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  1. I think I need counseling after reading the last few pages.
  2. Holy mother of god that is an awful mechanic. Kudos for finding that. The people over at Bungie were really smoking some weird shit by the time they were working on Reach. I wonder if Reach on 60 FPS, no fucking motion blur and with v7 or GoldPro settings will finally redeem that game. I fully agree that Reach is utter garbage (vanilla Reach is the worst way to play Halo, period. This includes Super Fiesta and Warzone) and even "fixed" Reach always felt weird to play.
  3. Get shots with a sniper once and tell me there's no flinch. Reticle instantly flicks towards the sky and it made Team Snipers a total chore to play.
  4. Battlefield did the "vehicles spawn on conquest flags" thing and it was largely a disaster because exactly as @EddyAOS says it just creates endless snowballing. If the team with control of the map gets access to free Phaetons, Tanks, Nornfangs and shit the game will be decided within the first few minutes.
  5. And it should be a BTB gametype, not a shoehorned in replacement
  6. This has been a thing ever since H5 dropped and 343 forced radar into competitive. There are actually people out there that think it's a good idea.
  7. Been saying that for ages. We should have a radar like CSGO or a spotting mechanic like Battlefield or Apex, not this stupid motion tracker that kills any sort of interesting close-mid range encounter.
  8. That sounds interesting and fully agree on quick respawn and static timers and of course the visual tell (fuck H3 especially in that regard). However I still can't think of an ability besides maybe jump boots/jetpack that isn't just frustrating to fight against. Thruster is just a garbage ability because it's way more frustrating to fight against that it is fun to use. Same goes for stuff like armor lock and phase shift.
  9. It's 5 seconds, plus H5 has some of the the easiest and most powerful weapons in Halo history. Halo montages turned into a really unfunny joke with H4 and H2A but H5 takes the cake with how stupidly easy it is to get a killtastrophe with your eyes closed. And don't get me started on Warzone spawnkilling montages.
  10. I just don't like having a dedicated AA button that goes unused unless you pick up a map item. Jetpack or Jump Boots or whatever works because you can bind it to "jump in mid air" but stuff like thrust doesn't work like that. How would usage be limited? Fuel, limited use, unlimited till death, is it dropped on death?
  11. An Overkill in H5 where you can go take a coffee break in between multikills that is.
  12. Very good post. Powerups have been criminally underused given how much potential they have. Oh my haven't even though of that. Would be crazy if someone managed to pull that off.
  13. Would you rather discuss ideas with people that have a similar interest and know what they're talking about or would you want to scream at a wall and compete with the average /r/halo tard for attention?
  14. I hate H5 as much as the next guy but the power weapons in that game are borderline broken. I mean Larry's right that it's mostly a clusterfuck of people running around on terrible oversized and cluttered maps. But let's face it that's mostly because of the bullshit abilities and the pistol being so useless at punishing people for running around like headless chicken and not because the power weapons are too weak. Literally the first time I'm reading that H5's power items aren't good enough.
  15. Gravity bow sounds interesting, not a huge fan of that target finder on the Beam Rifle tho.
  16. Yeah man go ahead I'm interested.
  17. yoo this comment needs more attention. This so fucking pathetic it's hysterical. Did they seriously use editing software to make it look like Halo is still split-screen compatible and then give the scene a very obvious "couch co-op" feel? How out of touch with reality are these dumbasses? Edit: rofl, video is gone. Another PR disaster for the Xbox One.
  18. Duude you just fucking solved it. I always thought a shock rifle in Halo would be fantastic but couldn't wrap my head around the button layout to make it not-stupid to use. Mapping it to zoom is awkward, mapping it to grenade makes it obviously impossible to throw nades, anything D-pad is clumsy, but reload + battery is the obvious solution.
  19. Perfect counter for the dumbass MuH NoSTaLGiA argument. I wish r/halo could have this as the pinned post.
  20. What does a picture of a gun that doesn't have bloom add to the discussion?
  21. We tested this in the H4 Promod lobbies back in the day and IIRC it was 50% of damage you deal gets returned as shields.
  22. How about a shield vampirism powerup? Would be way more interesting than dedicated heal guns or regen equipment.
  23. I don't mind bloom on autos but fuck bloom. spread, recoil and all that shit on "precision weapons"
  24. Didn't they get rid of all Infinity gametypes in H4 MCC? 🤔

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