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  1. It was after MLG decided to go NBNS. Ogre2 was afraid it would change the meta (which his team was dominanting before) so that's when the no bloom equals no skill tweet happened. No I don't have a link because it was probably deleted 9 years ago.
  2. It was after MLG decided to go NBNS. Ogre2 was afraid it would change the meta (which his team was dominanting before) so that's when the no bloom equals no skill tweet happened. No I don't have a link because it was probably deleted 9 years ago.
  3. Someone post the clip where Strongside gets excited and then forgets to stop yelling for a solid minute.
  4. If the delay was less than six months they would've just rushed it out incomplete like most of 343s releases. This is a holiday 2021 release, maybe September if we're lucky.
  5. Those SCAR-H and Five-Seven ripoffs look so generic it hurts. Also real talk: What niche within the sandbox is a precision auto going to occupy? They're either going to make it strong as fuck "but it spawns on the map brooo" like the vanilla H5 SR/SMG or it's going to be a useless redundant PoS like most of Halo's autos, there's no in between here. Two decades of Halo sandbox development (failures mostly) to look back on and learn from, but no, 343 still can't come up with something meaningful.
  6. I kinda can't believe Microsoft would be too cheap to pay UE4 fees and would prefer a 6+ year gap between Halo games, the loss of revenue has to be massive especially given that will likely be another shitstain entry in the franchise and won't blow people away and bring the hype back like everyone expected Infinite to do.
  7. Staten coming in is probably a good thing, just half a decade too late.
  8. People are still thinking of the 360 days when talking about consoles it feels. The Xbone was most definitely not sold at a loss and is such a massive brick that you can't tell me with a straight face that it's easier to setup or portable. Let's also not forget the constant useless OS updates that keep you locked out of the system for 15-20 minutes every time you start the thing. Maybe the Series X (dumbass name btw) will improve things slightly but with Halo on PC/becoming a completely irrelevant franchise and PC not having to pay for XBL like a cuck I don't see any reason to buy an Xbox. The xbone was the biggest waste money in my entire life.
  9. I'd love to see how much of that 500 million budget was wasted on these two years. They could've easily fixed MCC and made a faithful H3A with that time and money . It's just a typical corporate move to go for the token gesture instead of fixing the actual issue. How many huge companies change their logo to a rainbow for pride month or posted an empty black picture for BLM but still have rampant sexism, racism and homophobia going on? In their eyes it's always easier to go for the path of least resistance even if it hurts them in the long run. Especially 343 seems to be incredibly out of touch. Remember when they announced country flags skins for h5 but then decided to shelf them because "we're in difficult times?". Or when they added the Emile poster to Steam for black history month, even though maybe 1% of the community even knew the dude was black and most people just laughed at how out of touch 343. This cop light nameplate thing is just a continuation of the #fellowkids story. I can kind of appreciate the message, but as you said they refuse to see the massive elephant(s) in the room. Halo has always had a ton of toxicity online and giving players unrestricted text chat with no report, mute or block function and leave it like that for almost a year by now is just comically naive.
  10. Rofl, this is so 343. That playlist was hot garbage and they permanently turned the BR and the gunfighter into piece of shit weapons just for that test. Also I 100% be343ve they wasted 3+ years on UE4 and then turned around to deliver yet another barebones game that only sells because it has Halo in the title. Wow. Thanks for the intel drop, it confirms everything I already suspected and in hindsight makes all the "DAE MYTHIC IS A TESTING BED FOUR INFININITEEE??" idiots look smart, it's pure comedy gold.
  11. Unless something drastically changes in terms of mod support this will not work. The host and the clients need the modded maps. If a unmodded player joins they either end up with a weird hybrids game state where half the values are modded and others aren't (we've had people basically cheat using this because your magnum will shoot faster but sync the hosts damage) or if there are tag injections their game will simply crash. I haven't been paying super close attention to the dev updates but I'm almost certain there are no concrete plans for mod support like that, it's still vague what they're actually planning to do with mod support.
  12. Another ShyWay with a god awful take on sprint, time is a flat circle.
  13. I keep hearing praise for that game at it's baffling.
  14. If there are still no management changes after this shitshow I will seriously question what Microsoft is doing.
  15. Watch them only improve the graphics and keep all the weak-ass gameplay decisions and generic weapon designs. I still have basically no hope for this game, because with the massive mismanagement over there 6 years won't do the trick either. However this is good news for the developers there because fuck crunch time during a pandemic. Maybe they are even finally going to realize rushing their games out for a holiday sale and releasing two weeks before the next CoD game is not the brightest of ideas. Speaking of which, isn't it odd we still don't know shit about CoD 2020?
  16. If you need bullet mag to get a 3sk anywhere on the body with a 900 RPM weapon I got some bad news for you. CoD might have wonky netcode and quite a bit of AA on console, but it doesn't have Halo's bullet mag or Overwatch's ridiculous hit boxes.
  17. Idk this was a pretty good take. 343's hitmarkers are some A grade eye cancer.
  18. You can easily mod this in reach and it's pretty hilarious. Adding stun to the PR also stuns the evading player so he will just roll in place.
  19. We to be fair it still had cancer like nade hitmarkers, shit spawns, no descope, a pretty bad forge compared to Reach, power ups that have to be actually picked up (lmao 343),garbage sandbox and other issues. I liked H4 customs but essentially calling people who didn't like it nostalgiafags is a little short sighted.
  20. Honestly it's kinda impressive how they made H4 in 2-3 years while also transferring over tech and knowledge from Bungie, building a studio at the same time and using the spaghetti blam engine. The game was obviously complete shit from a design standpoint but the graphical fidelity and amount of content were impressive given the circumstances. It seems things only got worse from that point.
  21. In H4 assault was just a grifball variant and in H5 I don't even know what the fuck they did, weren't oddball and assault the same gametype? Truly baffling how hard it is for these clowns to port over existing gametypes. They don't even have to be in MM or have maps built around them, but to just completely leave them out and not provide a basic functioning variant of them in all games moving forward just reeks of ignorance and poor allocation of resources. Also whatever the fuck happened to extraction? The one redeeming quality of H4 MP has just been erased from existence.
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