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  1. I forgot grenade hitmarkers and indicators have fuck all to do with gameplay. Or getting killed by gimmicky ice falling from the sky on Lockdown. Yep, nothing to do with gameplay, just fluff that I should not care about. If you don't like sprint, just don't sprint, right? So funny this comes from the queen of complaining about dying from shit that is seemingly "totally out of my control". Also H2 has a better strafe than H2A by a long shot, so who's really getting whooshed here?
  2. H2A is exactly why they don't get it lmao. Hitmarkers? Check. Obnoxious bullshit like sun glare and gimmicky bubble shield on top mid on Ascension? Check. Grenade indicators? Check. Frame drops all over the place? Check. Sloppy strafe and way too much magnetism? Check. Remaking only 7 maps and then choosing quite possibly the worst ones they could've chosen? Check. Probably the only reason it doesn't have sprint and thrust is because halfway through development Dan Ayoob realized they're working on a H2 remake and not a H4 expansion. H2A is fun despite all that nonsense, not because of it. It's only redeeming qualities are that 1) gameplay still somewhat resembles H2, if I had to grade it in that aspect would be a D+ and 2) the visuals and sound, because they paid an external studio to do all the environmental design and animations for them. What they did with CEA and H2A is a tragedy and a slap to any of the original fan's faces. They had the keys to the kingdom and turned them into a Reach map pack and a H4 expansion that shipped with the worst AAA game launch in history. Wow. They really get it, huh.
  3. Hot take: even a classic Halo from 343 would play like ass. They just don't get it on so many different levels.
  4. Just because Halo 5s AI is fucking dogshit which made 343 turn them all into bullet sponges with literal aimbots doesn't mean PvE has to always be bad. Warzone is awful, no one is going to deny that, but with some mental effort behind it, a high playercount PvPvE mode can absolutely be fun. Dismissing the entire concept based on 343 incompetence makes zero sense.
  5. Don't forget "lets make all these different Warzone maps set throughout the universe but use the exact same bases in all of them."
  6. I think we can all agree that the Forerunner sandbox as a whole has been a massive letdown. I also don't get why from Reach to H4 they would keep the BR and DMR, which just creates problems in the sanbox, but then go and remove the Revenant and Falcon. Such fun vehicles, sure they had their balance issues but removing them outright is just stupid.
  7. Explain all the blank shots I get every game then
  8. Totally agree with this, powerups should be dropped on death. Not sure about pausing, they could display it similarly to how it's shown on the HUD tho. One thing I'd like to add is that the team that just lost the powerup should be locked out from picking it up for 5-10 seconds, similar to the Demon Rune in DOOM that can only be picked up by the team that killed the demon in the first 5 seconds. Otherwise I think holding hands with powerup users would become the new meta.This would also help against cheese situations like sniping camo on Guardian from S3 just to see the dude's teammate grab it and run away.
  9. I love competitive CE but my brain literally cannot handle 4-way split screen. @Hard Way's commentary is awesome though and helps guide the eyes.
  10. 4v4 CE should be dogshit because the spawn system doesn't make sense out of 2v2 and most of the maps are way too small for 8 people throwing grenades everywhere. But somehow it's still so much fun to play.
  11. Another thing I noticed: FF benefits you just as much as it hurts you. How many times did you get a free kill because the enemy you were shooting got naded by his dumbass teammate that you baited? Think about it, it's a 4v4 game. Given that you never teamkill there are three possible spots on your team and four on the enemies for a TKer. To be fair, he said "heck".
  12. H5 literally tracks every possible stat nowadays. Accuracy, damage, distance traveled, weapons used, yada yada yada, but you're telling me they can't track team damage and punish griefers accordingly? Give me a break. Band-aid bullshit like removing FF or even ricochet should be last ditch efforts if teamkilling becomes a widespread problem (it's never really been an huge issue though despite the 3/10 statistic gettingt thrown around ITT). First implement an improved punishment system instead of the archaic "3 teamkills and you're out" model. Weigh betraying people off spawn or power weapon / objective carriers higher. Shame people with tons of betrayals on their service record. Ban them from MM just like quitters or even more harshly. Remove team damage from melees. You could even do something like blur the screen of someone who damages their teammate for a short period of time. But don't enable even more explosive spam and playing like a headless idiot. I've been telling them this for ages, but apparently any sort of griefing and afking is okay as long as it doesn't affect their KD.
  13. Obviously not because slaying is the most important aspect of winning any game, aside from spawn control. Unless they're griefing by throwing the ball off the map or something then fuck em.
  14. Yawn, you need to come up with something new at some point.
  15. You're late, we're shitting on people's memories of Halo now, not game mechanics. Better luck next time.
  16. Those damn vidya games killing people again. Turn off that nintendo and read a book or something kids.
  17. Doomfist is what made me quit OW for good. They spent 9 months nerfing Roadhog into the ground because "people don't like 1-shot heroes" and then released the most broken ez 1-tap mechanic I've ever seen in a video game. So much hype was built for such a dumbass hero.
  18. Why didn't they just know down the door lol? I wouldn't be opposed to BTB maps having destruction, although at the same time that's a hugely overrated concept.
  19. "none of these multiple weapons and options are depth", but using dumbass lock-on weapons trying to trigger a cooldown on their ECM is high-level mindgames or what? Come on now. Yes they are too easy to use I never denied that. Teamshot works, just because randoms suck doesn't negate that. Boarding is extremely effective against tanks and overly agressive banshee pilots especially when paired with a PP, power drain or pulse nade. I guess you've never played rush on one of the bigger maps. All jets have to do is kill the enemy jet or have a non-aggression pact and then they are completely invincible and can drop bombs and strafe people all day long. How can you say Halo's vehicles are this massive problem but jets in BF are A-okay, it's literally blowing my mind rn.
  20. Oh I forgot you're probably a god at BF too and hit jets with your RPG on the reg.
  21. Battlefield's vehicles are harder to handle, that is undeniable. But the vehicle-infantry interaction in BF is usually complete shit. Jets are invincible and can just rape infantry all game with no repercussions. Same goes for helis unless you decided to spawn with random gadget #1 (Stinger or Igla) which hard-counters them. But then you get destroyed by tanks and IFVs. It's just rock-paper-scissors between engineers and helis/tanks with jets laughing their asses to the bank because they're broken and invincible to everything but the enemies jets lol. At least in Halo you can teamshot them to death, stick em, board em, hammer them off the map, use your skill to acquire a rocket, missile pod or sentinel beam to counter them (fuck the laser btw) etc. Much more depth to it than "spawn with X and win every engagement against Y"
  22. Guys I think SWAT is a metaphor for magnum-only husky raid with no nades or melee.
  23. They are obsolete in the sense that people are at an advantage when playing online with the new consoles, something which was never a thing during the golden era. You can't change graphics settings or configs on console to get more fps or increase the draw distance while removing useless post processing. You're stuck with the same pos while people can see you from further away, in higher detail and more stable FPS on the "same console". If that technically not "obsolete" fine then just call it bullshit which is what it really is.
  24. Ironic because you are literally advocating that entire game mechanics that are essential for gametypes like king and SH to function correctly to get changed because in your opinion teammates shouldn't be a factor in team games.

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