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  1. 12 hours ago, Noodle said:

    Not that anyone thought they would, but looks like 343 isn't considering Midship, Simplex, or any of the other forge maps for tournament play and are content with the three maps we have.


    Yes there was already a year of only three maps that is exactly the problem. People are already sick of those maps. Also I'm so tired of Halo devs using "the next gaem is right around the corner ;)))" as a cop-out. It's been going on ever since they refused to add ranks to Reach MLG in 2011 and needs to stop already.

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  2. 11 hours ago, phil said:

    Good thing network relays were broken, never fixed and instead set to off by default so me and my teammates can get hit offline by cheaters in the hardcore playlist. This might be the only thing about MCC that's just like I remember it.

    "If you can't find games turn off relays"

    "if your aim is broken cap the game at 60 FPS"

    "if you want to actually see something turn off centered reticle"

    "if you don't like looking at your own elbows and shoulders turn the FOV down"


    MCC is as good as you make it.

  3. I hope these H2 clips take off and generate some awareness that 343 is still shitting the bed at every opportunity. I'm seeing way too much optimism towards Infinite and "MMC is fixed" is apparently lore now and no longer a meme? We really need some course correction regarding the public opinion on this developer. Things like Reach's fucked audio, hit reg, performance issues and their empty promises of mod support, file share, forge, theater, crossplay, custom game browser etc. are hard to show in a short video that the average social media kid can enjoy. But these clips immediately show how fucking stupid and broken the game is and are easily shared on twitter and reddit.


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  4. 4 hours ago, Reamis25 said:

    Umm that’s not a bug. That’s literally an audio feature whom alll you need to do is change to squads or teams. When I do this I haven’t heard the enemy team. 

    It's still typical 343ism to set it to be "all chat" by default. Every game in existence uses team-only chat  (aside from proximity voice which was genius) by default and people have been complaining about this for 5+ years.

    4 hours ago, II7 HUNTER II7 said:

    What's the difference between squad and team in the audio setting?

    Squad is the people you queue with, team is your actual team in-game. 

  5. 4 hours ago, Boyo said:

    The Sniper Rifle’s maximum scope magnification should be no more than double that of the utility weapon.  If the Magnum has a 2x scope, the Sniper should have no more than a 4x scope.  

    How does one weapon dealing instant death from uncontestable ranges improve gameplay?  

    Make it sufficiently hard to kill in one shot. Make the utility strong enough so getting caught with your pants down up close always results in the sniper's death.

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  6. I feel for the MCC team devs, but man 343 is just so scummy to underfund them like that. It's not like they're a charity organization, people paid hard earned money to play the same game again on PC and they are just dropping the ball hard right now. The game has been out for almost 6 months and we still can't use file shares or play above 60 FPS without issues, Forge and theater still nowhere close and I'm pretty sure you still can't disable text-chat in game. Oh the audio in Reach is still fucking broken. WHERE IS THE CUSTOM GAME BROWSER?

    Obviously it's not as bad as 2014 MCC, but this is still typical 343 behavior. They're rushing these games out the door and then probably going to use Infinite as an excuse to further reduce support for MCC. And let's be real Infinite will probably also be an unfinished piece of shit at launch. When are they ever going to learn, honestly?

  7. 2 hours ago, Shekkles said:

    A reminder that we ususally don't see CoD gameplay until June/July each year. CoD 2019's reveal trailer was 30/05/2019, 6 months before release. Multiplayer reveal was in August.

    We also know exactly what kind of game we're getting with CoD so this comparison isn't really useful 

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  8. Just now, Boyo said:

    Wasn’t the same said about Halo 4’s Title Update too?  

    I remember something yes. I think they said that with the TU they made it possible to adjust weapon balance much faster (with megalo?) so it wouldn't require another TU. Of course they never used this as the game was abandoned fairly quickly to work on H5.

    For H5 IIRC they claimed that the same systems that allow quick fixes from H4 would be there from the beginning, which was obviously a fucking lie.

  9. 5 hours ago, SpitFlame said:

    Call me crazy, but I don't know why everyone here is mad about not receiving enough information for a game you're all convinced will be bad. Unless you're optimistic, it won't really make a difference.

    Most people assume the game will be mediocre at best, but that still means it will be better than H5, which has been dead for years now aside from the small spark that was Mythic. Halo is just so fucking boring now. MCC PC was supposed to bridge the gap until Infinite, but it's been half a year and there's still not even a file share, Forge is still hidden from the menu and "mod support" never went beyond 343 letting us disable anti-cheat. So we have neither MCC to have fun in, nor Infinite to look forward to and H5 is still dog.

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  10. 3 hours ago, JordanB said:

    I really don't want my teammates purposefully going for sticky kills when they could have easily been team-shot, or if they were 1 shot but got away bec you missed. Now you're risking both not securing the kill, and/or a death for your team.

    The joy of getting killed in battlefield and then in the killcam you see your dumbass teammate going for the flashy knife kill. Randoms are already dumb as shit on most video games, please don't give them more incentives and excused to be that way.

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  11. Meh, we already knew the art style was going "back to the roots" to appeal to the reddit crowd. Honestly this might also be fake as shit given that it's an exact carbon copy of the Reach model (could be Eldewrito or one of the fan made games with that model injected for all I know).

    The "leaks" on gameplay? Zero evidence to back it up and even if all of it is true, it doesn't sound great. Thrust still being in immediately means the sandbox will be garbage again. Also that grappling hook picture a few weeks back still tells me there is going to be more mobility/ability nonsense.

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  12. 42 minutes ago, Mow said:

    I like the fuel rod as a mortar compared to what it was in later games, but what if it also left a toxic damaging area on the floor of where it was fired which could be used for area denial? It is a fuel rod after all. Also I've always felt that the plasma pistol was a cheap weapon since Halo 2, what if instead of stripping your shields instantly it drained your shields over X amount of time after a direct hit? I've also thought about the idea of the plasma pistol only disabling the guns when it hits a vehicle, I find it silly that a person can simply keep stun locking something like a wraith or tank by repeatedly firing overcharged shots at it.

    Wasn't there a REQ variant of the FRG that did this? It was fairly useless from what I remember, but then again it's H5 where everyone can fly and the Warzone maps are huge open stretches of no man's land so of course that limits the use of a area-denial weapon.

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  13. 12 hours ago, Faeyrin said:

    H2A is an upgraded H4 which is an "upgraded" Reach. In theory it should have a lot more Megalo coding options compared to Reach.

    GoldPro Ricochet. :walshy:

    (ricochet was kinda fun dont @ me)

    Hmm, getting Extraction and a visible OS would be interesting, definitely things that Reach lacks. But then again H2A has really weird sound design, even worse map pool than Reach, fucking glare everywhere and doesn't have a GL and the pistol looks dumb.

    7 hours ago, HeX Reapers said:

    (Maybe if people played he would.)

    *cries in GPMA fanboy*

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  14. Given that it's H2V they could've just downloaded maps from halomaps and added them to the game. Same for CE.

    Also why is there a Turf remake in Halo Online but it's not in H2A? Why did they remake Blood Gulch (which is now in the same collection 4 times) instead of actually interesting BTB maps like Terminal or Waterworks? 343 logic never ceases to amaze me.

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