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  1. 50 minutes ago, Boyo said:

    Sprint and Grapple are activated by their own dedicated buttons.  Clamber is activated by the jump button while airborne.  If you had the authority, what would you replace those abilities with?  

    Clamber: Wall Kick

    Sprint: Ping button / commo rose from battlefield

    Grapple: I would just leave it for equipment like grav lifts which is IIRC what they're going for


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  2. 27 minutes ago, HeX Reapers said:

    People are saying that you may be able to shoot out of sprint without penalty and that it's an animation that plays automatically at top speed after a few seconds of constant forward movement.

    Although kind of clunky, this is the an implementation I could get behind. Given that it's an illusion anyways, just make it a pure animation that can hopefully be disabled. I've always said increased FOV and more weapon sway would give us all the "benefits" of sprint.

  3. To all the people saying sprint is insignificant, you barely even saw it. There might be more ramp-up time and after that you go fater or some bullshit like sprinting with the magnum making you go faster. The fact it's there is already enough to know this game is a bust.

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  4. We're almost 9 months in and aside from the laundry list of broken aspects and shitty design decisions in MCC PC, the biggest thing that bugs me is that they promised MOD SUPPORT and have yet to do anything for the mod community aside from letting us disable anti-cheat. It's a total joke. Assembly is made by Zedd as a fan service/passion project and without it there wouldn't even be modding. 343 doesn't give us anything even though they 100% have the proper tools. Modding the game itself is needlessly complicated. Every patch so far has fucked with mods and the most recent one broke things completely if I understand correctly.


  5. Quote

    While not the full program we had envisioned, we have been working very closely with the community on nearly every facet of the project. From the earliest planning where we focused on broad feedback around art style and story to actual hands-on playtesting and focus feedback with confidential groups of community representatives over the past two years, Halo Infinite is being created in partnership with the community. The team is still working and assessing options for broader hands-on opportunities before launch and we'll share an update when we can, but this process doesn’t stop with launch. In fact, in many ways, feedback and community flighting will be even more important after launch as we partner together to continually evolve and update the game into the future.

    What a bunch of fucking horseshit. It's been five years of radio silence and pre-rendered "game engine" teasers and now they are way too late to reveal the game, and thus the flights will be meaningless stress tests. Where the FUCK was the community involved in any of this?

    Also we all know "after launch" means they cut corners at every possible place again and they're going to launch with a barebones PoS game. Remember guys, Reach PC audio will be flighted "shortly after launch" (8 months later it remains unchanged).

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  6. Sprint as an armor ability is just weird as fuck though. Any AA but jetpack has always bugged me, it just doesn't feel right. Also did we forget how broken h3's equipment was? Just because something spawns on the map doesn't mean it won't be broken.

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  7. 36 minutes ago, Obnokshus said:

    I don't understand what people like about The Pit other than it's a symmetrical map. The BR barely tickles the sniper which has access to major sightlines every which way. 

    Compared to maps like Middy, Warlock and Sanc you are very often "safe" on The Pit. The map is so segmented and has few actual power positions aside from snipe tower and maybe sword, plus you are never more than 6 feet away from cover. As long as you stay on your side of the map you very rarely get challenged and have a lot of time and margin of error when making decisions. The slow as shit timers also mean you're rarely in a rush to go somewhere and contest an item so crouching on your side of green is a valid strategy where you have very few weaknesses to expose.

    It's popular for the same reason Guardian and Lockout TS are somehow fan favorites. Playing tower defense and shooting people with a BR that barely does anything at range means it often feels like you're doing something to contribute to your team with very minimal brain power or mechanic skill required.

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  8. 54 minutes ago, Toastomgi said:

    You had to obtain a capture card in H3s era and still had more content pushed out then all other Halos combined.

    He might be trolling but this right here is just a straight fact. Granted H2 also had a respectable scene but H3 is where montages really started to become impressive and it hasn't been the same since.

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  9. 3 hours ago, xSociety said:





    "closer to H5 to appeal to the masses", yes the game that sold not even half on what the other mainline games sold totally "appealed to the masses". I got a headache just watching 20 seconds of that H5 gameplay posted above because I was reminded how dogshit the aiming and sound design in that game are and GOD DAMN that visual noise is insane. Even Mythic was ass aside from the maps and gametypes let's be real. The sandbox, movement and overall feel of H5 are all atrocious, I'd rather play H3 on cross-continental host than any form of H5.

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  10. 4 hours ago, Trajan said:

    Sounds like the "Halo Infinite Discussion" forum on Team Beyond is definitely the right place for you, glad you found us. :thinking:

    I think not settling for mediocrity is a good thing. Just taking out sprint and the other garbage doesn't automatically make a Halo game good, see H2A. 

  11. 28 minutes ago, SMARTAN 427 said:

    IMO even the Sniper feels clunky and unfun to use, itself. So 'hard' to use against a utility weapon than can neither reach out and touch it nor kill fast enough to put proper pressure on it.

    Yes that ROF is a joke and if the BR was an actual mid-range weapon or didn't have the slowest ROF in the series the sniper would be almost completely useless.

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  12. 17 minutes ago, Boyo said:

    What about Halo 3’s sandbox made it so good?  What did other Halos do wrong that Halo 3 did right?  

    The sniper. Everything else is ass. I suppose it's "balanced" but it's a similar balance to Modern Warfare 2 just instead of everything being OP everything is a pea shooter.

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  13. 2 hours ago, Warlord Wossman said:

    I can't speak for the banshee in Halo 5 but in Reach it really was a glass cannon, great damage output but as soon as 8 players focus fire it with DMR's it gets melted so quickly. Something about it didn't feel quite right, either your team of Timmies didn't shoot it at all and it felt like people just bomb respawn points or the banshee gets melted before it can do anything.
    Honestly not sure if anything flying is really needed in Halo.

    If it was harder to use, like Battlefields helicopters for example I would be fine with it. Really goes to show that your point a few days about Halo not being very well thought through is very accurate. Giving people the ability to fly AND have massive damage output (and in games outside of Reach also survivability) is just asking for issues. But hey we have a shiny alien spacecraft isn't that EPIC?

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  14. 1 hour ago, The Tyco said:

    All the energy shields they keep adding to vehicles can fuck off.

    Spot on. Although I wouldn't mind if the ghost had a destructible energy windshield instead of that giant hood that protects the driver and makes him invulnerable to attacks from the front.  (not my idea this has been posted before) 

    The fact they gave the Banshee an energy shield is just proof that they have no idea what they are doing. The Reach Banshee was at least sort of hard to use and a total glass cannon, the H5 Banshee is as strong on the offense but also tanks shots like a Wraith. The Wasp can also die in a fire. 

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  15. 13 hours ago, thdyingbreed said:

    I’d like to get peoples thoughts on the Mantis.

    Personally I think it’s the worst vehicle ever added into the franchise and completely ruins the perfect vehicle balance established by every other Halo game and it’s just  completely oppressive gameplay wise and ideally 343 would delete it but we all know that’s not happening.

    100% this. It's as oppressive as a tank but not fun to use or fight against in any way. Such a pointless addition to the sandbox. Honestly on most maps as soon as you enter the Mantis you can annouce to your team "I'm not going to die for the rest of this game" and just sit next to cover and be completely invincible to anything that isn't a laser (pretty sure it tanks at least two laser shots though) because of the completely ridiculous shield. At the same time it's super innacurate, slow, has low damage output and the only skill it requires is patience, because you get so bored you want to give in to the urge and actually push somewhere but then you get boarded.

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  16. 2 hours ago, NAK said:

    Pretty awesome how they will fix the H3 Hit-Reg a few months after it releases on PC so 95% of the people who play it don't care anymore. 


    From the way I read the recent development update they want to have flights with Hit Registration changes before changing anything with it (ie. they are going to initially ship the game in a knowingly janky state.)

    Imagine if we had a company in charge that was willing to learn from past mistakes. 

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  17. 1 hour ago, GoldenboyFTW said:

    Am I missing something here? The PC releases were not bad. They’re not the most optimized PC games (unlike H3, honestly) but nothing compared to the first launch. 

    We're still waiting for the audio fix for Reach, 8 months later. Viewmodels in Reach and H2A make the game quite literally unplayable on centered. We still can't use file share on PC, let alone save more than 50 items across all games (lul). The game still has a shit ton of optimization issues and crashes frequently for certain hardware configurations. CE launched in a shit state and never got fixed (we got skins though broooo). H2 launched in a hilariously shit state with the projectile glitch. All the games so far have been rushed pieces of garbage with 343 cutting corners left and right to somehow get them out. I don't know what to tell you man, this was again an intentionally rushed release in every way possible. Yes I aknowledge it isn't as bad as MCC2014, but then again what game is? Not really a good standard to live by.

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