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  1. 39 minutes ago, Boyo said:

    Halo is primarily a console game and should be designed around a controller first and foremost.  Unlike AD, the thumbstick has a physical distance it needs to travel in order to cause the player to change directions.  This physical travel distance prevents AD spamming.  

    Not really. You'd break your controller after a while but you can flick your thumbstick back and forth very quickly. 

  2. 7 minutes ago, Boyo said:

    Allowing the player to momentarily accelerate to above top speed upon direction change allows for an effective short strafe without increasing base movement speed.  

    Increasing the rate of acceleration is great but is still limited by the max speed.  Increasing the max speed for a fraction of a second when the player changes directions bypasses this limitation without breaking map movement.  

    Strafe is already a dodge mechanic.  It’s just terribly ineffective.   

    If you increase it by enough it becomes hard enough to hit targets. With just acceleration you can get into "too much strafe" territory and yes there is a thing as too much strafe it happened in early builds of our mod, it happened in CSGO when ADADAD spam was the meta. You don't need fancy mechanics for people to dodge shots (unless you want a flashy game).

  3. 23 minutes ago, Boyo said:

    Buffing the Short Strafe 

    When a player changes his direction of movement, he should instantly accelerate to above top speed for a moment.  This allows for a more effective short strafe, making bullet dodging more of a possibility.  The downside is while a player is vibrating from side to side, he is not moving anywhere, leaving him vulnerable to grenades’ area of effect.  

    Macro movement, map movement, provides the player with pick ups and positions.  Micro movement, strafing, effectively provides the player with a damage resistance to bullets. 

    This isn't really neccessary. The strafe acceleration can easily be increased to make strafing more viable, no need for dodge mechanics.

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  4. Given how many weapons we have, making the AR a bloomless headshot weapon might work. Basically a full-auto pistol or the TU Reach Needle Rifle. But that begs the question why it needs to exist at all. Spawning with both would just be insanity. It's not really worth it as a pickup.

    I still think the AR should just be the secondary. Take the H4 AR, give it faster swap times, faster melee and a bigger melee hitbox potentially. Turning it into a precision weapon just goes so much against what Halo has always done that it hurts. And ADS on an auto is just fucking weird.

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  5. 21 minutes ago, Arlong said:

    Dude it’s not hard to hit the head with an AR in halo, thus why headshots need to be rng based. And in h5 the AR is quite effective still. I’ve gotten in plenty of fights with it, vs another AR user, and won even when they shot first. The RNG isn’t  heavy like reach bloom, it’s very tight, so it’s clear these people aren’t aiming at my face. 

    Literally what the fuck. The AR has tons of bloom. Maybe the bullet mag is so insane that it compensates for it, but at it's core the H5 AR and SMG are lottery cannons. The H4 AR was perfect, idk why they keep fucking around with it.

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  6. 3 minutes ago, TheSimms said:

    Some one spoke about it on a broadcast and confirmed that it was not new and still had multiple pieces from older iterations of Halo so they might not be able to use it? (sorry i have no idea how engines work)

    Source on this? If this is true we have been majorly bamboozled. Every Halo has been on a "new engine" which is just a modified version of the previous game's engine. So what was this five year gap all about?

  7. 30 minutes ago, S0UL FLAME said:

    How could you Basu.

    Lol. As I said the DMR works suprisingly well but it's not a super important part of the sandbox. The Concussion is cool for trick jumps and pushing people off a ledge and shit but it's really more of a gimmick usually. Might work better in 4v4 obj gametypes tho who knows.

    14 minutes ago, Larry Sizemore said:

    Halo isn't Quake.

    Basically this. It's good to take inspiration from other games when applicable, but turning a game into an emulator of anoerh game.. is just stupid. It's also why the mod isn't a straight CE clone.

  8. 29 minutes ago, Arlong said:

    I still think you’re missing the point of what people want from the halo video games. They want weapon variety and the niche differed such as rate of fire, range, make all the difference. In quake there, they’re not changing the weapons properties or sounds etc. but a DMR, BR, DMR, Carbine, and LR all have something different which makes them worth picking up

    But how does it add "variety" to have a gun that does basically the same thing and is just a RoF/shots to kill variation of it? Is using a Carbine instead of a BR really a significant different that makes people feel empowered?


    (although since h5s TU which nerfed them all very hard then this isn’t the case). Halo is so spoiled by a utility weapon that the thought of upgrades on the map is such a bad thing is kinda ridiculous. People like using weapons on the map and not having the utility be the end all. In h5 I didn’t feel like I was wrong for using my pistol against a guy with a BR. To this day all the Nerfs needed for auto aim nerfs and range, as well as a buff to the pistol to reduce its TTK. Tbh it’s also why we need to go back to projectile shooting.  

    I see this all the time lately. "You are just afraid of power items", usually used by AR defenders. Yes there should be items on the map, and yes they should be powerful. But they still need to be balanced. Items that are flat upgrades and could be called "game changers" are usually highly contested and risky to acquire (OS, Camo, Rockets). Other power items are super situational and should be good within their niche, but not outside of it. Weapons like the Shotgun, Sniper and GL are very good in their intended role but if you have that weapon out in the wrong situation you're toast. That's Halo in a nutshell.

    Problems arise when items are not contested, take almost no skill to use effectively AND are flat upgrades over the starting weapon. Prime examples of this are the H5 vanilla SMG, Storm Rifle, Carbine and BR. You do not need to earn these weapons and yet you have a massive advantage against spawners.

    The utility vs pickup balance is very delicate and it doesn't help that most Halo games fell flat on their face in this regard. If the utility is too strong, you end up with either a "one-gun game" (side note this has never actually happened in Halo outside of 343's piss poor attempts at recreating the CE gameplay in MCC, CEA and H5 throwback). If the utility is too weak you end up with a completely random fuckfest where you might as well be playing Fiesta (vanilla H5). Somewhere in between is where Halo plays best.

    25 minutes ago, OG Nick said:

    BuT tHe NeEdLeR iSn'T CoMpeTiTivE 

    I'm not going full MLG sweat here and just disregarding the weapon because it's purple. I'd love to include more weapons, but I really don't see what the Needler brings to the table. I guess it's role is killing people that lack awareness and aren't paying attention so you can kill them via supercombine before they can turn around?

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  9. 3 hours ago, S0UL FLAME said:

    Weaker, faster spawning OS via custom, and a Needler.

    It ain't Halo without a Needler.

    We actually have custom setup as single-layer OS. Issue is that by design you can't stack OS and custom and much worse there's also a bug where custom just won't give you more shields if you've picked up OS within the last 45 seconds, even if you lost all of it. Bummer.

    As for the Needler, I just don't know what it's supposed to do. Sitri had the idea of making it shoot all needles at once, kinda like a covenant shotgun that homes in on targets. Idk. I like its aesthetic but I don't know what it could add to the sandbox.

    2 hours ago, Ramirez77 said:

    Well, here's an idea I've been toying with, kinda radical but bear with me.

    Take the model of the Carbine, or in this case the Needle Rifle, right?  Give it a significantly slower firing rate / killtime compared to the utility BUT make it do 20-33% direct health damage each shot, completely bypassing shields, maybe with damage done to health dependent on bodyshots vs headshots so you're not just going for bodyshots all the time (it wouldn't ever be a one-headshot kill).  So it's good for cover-based attrition or paired with certain weapons like the Sniper which does full shield and half health damage (debuff the enemy team so the Sniper can get easy picks), really good at countering OS users provided you can drag out the fight, but not great in direct combat overall.  And the constant health drain will encourage going for medkits far more often, making more than just shields matter for once. 

    I think that would be a pretty unique niche.

    Though what I can't answer is would it be ultimately annoying having to constantly manage health, would it ultimately promote or harm camping (on one hand you can't stay in one spot if your underlying health is constantly being drained by someone else, on the other hand the design of the weapon promotes more passive pop in and out of cover play), and where exactly would it slot in power-wise?  Would definitely need to be playtested.

    What inspired the idea:
    1.  Wanting to make unique game systems to Halo more relevant, in this case relationship between shields and health that has always remained largely irrelevant, with shields in most of the games basically just being the health instead of something separate.
    2.  Wanting to redesign currently existing, bland weapons as something more meaningful.

    This is actually interesting. There's a flag (checkbox) in Reach's weapons to make them ignore shields but sadly doesn't work. Maybe one day.

    Another idea for the NR/Carbine that has been floating around is corrosive damage that leaves the enemy waiting for shields longer. This can actually be setup by making it supercombine in just one shot and also against shields. Sort of pointless in the grand scheme of things, but if the weapon had to be there for lore reasons that's a trait I would go for.

    41 minutes ago, Mr Grim said:

    I still don't think you guys need the dmr when you have the pistol being as good as it is.

    I thought so too and I wouldn't mind it being removed, but I was honestly suprised how well it fits. It being hitscan vs the projectile pistol but doing less DPS is a solid niche. Kind of pointless? Maybe. But people do actually use it and it's not a flat upgrade like H5's DMR so it's fine in my book.

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  10. 27 minutes ago, Boyo said:

    Personally, I would include three weapons with 3x scopes just so the DMR isn’t the most common pick up on every single BTB map.  Like a mini sandbox of 3x scope weapons.  DMR, Needle Rifle, Light Rifle.  Semi, auto, burst/semi.  Now covenant themed maps can have more character with a covenant appropriate weapon on it.  But I suppose making maps look good isn’t something gold pro has tackled yet.  

    See I wouldn't be opposed to that. Three weapons that share the same niche and have extremely similar stats, but they are placed on different maps.

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  11. Working on the GoldPro mod, we quickly realized that it's really hard to get past 12 weapons without having overlaps and unnecessary fluff added. We currently have:

    • Pistol: Utility
    • Assault Rifle: Secondary auto with lower DPS but easier to use
    • Plasma Repeater: Stun rifle
    • Plasma Pistol: Shield stripper (plus movement via knockback)
    • DMR: Mid-range hitscan rifle
    • Shotgun: Shotgun
    • Concussion: Crowd control
    • Sniper: Long-range
    • Grenade Launcher: Airburst explosive
    • Focus Rifle: Sentinel beam style time-on-target auto
    • Railgun/Laser: Charged shot
    • Rockets: Uber explosive weapon

    I don't really see what else can be added that is actually meaningful. Pretty much all the weapons added since H2 can be put into these categories and I'd say this list could be trimmed down even further. I've been toying around with a Shock Rifle prototype and it's now working as intended but I don't really see where it would fit in the sandbox.

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  12. 39 minutes ago, Arlong said:

    The plasma pistol needs the homing to be effective otherwise it’s useless, remember halo 4? Gosh that PP had no homing on Spartans so it was so hard to hit someone.  In the other games simply jumping to the side could make the needler miss, and it’s one of those guns that without homing would also be useless. Hydra could also be dodged if you got into cover in time. 

    Yes it needs tracking, but H5 turned it into a fucking joke. Reach's PP was fine for example, there was no need to first nerf it to shoehorn it into loadouts and then buff it to the sky and back to shoehorn it into "advanced" mobility Halo.

    The needler has always been a joke weapon that doesn't fit properly into the sandbox but at least the H3 and Reach versions got it mostly right. A prime example of a weapon that should only be in campaign.


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