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  1. 9 minutes ago, The Tyco said:

    Soo fucking much this. Low level coordination would skyrocket. Radar could finally die. Bitching about no mikes or party chat players? Gone. There's only improvement with its existence. All for the small price of replacing the button some shitty mobile mechanic would have gone.

    Could just use the D-Pad and finally end the nonsense of changing grenade types being on D-Pad.

  2. 15 minutes ago, The Tyco said:

    I would trade every shitty conceivable mobility mechanic in Halo for an Apex Legends style comm wheel/tag system. Can you imagine the utterly MASSIVE improvement to general teamwork it would bring? I can. Such an awesome system that would make any Halo better.

    Everyone is placed in a 4 man squad, in order to reduce spam in larger teammodes. Player abusing it? Have a mute ping option.

    Enemy here.

    Guarding here.

    Going here.

    Watching there.

    Enemy was here.

    (Insert weapon) here.

    Need ammo.

    Follow me.

    Stay here.

    They could do this and sell us different character voices for $20 a pop, for all I care. Do it.

    Could even add stuff like "hold this position" or "attack the objective" so people in general MM can play objective without the headless chicken approach.

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  3. 3 hours ago, Mow said:

    Does this also class as tom fuckery? I find it hard to believe that if it wasn't for spread this dude wouldn't have been dead 10 times over.

    The quality makes it hard to see but at the end he sits completely still while I shoot 2 shots directly at his forehead.

    Hard to tell if it's shitty registration or spread, but that clip just made me angry watching it lol.

  4. 3 minutes ago, _Synapse said:

    Some Youtube channel's video on the state of MCC PC. Apparently, Reach just barely manages to hold 4-5K concurrent players, while CE's addition now holds around 10K concurrent players. 

    It's hilarious, because despite CE being much older and unattractive graphically, it's more than holding it's own against Reach, a much more graphically impressive title. 

    I haven't checked myself on steam, so I may be an idiot here. Point still stands though

    Oh I thought they somehow have individual stats for the games. Yeah you can just look that up on steamcharts:


    Looks like CE gave it quite a bump, but it's also still kind of "fresh". Reach also held 10k for a month so we'll see in the long run.

  5. Imagine holding on to gameplay for years on end to reveal it at a conference that ended up getting cancelled. Also safe to say that the promised "flights" are just going to be server stress tests and beta versions for marketing purposes because no way in hell are they going to make actual changes 2-3 months before release.

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  6. 2 hours ago, Hard Way said:


    That's my understanding of it. I don't know if this ever got changed with any of the updates, but the consensus years ago was that if you could hear your zoom sounds, you were host, which meant you were at a magnetism disadvantage. I'm not sure what actual dedicated servers has done to this theory bc tbh I never pay attention to it. I just know that it was at least at one point a useful piece of information.


    @Basu here's a real gem from a recent play session: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/hard-vvay/video/91501322

    Dude exactly. This kind of shit happens way too often. I sometimes get tricked into people having OS even if I have it or it isn't even up just because an enemy tanks 12 shots. Or sniping someone straight in the face at close-medium range and they take no damage. Or how rockets sometimes don't even make people one-shot but send them flying instead. Ugh, why?

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  7. 1 hour ago, _Synapse said:

    Unrelated Topic

    Anyone else find it hilarious how MCC CE, despite all of it's imperfections, bugs, and lack of hype, managed to hold more than MCC Reach's concurrent population on Steam? 

    The main takeaway for 343 from this should be that people really don't want Reach style gameplay to return. 

    Not that I expect that specific direction from them, but nonetheless.  

    Source on this?
    I'm not suprised, CE's gameplay aside from jump delay and the spawn system (aside from 2s) is damn near perfection. Even 343 launching it three times with the worst hit detection in any FPS I've ever played can't make that go away.

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  8. 35 minutes ago, Shekkles said:

    I'm down for Halo 2. Whatever they've done to the searching on PC I only get Australian or East Asian Servers and they are sooooooo much better than playing on US which is all I get on Xbox. When Halo 2 drops I'll finally be able to play on decent connection consistently.

    I'm actually getting consistent EU servers in CE, it's mindblowing. Did they finally fix the server selection?

  9. 4 hours ago, _Synapse said:

    What does this forum think about semi-static weapon spawn timers? 

    Imagine Pit TS, but all the power weapons / powerups are forcibly spawned at 5:00, and then proceed to spawn at twice their original rate. 

    You could even have certain weapons/powerups begin to spawn on maps only after a certain amount of time has passed, and then at regular static intervals. 

    It'd make map metas a lot more interesting. Imagine something like construct going from an obnoxiously top-heavy map to a bottom-heavy one after a certain amount of tim has elapsed. 

    I'd say it's more efficient to just play and design maps that don't require fixes like these to even work, but the concept does have potential.

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  10. 40 minutes ago, Faeyrin said:

    If they're not afraid of pushing out patches of that size, I guess it's not actually beyond the realm of possibility of them adding new cosmetics to all the games when new seasons come around. Archaic tag system of the Blam! engine be damned.

    Get ready for armor effects in CE, lads. :walshy:

    Pretty sure they already announced there won't be any seasons for CE and probably also H2.


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