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  1. A modder named Krevil has created an MP conversion of Long Night Of Solace which also included covenant-skinned forge pieces. Unfortunately his mod crashed in multiplayer sessions and he nuked it, but I managed to salvage the forge pieces, change the shaders to something less glossy, and ported them to Condemned to finally make use of that skybox. Here's an example map (pic heavy):







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  2. 1 hour ago, Arlong said:

    I went into customs to test out halo reach crouch behavior and it’s way better, now it’s like h4&5 crouch behavior. And the mouse input feels better too.

    ok it’s official I HATE CE. There’s most likely nothing that’ll make me like it(a hit reg improvement could probably do this). I hate reach because of bloom, gosh I just want h2&3. 3 may have spread but it’s only effective at long range.

    Crouch behavior is only like that on KBM which is interesting. Is this how 343 stealth buffs KBM against controllers? 

  3. 2 hours ago, OG Nick said:

    Well you see, in this on extremely specific instance clamber is skillful so therefore it is obviously fine. Ignoring the fact that it causes inconsistencies with hitboxes

    I was about to point this out. The "skillful clamber" example of juking someone with clamber by peej shooting and repeatedly backing off a ledge and clambering back up is mostly just an exploit that abused the fucked hitboxes. It's like saying sliding into someone's knees with a shotgun proves slide is skillful because they can't realistically shoot you during the slide animation.

    I also wouldn't be surprised if clamber also caused some weirdness with the aim assist that the other spartan gimmicks can cause.

  4. Throwing could be interesting if it's tuned right. But in the majority of cases it would probably be used as an "oh shit" mechanic where the carrier tosses it in a random direction before dying and the other team has to go retrieve it. Oddball is a pretty hectic gametype and losing out on 5-10 seconds of valuable ball time every time the carrier dies can get annoying.

    Also speaking of objective modes, can we please get Warpath as a full gametype in Infinite? That shit is so fun.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Arlong said:

    New topic. I was reading a post on waypoint and some guy mentions that h2c hardcore is dead simply because people don’t want to play hardcore. Could the NAMES of these playlist be hurting their population. Heck’s I know many people get discouraged by the name “ranked” in many games, but the term HC just scares people so much or MLG. People in halo are so fucking boring and pisss me off. Tons of these sorry bitches probably play games like rainbow, overwatch, apex etc and play ranked in those games, but in halo, NOPE I’m a scared little bitch. These people want balanced and fair matches but seem to forget ranked exist, which does the job they want more than social does. I know in halo pc case ranked was killed off by 343 refusing to separate controllers.

    This isn't even up for debate. The name and especially the order of playlists has a massive influence on population. Case in point, when CE Anniversary came out they had two 4v4 playlists ("squad" with TU settings and the 343 redesigns and "classic" with the anniversary maps). AT first squad was on top and classic at the bottom, classic was a total ghost town. After a few weeks this was flipped for some reason and suddenly classic was the popular playlist. Squad got removed fairly soon after because of low population lmao.

    It's also why ranked team slayer and social slayer has always been so popular. It's the first playlist. No wonder objective playlists always die when 95% of the population never actually scrolls down to even see them. 343 did the smart thing in H5 by making Arena the first entry and not giving it a scary name. Despite having the oh-so-hated objective modes it was a very popular playlist.

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  6. Honestly if Infinite is like every Halo since H2 and requires at least two guns on an enemy to do something and has three minute timers on anything worthwhile then yes let's just get rid of slayer. 

    Of course I'd rather get faster TTKs, good maps and faster items but this is the company that just added Pit TS to the Reach circuit. 

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  7. 13 minutes ago, -DeucEy- said:

    Tempted to go towards the latter. The code for the aiming never left their repository; they simply just never reverted it. They could simply cherry pick commits from their Git/Svn/Etc repository and call it a day, but again it seems like something they just didn’t do — In which it could be a case of the fact it wasn’t the actual programmers decision to do so. Because again, it’s not like they no longer have the code from that point in time. There’s zero chance of that being the case. Nevertheless I agree, the aiming was complete ass but apparently something they wanted. 



    Again, design decision. Not programming decision which is what I keep trying to reiterate makes a distinct difference. With the points you made with the UI, while true, it did have its problems, it’s easy to point 3-4 bugs that occurred every once in a while; again, slightly exaggerated because even as a person who didn’t care/play about Warzone, I still opened all my packs whenever I got them and maybe saw the error.. Idk, 4-5 times out of like 500? It was probably a server or connection issue. 

    The aiming was probably the worst in the franchise but again, another design decision which I don’t think I’m seeming to get across to everyone as what I thought was good programming. There’s a distinct difference and the people who thought the aim was “too squirrelly” were more than likely not the same people who actually submitted the code. There aren’t many developers in the industry that could actually CODE a game like Halo 5 from scratch, that’s just entirely too much work. The forge team had a monolithic project on their hands and for the amount of features that existed in Forge, it was pretty exceptional if you ask me. I went to school and work professionally with 3D development (C++ primarily, but a little C# when I’m doing front end work) and it’s is EXTREMELY complicated so yes, I also understand Forge wasn’t 100% perfect but can we also agree that it was about 90%? Because that’s what I’m getting at here. And Forge continued to get better and better as time went on, it’s not like they shipped it and called it a day. 

    Same with the UI. I would venture to say that no one has a clip of the UI freezing for more than a second or two, I’m just gonna be honest man. Like I’m acknowledging the fact that it definitely did have its skips but for me to sit here and be disingenuous and say that it freezes for like 20 seconds at a time when I can actually understand why certain hiccups may exist, would just be outright dishonest. 

    Appreciate the detailed reponse. The thing is though that 343 tried multiple times to "fix" the aiming and failed. They never said it was a design decision aside from Ghost's "squirelly" copypasta. Sounds more like a bug than a feature to me, but maybe you're right and it's working as intended and they once again lied about it.

    @TheIcePrincess Not saying you're wrong, but aside from H3's grid aiming no one ever complained about OG Halo's aiming. I think the actual "suspect" thing here that you're hating on CE and 2's aiming and not that people are such smoothbrains that they never noticed that the aiming in those games sucks lol. It's obviously all subjective and if H5's aiming works for you more power to you. But if a large part of the community ranging across all skill levels and online plaforms says the aiming is garbage there might be something more to it.

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  8. 2 minutes ago, TheIcePrincess said:

    Or you just have a player base weirdly bent on placebo fixes to something that isn’t actually impacting the game, lol. Never forget this pressing start phase began occurring after every lost gunfight in an HCS match with no tangible benefits, even if a pro nailed every shot but just failed because of circumstance, first shot significance, etc. Almost as if people are looking for a scapegoat or a “get better quick” solution to a problem and listen to what’s actively being said regardless of validity, while not understanding the reason they failed in the first place. Almost as dumb as the claim that using a certain skin makes your aim better. Although the latter never got taken seriously, somehow.

    Which is funny on its own. Because all we know pressing start did was something akin to majorly desyncing your game, if anything, having adverse effects. Hence the patch to pressing start over and over.

    Sure you could say people are sheep for believing the "press start to reset aiming" thing, but the fact of the matter is that the aiming in H5 had to be cancerous in the first place in order to lead people to even consider adapting weird habits like pressing start, deleting all their REQs etc. Did people in H2A or H4 do any of that shit? Hell no. Of course people love their excuses and shit, but I've never seen a mechanic that was so bad and caused so much headcasing as H5's aiming. The regular occurance of people having "a sense crisis" is another symptom of it.

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  9. 6 hours ago, -DeucEy- said:

    Let me start off by saying I hate everything about Halo 5. I hate playing that game, I haven't played in almost 3 years.

    With that out of the way, if we're talking strictly development - I would HEAVILY disagree. The difference in programming was EXTREMELY noticeable for Halo 5 vs MCC (in which MCC had an astronomical ass ton of issues haha). The UI design and functionality worked just fine. I literally have no idea what you're even talking about with the Halo 5 UI being a complete mess. I've seen like maybe three for four serious bugs come across my timeline in reference to UI. Simply not liking it is not bad programming. Can you be more specific?

    Networking.. Um.. Last time I checked, MCC was the one with the network issues. There's lag sometimes but a vast majority of the games most players on Xbox live experienced were pretty good. Again, not sure what you're talking about here.

    Forge, I'm actually surprised you said this because Forge was my main example of their programming ability. Do you understand how absurdly complicated it had to have been to design Halo 5's forge?? Think about all the features, all the functionality, all the different type of forge options you can include in almost every aspect... That's some SOLID development. Ever since Forge released in Halo 3, I've never given a care in the world about it but Halo 5's Forge was a work of beauty. Yes, there are instances of maps that cause frame rate drops, yes. This more than likely had to do with the amount rendered vs Level-of-Detail that is currently being generated in relation to the Xbox's CPU/GPU. However not every map is like that.

    Can you elaborate a little more than just the blanket statement of "a complete mess"? Because Halo 5's development was pretty solid for the most part. And that's from the perspective of someone who hates the hell out of that game lol. A couple of bugs here and there is not "a complete mess" that's just what happens unfortunately.

    The UI bugs you listed here are pretty much the main 2-3 I saw coming across my timeline that I just mentioned previously; I don't know about 20 seconds though. A bit exaggerated to be honest, it was like 1-2 seconds where it would skip lol. But the REQ store being a cash cow is something I didn't like about the game either but that's not a programming flaw, that's just a crappy design decision in which the two aren't related.

    If we're going to talk about games crashing, let's not pretend that every game we've ever played doesn't have issues haha. Halo 3 on Xbox 360 used to crash a lot as well, but you never hear about that games development being complete ass.

    It freezes long enough for me to consider quitting the build and restarting. I never timed it but it's more than 1-2 seconds. Also I'm not talking about REQs as a design decision, but the fact you can open a pack and then get an error, sometimes you get nothing at all and then your points get refunded etc. Or how you can enter a match but your REQs never show up so you're stuck with the blinkymagnum. Or how sometimes you buy a vehicle, get teleported to the garage and then you're stuck there for 30 seconds. What I meant in the REQ cash cow paragraph is that even the #1 thing that maybe should've been flawless to lure in kids to buy shit is still somehow slow and buggy af, I wasn't hating on them as a design decision (for once). 

    Also you can't talk about H5s developmentand leave out the elephant in the room that is the aiming. I don't remember how many patches they wasted on "fixing" this issue that is still there today. Never mind that they ported the game to PC and somehow mouse aiming was even worse than that. When thousands of people are pressing start mid game to help with heavy aiming you know the developers fucked up. 




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  10. 5 minutes ago, TheIcePrincess said:

    Correlation not causation.  

    I'd put a more likely, pseudo-tinfoilhatty pin on the fact they apparently capped out at how much content they could put in game with updates over time, memory limitations or even allocation, sorta like they saw with UE4. Making a new engine (Or as close to a new engine as you could get) for a guaranteed new console with higher specs in a certain timeframe is probably also more effective in the long term than using a more outdated engine you're effectively minimally porting and patching over every few years with logistically little in the way of improvement. One designed for a console that is three generations behind at this point. We've had to move on from UE3, one of the smoothest, well-optimized engines I've had the pleasure of playing on. It's no surprise we're trying to dip on an engine that's 15 years old.

    That, and, you know. They planned on releasing a Halo 5 sequel/expansion in 2017, lol. 

    I mean these limitations are still just symptoms of H5's backbone being useless. Sure it's tied to the fact that it's a 15-20 year old engine at its core, but doesn't change the fact that H5's engine is poop. It was long overdue that Halo moves to a newer engine but I'd say MCC and especially H5 showed how the "CE + lots of spaghetti code" engine really held the games back.

    Also source on that 2017 expansion? Never heard of that aside from rumors surrounding the :Guardians subtitle meaning more H5:X games were on the way.

  11. I was about to say, wtf at that " Most of the developers at 343 (programming wise) are pretty competent based on how well Halo 5 was developed." statement. Running a custom lobby in H5 has a higher skill gap than the actual game itself lmao. The menu freezes for a good 20 seconds every couple minutes, crashes left and right, people lagging out etc. Also the entire REQ store cash cow and the in-game REQ stations have the slowest and buggiest UI I've ever had the displeasure to encounter. H5's backbone is complete dogshit and made them take a 5 year break from releasing games to completely overhaul it, that's how bad it is.

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  12. 11 minutes ago, Banamy said:

    So for the past 5 or so years. I've really wanted a smoke grenade added to Halo. How would y'all feel about it?

    This has been discussed before:

    It's not the worst idea, but then again would it really change the game in a significant way? Sounds like a pointless pickup and people sure as hell won't time it or go out of their way to grab it. Halo just isn't "tactical" enough (besides Breakout lul) to warrant such an addition. If a  Halo match slows down so much that people need to resort to smokes to make pushes then that map/gametype combo has other issues.

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  13. Imagine waking up from cryosleep and now your armor is fugly and you can't run and shoot at the same time anymore. This always bugged me to no end. Reach's gameplay changes already made zero sense with the lore, but at least it was a prequel set on another planet in another era of the war. The transition from H3 to 4 is insanely jarring.

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  14. 4 minutes ago, _Synapse said:

    Don't agree with these, but the general idea's good. The AR's minimum TTK should always sit slightly above an imperfect kill with a main utility, and it should be somewhat reliably accurate outside of like 4 meters. Otherwise we go back to people crouching around corners with it. 

    Not by a lot obviously, not trying to create a sword here lol. But by giving small advantages like that to the AR or other weapons which aren't the utility you can create a much more interesting sandbox. Agree on the accuracy thing. I never understood why the AR is just a poor maps shotgun.

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  15. 31 minutes ago, BigShow36 said:

    The point of an AR should not be to "compete" with something like the pistol in a Halo game. The point of something like the AR is to give new players a weapon to play with against other new players. It's a "noob" weapon because it's easy to land shots with. For that very reason, it should have no chance against a better player with the utility weapon. You can't balance it otherwise. When noobs play against other noobs, they can spray each other with the AR and still have fun. They can also attempt to pick up a more skilled weapon and try to get better, but it will be more challenging for them (and help ensure that it's not just about getting the better weapon, but also becoming a more skilled player). 

    Not every weapon will be equally useful at every skill level, and that's OKAY. All of this, unfortunately, relies on an actual skill-gap in aiming and controlling a weapon, as well as starting players with the utility weapon and the noob weapon. 

    The AR should be the spray-to-beatdown weapon at low levels because of the forgiving AA, and at higher levels it can act as the secondary. Faster swap time, fast reload, quick camo, faster melee, maybe more forgiving melee hitbox too. That fits perfectly into the sandbox without stepping on the toes of the other weapons.

    I wish post 2004 Bungie and 343 would understand that not every weapon needs to a mid-range hitscan melting machine to be useful.

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  16. 34 minutes ago, Mr Grim said:

    Isn't halo 3 actually kinda fast but the awful, garbage, cancerous 60 degree fov makes you seem slower?

    Good point, 110% in MLG felt pretty good with the map scale. FOV was a joke in that game, agree. But so was H2's and that game feels much better movement wise.

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