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  1. @@Hitman There are these things called automatic weapons and vehicles. Also, the difficulty of aiming should increase as skill level increases because of the smooth strafing mechanics that are guaranteed to be in Halo 5. Ever played low level BTB or Team Slayer? The opponents just run straight towards you lobbing sticky grenades and throwing melees. The first step in Halo 5 is to remove these crutches. No more handicapped Spartans.


    Exactly this. What is even more important than lowering bullet magnetism is a good strafe. With a fast kill time BR, lower level players who can't aim like a god will still stand a chance, because - if the Matchmaking is any good - their opponents will have bad strafes which still allow for a fast kill. The opposite happens in high level games. Better strafes, but also better aiming.


    Edit: Why are good strafe mechanics guaranteed in H5?


  2. I know where your coming from and agree the 3 shot pistol in Reach Anniversary did not fit the sandbox. That's the thing, utility weapon kill times should be balanced against the sandbox they are designed to combat. Take the relation with the Sniper Rifle. I've always had the opinion utility weapons should be able to kill a bit quicker than the time it takes to fire 3 rounds of the Sniper Rifle. In CE the Sniper I think had 0.5 sec shot intervals and the pistol could kill in 0.6. So you had 2 chances with the Sniper kill a player that lands a 3 shot on you with a pistol. Then jump over to Halo 2 where you could nearly spam all 4 shots in the same time it takes to kill someone with a BR. There is a big contrast. Bungie I think got obsessed with the concept that having a go to weapon for all encounters would encourage dull gameplay and utility weapons suffered for it. And it continued in later games. I personally think they went about it all wrong.


    Not that I think CE had it perfect, just that I think it had it better, I much prefer a 0.7 sec shot interval for the Sniper like in H3 for example (Yes I watched that GDC video  ;)) and the CE pistol would kill too quick for that. A 4 shot wouldn't be to bad though and I am a fan of shallow 8 shot clips and 1 layer overshields for 1v1s, 2v2s.


    Faster kill times facilitate lower aim assists, imagine a 5 shot kill BR with low aim assist, yuck. The 2 go hand in hand, you wouldn't wan't just to buff blindly. Moving forward however I would be happy with something like this:


    With enough of an aim assist reduction such that 5 shot kills are the more common. Plus I could always play 4 shot magnum 110 damage 0.9 sec 1v1s in customs.


    Agree, IMO we could go even further. 1s, 4 shot (single or burst) hard to use. This allows for strong grenades, fast movement speed, strong weapon sandbox and therefore a more exciting and fair game.



  3. Well yeah, there are definitely way more factors at play, but it's still a relevant experience to the conversation.


    I'm also not sure it's "three times" easier, but when you can sweep, it's a huge advantage. I have a legit one-burst triple kill in my file share from a swat game. Essentially anyone standing in an area probably 10 feet wide would have been killed. That's just dumb for competition.


    With the risk of also playing devil's advocate here:


    We just never had a good burst fire weapon. All the BRs have >1.4s killtimes, the H2 and H4 BRs have ridiculous aim assist and magnetism, the H3 and H4 BRs have spread.


    I know what you mean, I also have a 2 for 1 BR clip in H3 saved somewhere (wasn't even SWAT lol), but that shit happens because of spread. I mean, look at the H4 DMR. Single shot, low spread, sounds good? Still super easy to use and no good for competitive Halo.


    With all said, single shot > burst fire, as flashy and cool as the BR feels and looks single shot is better for hit registration, consistency and aiming skill gap.

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  4. Explain.


    • In H1 and H2 everyone just accepted that there was a Sniper on S3 Lockout, a Sword top mid on Midship etc. Developers had to get their shit together pre-launch. Since H3, everyone and their mom has their own opinion on maps, spawn placement, spawn zones and weapon placement, so every tournament league, every playlist etc. will have different settings.


    • We still have Onslaught and Amplified in the MLG playlist instead of Citadel, a solid 'disk' map.


    • Team Throwdown settings: Every map had their weapons, spawns and geometry altered immensely, it leads to further segregation between casual and competitive and makes the game less fun to play, because I have to learn a completely new map.


    • Developers can ship piss poor maps (Reach, H4) and use Forge as an excuse. If Bungie had to properly remake Sanctuary and Blood Gulch for Reach we would have been so much better off than with Asylum and Hemmorhage.


    • In H4 Team Slayer you can have 3 different weapon sets per map (Infinity, Legendary, Pro TS) or so I've heard (sorry I don't play H4)


    • The Prisoner remake in Reach had a badly placed spawn zone for all gametypes that forced spawns on red side for SIX MONTHS! Such sloppiness would be inexcusable if the dev couldn't respond with: "you can just go in forge and delete it HURR DURR"


    • In the anniversary mappack, there were 2 different version of every map leading to great confusion and wasted dev time. Why? Forge


    • The Forge maps we got so far are so bland and boring it hurts my eyes. We still don't have a terrain or weather editor either.

    TL;DR: it adds another billion variables to good settings and mostly it gives developers the perfect excuse to ship crappy maps.

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  5. I hate Haven, Zealot and Countdown

    I like H3 because of projectile weapons

    I think slayer in 'modern' Halos (since 2/3) is boring to play and watch

    The DMR is a bad starting weapon

    Abandon is the worst map I've ever played on, hate it with a passion and can't understand why it's in TTD, Snowbound >>>>>

    The Anniversary settings are better than Reach v7 (GP is better than both though)

    I don't really care about a wide skill gap as long as the game is fair and enjoyable (which kinda overlaps with being competitive)

    I think Reach's BTB was awesome aside from Heavies, Spire and Boneyard

    H3's campaign was the best

    I don't like most of HCE's campaign

    I think Forge was a bad idea

    I think Multi Team is an amazing playlist

    R.I.P. Reach Action Sack, murdered by 343i

    R.I.P. Anniversary BTB and FFA, also murdered by 343i

    I think all Halo games should also come out on PC

  6. The thing about the maps is, while I now realize the maps weren't the best for competitive play, most were very fun for everything else.


    I can't think of a single map that would make me want to leave every time it's picked, but in every Halo game after, there's a pretty decent amount to say the least.


    Also, in Halo 3, it just seems like there was more thought put into where the weapons were placed compared to the map layout than there were in the later games, where we got Swords and Shotguns on Countdown and Sword Base, a Plasma Launcher on Hemmorhage, a Fuel Rod Cannon on Solace, 2 Snipers on Adrift, several weirdly placed weapons on BTB Boneyard and Spire, and even more weapons and vehicles in Halo 4 BTB than even the heavies variants of the past.


    Agree 100%. Reach MM was so bad mostly because of the map layouts at launch.


    • 2 Scorpions on Hemorrhage with no counter other than the sniper (great game design)
    • 2 Tanks and 2 Banshees on Paradiso
    • 3 Banshees on Spire when Elite Slayer was in BTB (dat playlist management)
    • Spire and Boneyard have very weird weapon placement, basically "players have to flip every rock to find a sniper"
    • Plasma Launcher on The Cage, later replaced by rockets
    • No power weapon besides the Sword on Zealot still to this day
    • Sword and shotty on a map like countdown...
    • GL, Sword and Shotty on Sword Base
    • Anchor 9 also has no remarkable power weapon

  7. I've been modding H2 Vista and found a good comprimise for the Burst vs Semi Auto BR:


    • Double the rate of fire (from 900 RPM to 1800 RPM) and slightly decrease the firing delay in between bursts (from 0.26s to 0.22s)
    • 50% aim assist and magnetism.
    • 0° degrees of error (spread)




    1s killtime. Very quick bursts that have the single shot feel, making time on target required in between single shot and burst fire, also sweeping for the headshot is less effective. Despite what I thought, the quick bursts don't feel weird and it's also not a trigger spam rifle (like the carbine / NR can feel like at times, no offense to carbine lovers)


    Unfortunately these mods only work in campaign as far is I know, so it's hard to tell if such weapon could work in multiplayer.

  8. Yes i would like that and yes you would like that but think of the more casual players and how Not having skill will stop them from ranking up.


    i think the best kind of system would be a mix of H3 and Reach  (exp)  Eclipse Level 30 or Mythic Level 50  (So Reach Rank for Wins then H3 1-50 Ranks for skill )




    H2 system for skill ranks, H3 for XP and military ranks (players need XP and Skill for a specific rank) and Reach's credit system for buying armor, skins etc.

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  9. A lot of you are saying get rid of the DMR completely, or scrap other weapons. I stated that they should bring back the reach DMR no bloom and H3 BR, because regardless of the mechanics I highly doubt they will leave the BR or DMR out of the game. Point is they tried to make a new DMR and BR and failed miserably… I don't think 343 deserves another chance and they need to take the weapons from the older games, including H2/H1, that we know and love…. Also sniper descope/flinch... I don't even want to think about it. If they take anything from H4, Halo will probably never come back because it will just show the competitive community that they have cease to care about us. 


    If the 3x zoom DMR is in Halo 5 or the H3 BR I'm not buying.

    Both kill too slowly, the H3 BR has spread and the DMR is too easy to use at range.

  10. Here's a better question... What was good about Halo 3?


    Graphic / art style

    Shot leading (hitscan is boring and too easy)

    Sniper rifle

    Aim Assist on most weapons

    Custom powerup

    HUD and UI


    File Sharing

    Grifball / Infection and other minigames

    Best theater we ever had

    Missile Pod


    Matchmaking was actually fair (social too)

    Best textures in any Halo, the beauty, the detail is unmatched, Reach is dull and gray mostly, H4 is so washed out and blurry

    Brute Chopper

    Ranking system, mostly the XP part (H2's skill ranks were better)

    Some maps were good

    Weapon sounds were better than H4, but worse than the other Halos

    It's fun to play!

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  11. How does the aim assist affect each individual bullet in burst mode? If it applies to all three, then there is three times the aim assist.


    Don't really see the problem here?


    Friction / "sticky enemy" auto aim only affects the reticle, doesn't matter which firing mode.


    Bullet magnetism does factor in each individual bullet, but the single shot also does 3x as much damage, so it's actually justified that each bullet gets magnetism.

  12. H3 BR > Pre-TU DMR

    85% bloom post patch DMR > H3 BR



    Other question, what does everyone think about this:


    Rifle that kills in ~1s, 4sk with 12 shots per clip, aim assist akin to H3 BR and CE Pistol.


    Players can choose firing mode, burst or semi-auto in options.


    EDIT: Also, not hitscan, zero spread, RRR of H1 pistol

  13. What do you all think of the Gauss Hog? I think there are two main ways to balance it (make it more skillful).

    1) Completely remove all bullet magnetism.

    2) Make it a charging weapon like the Spartan Laser.


    Low AA + magnetism, especially at range.


    Shoot a projectile, like H2 and H3.


    How about some strong grenades? If we could flip vehicles with nades they would be far more balanced


    And all the other vehicle fixes discussed above (Ability to shoot it off spawn)

  14. Because the current developers are unable to design base mechanics that support both 1v1s and 16v16s.


    Halo 4, despite the stupid vehicle mechanics, spawning with PPs and stickies and other stupid bullshit was actually a rather fun game when it came to BTB, because that's the ONLY way it was playable. Most of mechanics that make sense on big maps didn't make the slightest sense whatsoever for anything smaller than 4v4. 343 does not understand that you can take a game and mechanics that revolve around close quarter combat and scale it up to make it work in 8v8 or 16v16, but no matter how you look at it, you cannot fit a fucking tank on a map like Guardian or have sprint on Pit.


    That's why I think an invasion (Halofield, whatever you wanna call it) Playlist or playlist category (if they ever return LOL) would be so much better because we could organize things. Reach and H4 are so chaotic in their playlist and gametype structure.


    I'd love to see something like this:


    Matchmaking >>> Playlist >>>>


    >Ranked (XP and Skill)


    If you want to compete


    > Social (XP)


    If you want to relax and have a good time


    > Invasion (Could have its own credit system)


    If you want large scale chaotic epic battles


    Ranked and social are traditional Halo, like the trilogy, Invasion gets all the crazyness (Sprint, Loadouts, spawn on squad m8s, different races, AI, Ordnance etc.)


    But as Lemon said, we can't trust 343i to do this. They would just slap invasion gameplay into all playlists, remove radar in one of them and call in Team Hardcore and call it a day.

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  15. No PTFOing was just as much of a problem in BF3. Rush is a pretty weak gametype in the series because of this IMO. CTF suffers from the same problem, Obliteration, Dom and Conquest seem to flow better. I agree that the whole unlocking and ribbon collection stuff is not helping at all, there is literally zero benefit to sacrificing yourself for the teams good. Heck, to improve your skill rating you don't even have to win the match or capture ANY objective.


    Team balancing and skill-based MM is a problem with 24-64 players on a server with people constantly ragequitting and joining. As soon as one team gets the upper hand, people start leaving.


    The issue at hand is no quit penalty, no incentive to stay and no team spirit. It's a team game played by lone wolves. I honestly thing BTB in Halo is better with the limited amout of players, because there is still some coordination going on, a commander in BF4 can't do jack shit and doesn't help at all, most useless feature ever.


    My overall option:


    the game launched horribly on PC (all platforms afaik) but it's slowly getting better.


    The maps are an improvement from BF3 and the ground vehicle balance is pretty damn solid. I like the new tank shells and the IFV stuff, staff shell needs to go though.


    On the other hand, air vehicles and the anti air (launchers and AA tank) are horribly out of balance, the attack jet rapes everything, scout heli with repair is OP, attack helis and stealth jets are useless, AA tank dominates the entire map etc.

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  16. Then you have all that wasted development time for literally one playlist in the entire game.


    Better than wasting resources building mid sized maps to please everyone (Complex, Exile, Adrift, Narrows, Construct, Boardwalk etc.)


    Best case scenario IMO is to focus on 4-8 players on one side (70% of maps and playlists) and 16-20 on the other (BTB and Invasion). My biggest problem is the amount of mid sized maps that no one likes.


    Invasion would be cool IMO because all the ordnance, sprint and loadout stuff could be put in there and not ruin the entire game like Reach and H4.

  17. You spread the game too thin at that point, and then leave nobody happy.


    Why? Just keep it in one Invasion playlist and have the rest of Halo intact. Reach had Invasion-only maps and gametypes as well.


    Yes Boneyard and Spire were in BTB, but come on they didn't work in the slightest

  18. Spartans vs Elites vs Knights, players can unlock skins and armor while playing, lots of vehicles, 12-32 players with Scarabs, Mammoths and War Sphinxes.


    And if you're tired of it you switch playlist and play 4v4 ranked TS on good maps with a utility rifle that takes ~1s to kill a guy with perfect accuracy.


    We can all dream right?

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