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  1. 2 hours ago, Hard Way said:

    I've suggested multiple times to to give an XP bonus for being in game chat. You should also get an XP bonus for partying up with people that aren't on your friends list yet, like back in H3, but that would require the party up system again. We're literally at the point where the game needs to incentivize you to make friends. It's sad to think about, because I remember how social H2 was. 

    On PC you can't invite randoms after a game. You can't add them as friends. You can't party up. So even if you met the coolest dude in a game you will never play with them again because there's no way to do so. That's how you build a community in 2019 I guess.

    "Ready when it's ready" is the bigger meme than "exactly as remember it".

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    36 minutes ago, Doodlepop said:

    Do people just not use game chat in Halo anymore? I spent a good chunk of my day playing MCC yesterday and heard literally two people speak the entire session. It was in one game of Reach Hardcore, both on my team. One person was an actual person who was actually calling out and contributing. The other was some Spanish guy who seemingly didn’t know how to mute his mic, who was having a conversation with what sounded like 10 other people in the room. I play COD in game chat all the time and there’s always a good amount of people talking in every match.


    Regardless, props to the guy who contributed call outs in that Sanc CTF game, he was the real MVP yesterday.

    Xbox party chat and the game rewarding individual performance instead of working together and winning as a team killed this. 

    The only social interaction I get in MCC PC matchmaking is getting called an idiot or the n word in the text chat (which cannot be disabled or muted btw and takes up half of your screen) for not helping people stat or boost XP. Or the occasional edgelord blaring music through their mic. 

  3. 41 minutes ago, Arlong said:

    YAY! Element is coming back! 


    40 minutes ago, Warlord Wossman said:

    aren't they known to say a lot of things that never happen tho? also changing Penance TS to a boring slayer map won't save the settings lol

    The funny part is "in partnership with the community", where the hell was that communicated? I think Element is a solid although rather dull map and this still doesn't solve the other issues like BC Slayer, Sanc's broken sightlines due to no raised cars etc. etc.

    And yes this could all be total bs for all we know.

  4. 36 minutes ago, Apoll0 said:

    Has anybody modded the DMR to be projectile yet?

    For the goldpro mod we tried it and it totally works but we decided to use a projectile pistol as the starting weapon and 4sk hitscan DMRs as map pickups so they actually have different roles and it establishes the "mid-range marksman rifle" role a little better.

    No weapon in Reach is actually "hitscan", it's just projectile set to a ridiculously fast speed like all Bungie games. Currently the pistol is somewhere in between the CE Magnum and H3 BR in projectile speed and feels very solid.

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  5. 10 hours ago, Nokt said:

    Nobody responded to me asking for competitive forge maps, so I'm finding whatever I can. Funny enough I ran into a post about Aiden that has you and Multi in it. Can't find that map anywhere though :/

    There's definitely a lack of good 4v4 forge maps especially for TS. I guess forgers just gave up after all the "grey = bad" complaining by MLG kids and switched to 1v1 and 2v2 because its easier to set up lobbies.

    Memento might work for TS given its size, Oversoul is good for bomb and then there are the Sanc and Warlock remakes.

    10 hours ago, Hard Way said:

    I think it’s gotten to the point where, no matter what changes are applied to Penance, no one will accept that map. I think, in the court of public opinion, that Penance is a lost cause.

    You'd have a higher chance of ending the weird tradition of pushing TS as the main gametype and replacing Penance TS with CTF on Onslaught than ever getting MLG/HC players to accept Penance as a solid map. Even if we fixed the layout with something like rockets in pit, GL somewhere that isn't top mid, 60s camo at red, more cover at shotty lift and some added teleporter cheese they would still hate it because 1) it's asymmetrical and 2) it's purple, but not a midship remake (like Zealot is according to 95% of the Reach population). At this point, just get someone to remake Simplex or Station 9 and replace Penance with that.

    What I find weird though is that Creek KOTH is also catching a ton of hate. TS on that map is broken because of red advantage that is only exacerbated by trying to make it symmetrical (lul that 2nd snipe and no powerups) but why does Koth get shit on too? I don't get it.

    9 hours ago, Jmacz said:

    Just had a conversation with a friend that made me remember something I had forgotten about.

    Was there a reason we didn't use Citadel as a map in the MLG settings back in the day for H3? I remembered always liking it and thinking it would be a far better slayer map than Pit, Guardian, or even Narrows. But I don't remember them ever even considering it.

    Am I just dumb and the map was bad, or did they just kind of ignore it?

    Because change is hard. It's a new map, pros and MM kids will always be opposed to learning new maps that could upset their chance of winning, which is why pros should have zero input on competitive settings to begin with.

    There were also two great collections of maps on Sandbox that were completely ignored (MLG H3 Forge Forum Map Pack 1 & 2 for those interested). People even remade the abominations known as Ons and Amp on Sandbox just to add some variety to the visuals, guess what they were ignored. It's not like they had an excuse, because all DLC was included in the ODST MP disk. How did Narrows and Pit TS make the v8 settings? No idea. At least we got Guardian Ball back, what a joke removing that was.

    People on Beyond also tried to push for (or at least discuss) a change when H3 was added to HCS after H5 finally died, but nothing came of it. At that point it was also nostalgia pandering. With Reach being more recent I thought we had more of a shot, also because some maps are obviously flawed and could be improved with a few Forge changes (raised cars on Sanc for example). But I guess complaining about it on twitter and reddit and getting 343 to lower the weighting of the maps is a better way to go about it, I honestly expect them to remove Penance from HC in the next useless patch they give us.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Humpflung said:

    Because V7 Reach is one of the best competitive settings across the Halo franchise and Hardcore PC players, AKA PUBG and CS players could have enjoyed it and see what comp Halo can be. 

    Instead all the comp players plugged in their controllers and think the game is going to be taken seriously. 

    They're 100% wrong. There is a reason the franchise has been dead for 10 years.

    Isn't "missed potential" and "the Halo franchise" basically synonymous by now? Every single game could've been massively improved with a tiny patch and some common sense when it comes to settings and playlist management. Halo on PC has been a meme since its inception so it doesn't suprise me in the slightest that Reach was simply ported to PC with all the garbage mechanics it always had. Hell, I'm surprised they turned off motion blur and the film grain and gave us ONE graphic settings option.

    Ever since the announcement, the only thing I was looking forward to in Reach is modding and getting people interested in GoldPro customs again. That and the occasional fucking around in BTB or Invasion (premier ranked eSports experience btw).

  7. 2 hours ago, Noodle said:

    This discussion has gone off track into a DMR/BR debate, the only attempt I've seen to schedule testing had no responses, the Discord is quiet, and the closest thing we had to a leader here hasn't been around since that failed attempt to schedule testing.

    It looks like v8 isn't happening, do we want to at least try to test out a new Penance or replacement for it (Element?) to make it more tolerable or should we just stick to bitching about it and demanding change without presenting tested alternatives?

    People would rather complain about Penance and Creek on reddit/twitter for the rest of their lives than ever use a few of their braincells to make some suggestions how the settings could be improved or *gasp* actually show up and test some settings. v7 will be the final Reach comp settings in MM. Just like H3 v8 still has some absolute dogshit maps and gametypes in there despite the existence of some damn good forge maps on Sandbox.

    It also doesn't help that thanks to the comp settings in the last decade+ of Halo we can't ever use an item timer that is lower than 120s. Or add an asymmetrical map to the rotation that isn't a remake.

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  8. 18 minutes ago, Ramirez77 said:

    Game was peaking at around 150k players at launch and is down to 41k now.  Granted there's always going to be more people playing right at launch but I remember just a few days past that it was down to 90k, and here we are now at half that.  He might be being hyperbolic but the drop is very real.

    Like always you could blame any number of factors.  Given the excessive, ridiculous amount of bitching permeating the entire internet about DMR starts and the rabid defense over console aim assist I'd personally see that as the more likely culprit (obviously not that I agree with them).  Or people just finally realizing that...it's Reach. 

    If people seriously expected Reach to maintain 100k on PC for years to come that's on them I'd say. Of course the population was going to drop hard after a week. Let's also not forget that over 50% of the Halo population plays campaign and nothing but campaign. Why would they return to the game after finishing it? FF is boring and repetitive and Reach's core MP is complete dogshit and even with perfect mouse aiming and MKB only MM the population would've plummeted.


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  9. Just now, S0UL FLAME said:


    GPMA has the capacity to be better than Combat Evolved in every category with mods. You've only scratched the surface and it's already arguably better than what the community has had to burden through for the last nine years.

    It's already better in 4v4 and objective because the spawn system isn't aids lol. Now if only we could get a lobby going.

    And yeah it's the best Halo I've ever played because sadly no one LANs CE around where I live.

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  10. 11 minutes ago, xSociety said:

    What is Reach GPMA and do you have a video of the gameplay?

    It stands for Gold Pro Mod Arena, a mod Sitri has been working on with me, Warlord Wossman and Killmachine testing it. The name started as a meme but kind of stuck. You also joined the GoldPro discord right? It's the PC mod we've been playing all week. Basically: Faster strafe + movement, complelte sandbox overhaul, no melee lunge, 3sk projectile pistol starts, fixed the obnoxious viewmodels, CE style grenades, faster shield recharge and many more changes. We're trying to get 4v4s lobbies going this weekend if you're interested. It takes less than two minutes to mod the game if you have the steam version and customs have been a blast so far.

    Gameplay can be found on the channel:




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