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  1. That's just 343s servers. OG Reach had flawless hit detection even on bad P2P hosts.
  2. I'm not touching Reach outside of customs and HC. I've played roughly 5 games of default Reach on insider and already had enough. I actually remembered Invasion to not be as shitty but boy was I wrong. Anything with bloom is 100% unplayable especially on PC where precision is everything. The game is fairly fun to watch though. A little less so than H3 thanks to the dogshit maps and subsequent need for Forge maps, but I do enjoy seeing people fire guns that can shoot straight.
  3. It's also a big reason why the "MCC works for me" meme was/is a thing. The campaigns were mostly fine and the average no thumbs campaign kiddo wouldn't notice an issue. The only campaign problem I saw were speedrunners who had their OG glitches and superbounces/sword flying erased or peoplegoing for shit like LASO who had their progress erased. I think it's also why people on reddit look back fondly on Reach and H4. Not the best campaigns and shit like sprint and jetpack IMO also hurts campaign gameplay (I couldn't even bring myself to finish H5's campaign because it's so clunky to play plus the dumbass story) but overall they were still decent while the MP in both games was complete dogshit aside from Anniversary/ZBNS/GP customs.
  4. It's just that multi's long posts also offer a lot of insight and get a lot of points across clearly, they aren't just someone rambling on for five paragraphs.
  5. H3's problems are more technical than design flaws, aside from horrible BR spread of course. Neither game is optimal but H3 is much closer to good Halo than default Reach. v7/GP is great, but let's be real after a few weeks the Reach HC playlist in MCC will be a ghost town just like the current hardcore playlists, especially if they intend to launch Reach PC with the terrible audio, netcode issues, input lag and 60 FPS cap.
  6. It's such a great idea to use default Reach with bloom and AAs to introduce millions of people on a new platform to the Halo franchise. What could go wrong?
  7. I'm well aware of Halo's weird spot in between tactical and AFPS. But I think by now the original Halo formula has turned into a true classic and carved its own identity so that we can define "Halo" as almost its own kind of FPS. Obviously it shares many traits with other shooters, but at the same time can't turn Halo more "Tactical" or more "Arena" by tweaking a few knobs, because the entire thing quickly falls apart as we've seen with H4/5. For example, I think Breakout shows best how turning Halo more into a tactical shooter was just a complete shot in the foot. Fully agree on the "Chess 2" argument though. Not only was there nothing to "MoDerNiZE" aside from graphical and audio fidelity as well as QOL improvements, they also did it in the worst way possible. Using AAs in Reach/H4 always felt clunky af, bloom even more so. The new H4/5 abilities also clash pretty hard. Undeniably they spent thousands of man-hours getting the SAs to sort of work in H5, but ultimately it still feels like they were just shoved in there. Getting stuck in mid-air because I zoomed in with the sniper or having my shotgun jam for a second because I dared to move at full speed for a moment is not smooth game design. Also love the pizza and cake analogy. That's basically my argument, sorry if it was hard to follow lol. I'd rather get a cake and pizza alternating every two years than getting a gross cakepizza every three years.
  8. Random thought while playing CoD lately: Isn't it funny that 343 tried so hard to copy CoD to bring in tourist gamers, but ultimately dropped the ball even in that aspect and copied only superfluous bullshit and even that in the laziest way possible? - They gave us loadouts and create a class, but CoD has like 40 guns to choose from while Halo 4 had maybe 10? So they gave up on Halo's arena roots in the sanbox where each gun has its niche and created this messy "each niche has 4-5 guns in it" sandbox, but there are still not enough weapons to warrant a good loadout shooter. Stuck between a rock and a hard place. - Same for perks. The H4 and 5 Warzone perks are some of the laziest uninspired shit I've ever seen, plus we only get to choose two (H4) or one in H5. CoD kids want to create a class with synergy between guns/perks/attachments/equipment within in. Neither H4 nor H5s system allow that. - Speaking of Warzone, why the fuck is each attachment a SEPARATE WEAPON? People love the gunsmith in CoD or the class creation in Battlefield where again they can pick and choose attachments and find what works together, but in H5 you get ONE and it's usually a super meaningless one at that. - They were too lazy to design actual killstreaks in H4 and just made a care package that gave out random weapons and grenades, H5s REQ system also does basically the same thing if you think about it. Why no target locator / longsword airstrikes or a pelican gunship? I know these are shitty ideas for a proper Halo game but if you're making a CoD clone you might as well go all the way and copy what people actually like about CoD. I could go on, but bottom line is I think a CoD/BF clone in the Halo universe wouldn't be all that awful if 1) they stop with the half measures and go all the way because clearly hybrid CoD/Halo has failed mutliple times to attract an audience and 2) to quote Cursed Lemon "maybe you should make a fucking spinoff!". If H4 was a proper H3 sequel and then two years later they hit us with "Halo Warzone: Legends of Spartan Locke" or some bullshit like that and the entire game abandonded everything about Halo and was an actually good sci-fi modern miltary shooter I doubt people would've hated on it so much. I dream of a world where we have two developers alternating releases: Certain Affinity makes the mainline games that closely resemble what the trilogy did so well and then 343 comes up with a wacky spin off in between titles. Sorry for the rant but this is the shit I think about in the shower lol. TLDR: 343 needs to stop fence-riding and decide to either make Halo games or modern FPS ripoffs because the hybrid shooter isn't working.
  9. boo fucking hoo they have been ruining MM for close to nine years now. What I'd like to see is: Ranked has strict party restrictions: Teams will always match their exact equivalent. Maybe 3s vs two to2 could work too. Social can use Menkes "solution" that matches teams against randoms of higher skill. In H5's meaningless ranking system I think it tried to match to4 vs randoms of +500 skill. Although I'm pretty sure it only tries to do that and after 2 minutes of searching just goes back to the old bullshit way of matching.
  10. I literally had to google "halo tournament november 2019" to find out about dreamhack.
  11. It's just more evidence that no one at 343 plays Halo at a decently competitive level aside from the PR pro team, who likely play nothing but scrims or stomping randoms as a to4. I mean come on, you play five matches of Halo in Reach, H4, H5 or MCC and tell me teams matching randoms aren't a massive problem that undeniably had a hand in Halo's downfall over the last decade. They tried to hide who's in a party in recent games but it's still so obvious and easy to spot. Even casual shitfests like unranked Overwatch have team matching. It's baffling to me that they still think this is okay.
  12. If we can have multiple different slayer playlists we can sure af have a soloQ Team Arena playlist. Party restrictions would obviously be the best solution but 343 is allergic to those so a Mercenary Arena playlist is the best thing we can hope for.
  13. Twice? 1. CEA where they forgot the orignal MP 2. H4 3. MCC launch 4. H5 Honorable mentions: taking almost 4 years to finally get MCC to a playable state, HW2 with agressive microtransactions just like H5, all the lore shenanigans.
  14. "I'm planning on just playing the campaign and I will use a controller anyways so I don't see what the big issue is" - legit post I saw on reddit.
  15. The last PC flight was the most unstable PC game I've ever played and I was there for the launch of both BF3 and 4. The game crashed on me for picking up an Energy Sword once ffs. Loading maps was 50/50 of the game crashing. Alt tabbing to Desktop would crash the game. Also there were/are insane frame drops even on "normal" settings. Go top mid on Breakpoint and look towards the base where the spartans spawn and watch your game turn into a power point presentation. And before you say it, no I don't have a potato PC. I can play DOOM on Ultra and have consistent 200 FPS.
  16. But jetpack is just one dude, a permanent grav lift or even the H3 pickup GL would be way cooler and allow people to push the building together.
  17. Sprint is just as harmful in BTB. I'd actually say more harmful that something like 2v2 because if a dude runs away in 8v8 there's a 100% chance you're going to get bait-n-switched if you chase after him. Yay run or gun gameplay. Plus it also adds another variable to the infantry-vehicle balance which has been awful as is in all the recent games. How to do balance a vehicle if people can just fly across the map and board you? You need to buff it. Oh now it completely melts people who are just running normally. Hmm, let's add more lazy cover all over the map and create a maze of swiss cheese. But now people can easily hide behind a rock and board you. Hmm, let's make dedicated vehicle sections that are void of cover and totally useless for infantry combat. And that is how the BTB maps in Reach, H4 and the WZ in H5 came to be.
  18. It won't be fixed, but it won't be an issue because most people just play campaign and firefight and never even touch MP (especially "Team Hardcore", sounds scary bro) plus most people coming over from Xbox are just gonna use a controller and/or blame their own lack of mouse skill instead of the game. It will probably get fixed years down the line, when no one cares anymore. Right after we get that custom game browser they promised, when the game will be a ghost town and all the casuals are playing Modern Warfare 2.0 or the Black Ops reboot.
  19. Same! Even though we got the way worse CoD/Reach XP system instead of the H3 one (where you actually had to win to get XP) this will add some much needed longevity to MCC. Ranked is a ghost town and social matches feel utterly meaningless. The first three games might be timeless classics, but they're competing with 50 other FPS that have insanely addictive skinner box XP systems so it's a good move to add this to MCC as well.
  20. Reach is a Halo Classic (TM) if you play almost exclusively on community made maps, using settings that were only possible after a patch that removed all the new game mechanics it added to the franchise and even then it's only truly good if you rely on a glitch to get a 4sk DMR and use modded settings to have more than three gametypes with zero bloom. Truly a masterpiece of video game design.
  21. I'm catching downvotes left and right for telling people not to preorder from a company that has fucked over its customers time and time again, when preordering has literally zero benefits in today's digital gaming age. r/halo is a complete shitshow of a community and a botched vanilla Reach port is exactly the game they deserve.
  22. Rip the dream of Halo on PC being sucessful. They're shooting themselves in the foot again to meet some arbitrary deadline.
  23. I'm sure PC players are looking forward to playing 3v4s with 100 ms input lag on useless dedicated servers with terrible netcode, frequent crashes, bloom, armor lock and no party restrictions. If this doesn't win them around then Halo Sprintfinite next year surely will.

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