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  1. 5 hours ago, ChieftaiNZ said:

    Halo Infinite has been toted as being Microsoft headline game and poster child of the next generation of consoles. After the lukewarm reception of the past few games, MS must be pretty fucken confident in what they're seeing if they're happy to use it as the headline title. 


    Hopefully the MP maps aesthetic is a lot more varied. That was hugely disappointing in Halo 5, especially when Mercy released and 343 demonstrated the ability to create unique looking aesthetics for maps. 

    It probably has impressive graphics, 128 map battle royale mode, hyyyyyyuuuge campaign spaces and they're gonna throw money at eSports to force a scene again. I highly doubt someone at MS saw a nosprint well balance MP game and went "damn make this the flagship game".

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  2. Getting spawnfucked in CE 4v4 or BTB and jump delay/the CE movement in general are about the least fun mechanics in the OG trilogy. Halo could be great if you combined the best aspects of each game (which is really what we tried to do in the GP mod) but as it stands each game just has massive issues that make playing them for a while a chore. Not need to list them again here. Yes CE is the least offensive of all of them, but we need to stop pretending it's perfect because it's certainly not.

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  3. On 6/6/2020 at 6:43 AM, Hard Way said:

    My God r/halo is trash. I browse it during downtimes in class every few days, and it’s always such low-effort garbage. I mean it’s shit like, “I love this cutscene”, and people upvote it. Or “look at my shitty Arbiter doodle.“

    There’s never an interesting discussion thread. There’s never a good clip. It’s always like “My cousin and me just beat legendary for the first time.” Bro, no one fucking cares. I go through and do downvote therapy on all the garbage every few days. It’s disheartening to see what the average Halo fan really is.

    I loved yesterday's post "if you skip on Infinite if it has sprint you're not a real Halo fan". 5k upvotes if I remember correctly. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, Reamis25 said:

    Maybe cause it was reach and it was difficult to D/L. Having to download that external program update it, Blah blah. Most games have an ADDON folder and done. 


    33 minutes ago, _Synapse said:

    Same. I absolutely loved GPMA, but I don't have a PC that can run Matlab let alone MCC. 

    The thing that kills GPMA moreso is the fact that there's no matchmaking for it or easy publicity we can give the game. 

    I totally understand these points, Halo has always been a console game and modding in MCC PC is a complete nightmare so I understand how frustrating it it, personally I hate it just as much as the next guy.

    xSociety specifically mentioned gameplay issues though so that's what sparked my interest.

  5. 1 hour ago, xSociety said:

    Lol, jesus kid, calm down.

    Edit: I never said I would play it a lot, or anything like that. I said that's what it would take for H3 to be good. I didn't care for Gold Pro because it wasn't a great improvement anyway. Mods are way different than some bad built-in settings. 

    I'm curious what you think wasn't good about GP and how it "wasn't a great improvement anyways?"

  6. 2 hours ago, Boyo said:

    I just can’t imagine the required pomposity to include such bombastic game mechanics.  Like, you must have a pretty fucking high opinion of yourself to think players want to hand you their keys and watch your stupid clamber animation tens of thousands of times over the course of the game’s lifetime.  

    The sheer arrogance over at 343 always astounded me. If they made a few proper Halo games and then somewhere down the line decided to experiment with the formula that would've been entirely fair. Hell, make a low effort H2/3 clone like H2A, nobody expected anything more than that and the money-hungry execs would've loved a good nostalgia pandering. But no, they decided to instantly throw out everything that made Halo great and left no stone unturned when trying to put ThEiR SPiN on things. And we're still recovering from that and likely never will.

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  7. 2 hours ago, The Tyco said:

    2. Clamber also screws over map design, its combat applications are incredibly niche and still lock you into an animation. This is primarily because it's a base trait. Put it into the map designers hands, then you'll have something niche and inoffensive. Until then, it's just as obnoxious and problem filled as sprint is. Pointing out jumps that don't require clamber doesn't matter as long as there are jumps that DO require it. 

    I also love how H5 defenders think abusing the clunky hitboxes and headglitching by peek-shooting with clamber is somehow clever or good game design.

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  8. 45 minutes ago, Reamis25 said:

    Consoles will always be purchased because most console SCRUBS, don’t know how to build a pc, they don’t realize they’re saving money in the end. 


    It used to be a good deal. The 360 had some damn good hardware for its price and was actual plug-n-play where you could play your game after getting it at the midnight sale. But now we have 60 GB day one patches, weak specs, still pay for online play and there are constant massive OS updates that keep you from playing whenever you want. It's such a joke how consoles just threw it all away.

  9. 8 hours ago, Mr Grim said:

    H3s sandbox is on the weaker side but at least it's balanced. The autos aren't fuckstrong even after the 10% damage buff, and the power weapons are weaker than halo 2s and harder to aim with. 

    H3's rockets are a complete joke and there quite literally isn't anything interesting aside from BR, Snipe, Rockets and Shotty/Sword/Mauler, but even that is a stretch. Of course this isn't an issue for MLG kids, but honestly a 3-gun game just isn't proper Halo to me (insert joke about CE 1-gun gaem). A decent plasma rifle, plasma pistol and shotgun would not hurt the game in any way.

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  10. Just now, Jake Teh Nub said:

    Why the hell is stopping AFK people from searching not a top priority for 343? How fucking hard can it be to stop it?

    Their "fix" was to punish people who aren't touching their controllers while searching MM. In-game you can afk all day. Meanwhile H5 has had afk detection and booting all along so they definitely know how to do it. 

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  11. 7 minutes ago, Mow said:

    Sounds like r/halo bait, talking about playable Elites and Falcons for entire paragraphs. As a whole it doesn't sound super unrealistic, but at the same time there's no proof so it's borderline useless.

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