23 minutes ago, Arlong said:

    I mean yes that is my condition and it’s why I’m sure most prefer symmetrical maps in halo. But go ahead believing you’re always right. You’re only right here mate, remember that. There’s a reason you are here and not somewhere else.

    I mean he is right. The amount of routes on a map have nothing to do with the fact it's symmetrical or asymmetrical. Elongation has two lanes and is symmetrical, meawhile Turf and Ghost Town are asymmetrical but have way more routes to cover. so many that it becomes a guessing game where your oppenents are.

    Asyms just sucked hard in recent games and the shit settings and weapon layouts don't to them any favors either. Syms are only needed for Bomb and CTF Slayer on syms is boring as fuck unless you make the maps small enough to force action (Warlock and Middy come to mind).

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  9. 6 hours ago, Sody91 said:

    That's cool- any vids of the focus rifle /pp? I'd play some only I'm still on the box. Yeah I have no faith in 343 to do anything but hammer out the next game for mcc  which is really lousy considering they removed twitch for mouse but not controller.

    PP launch from flag to roof on Creek. (at 4:53 if timecode doesn't work)

    At 7:33 you can see Hex get pushed off top mid by Focus knockback. The entire video has a lot of Focus gameplay.

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  10. 10 hours ago, Sody91 said:

    I could've but I'm European so only on the weekends and staying up late do I have a chance at rallying a lobby. Also I'm a nobody on this forum but yes I could've- maybe I'll join back and try again- I don't have ideas on how to improve the gametypes though, will gladly playyest whatever as I said. 

    If you want you could go into detail to how the modded settings  are different from.ce- I watched a few videos and noticed the return of the plasma rifle stun, nades resting and explosion time adjustment and made up my mind from there- it of course will never play the same though without weapon nading and the CE spawn system most importantly. 

    As for v8- if it were up to me I'd mod the sttafe to no movement acceleration- since it's hitscan. Get rid of random spread on the and the twitch thing and lower the magnetism on no scope sniper. I really like reach as is- I think those are small reasonable changes 343 could take from a mod and make them official- apart from that a few gametype /map changesbut I've no ideas there but again would love to test more knowledgeable folks ideas. 

    Wossman and me are from EU too lol. I feel you, the staying up late for US kids can be hard.

    As for differences: Strafe is more H2  than CE. Pistol travels faster. Spawn system is different, powerups are dynamic. Additional weapons from CE: GL, DMR, Focus Rifle w/ air knockback, Plasma Pistol (w/ launching capability for jumping), Concussion Rifle. Jetpacks on maps. The game also actually supports objective gametypes (KOTH isn't random for example) and 4v4s because of the spawn system.

    Getting a decent strafe and less aim assist on console would be a dream, but I doubt 343 is willing to do that.

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