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  1. Reach has awful vehicle balance. Aaah a "git gud" argument. How is this any different than a guy running away in 4v4? At least we can agree on something.
  2. Sprint ruins BTB just as much as the everything else. People still run away from battles, the map flow becomes terrible, ground vehicles become too easy to board etc. Pro tip: Don't design maps that have insane amounts of no man's land and you won't even need sprint.
  3. Epitaph is cool for Multi Team KOTH. Isolation plays Flag and Assault decently well but sucks for anything else. Cold Storage is just a mess and will never work with more than 1s kill times because of all the corner hugging and rooms to hide in.
  4. It actually does but only on a very small scale (the grass IIRC). Source: saw it on a H3 mythbuster episode in 2008.
  5. Eh, H2's superman lunges, aim assist that bends around corners and the downright awful hitreg (I'd actually say it's worse than CE on MCC) make it feel very dated. The game just feels wrong, maybe if they can finally fix all the issues surrounding the game it will change my view on it, but as of right now it's hands down the worst performing game on MCC.
  6. There were 20+ people talking to him in a civil manner and one guy made a snarky remark and Frank of course didn't answer any legitimate question, cherry picked that one "mean" comment, threw a massive tantrum and left. Hasn't been back since.
  7. I absolutely believe they're the same values of magnetism and aim assist, and if one were to test them with a guest dummy one would probably get the exact same results. But the absolute shit tier netcode and interpolation of H2V makes it less apparent just how big the aim assist really is as half your shots won't connect while H2A will always be generous with hit reg. Hitboxes might also be more accurate to the models in H2A/H4.
  8. Something like BO4's or Battlefields spot system or even the CSGO radar would be miles ahead of the stupid heartbeat sensor we've always had. Shrinks the skill gap more than any of H4 and 5s mechanics ever could.
  9. As opposed to H5 that clearly respects and pays tribute to classic Halo mechanics... What are you smoking exactly?
  10. Hitmarkers are another of the "expected" mechanics like sprint that just add nothing to gameplay. Especially dumb shit like hitmarkers on explosives, grenades and my favorite on wallbangs in CoD. Just what kind of imbecile thought that's a good idea. Or hitmarkers on flashbangs. It's especially redundant in Halo given that shield flare achieves everything hitmarkers can offer but without any of the drawbacks and it looks way cooler.
  11. People's posts will still show up when someone quotes them. Plus everytime they post it says "shitposter's post, click to view". So it's not a complete ignore.
  12. TIL having a shitty connection = easy sniper.
  13. I wish someone in a position of power in development of Infinite had opinions like that.
  14. In case you need more nightmare fuel, there's a Chill Out remake in the H5 Super Fiesta playlist. People dash across the map and get 3sk by shooting people in the stomach with the HaLo OnE PiSToL.
  15. Every time I get downvoted to -6 on r/halo
  16. It's cool that i01 exists and is in the style of classic/real Halo. But like all these community made games, I doubt it will take off. However it might send a good message to 343 that their mobility garbage and other fad chasing can fuck off and Infinite needs to be a proper Halo game.
  17. Yeah I'd either go in with people or dashboard as soon as an enemy to4 came up. In Reach they still had the decency to tell is if people are in a party whereas in H4 and 5 they though we'd be dumb enough to not notice.
  18. It was, but that wasn't a "classic playlist". It was just the most competitive setting for the game which happened to be classic of course. Btw 343 I'm still salty you were too lazy to add party restrictions and the Arena ranks to the MLG playlist.
  19. The forge one Overkill VR made or the Anniversary one? The one of forge maps had classic Bungie nonsense like forced AR start bullshit, low score limits in Ball and King and worst of all they removed it for no apparent reason after a few months "to make room for the anniversary playlist" which didn't launch for like half a year. The Anniversary one still has melee damage at 50%,making it a 3 or 4 hit kill. Why? Also one nade start and Team Snipers on Headlong in the 4v4 list lmao.
  20. Let's also not forget that the first day the playlist was out they changed the shield recharge to about 50% the normal rate which means you had to crouch in a corner for 10+ seconds after every gunfight. How does one screw up this bad? This just proves to me that they are either completely incompetent or did it on purpose to hurt the playlist, which coupled with the abysmal settings of course worked and the playlist was removed a few weeks later. I think 343 just instinctively associates "classic playlist" with "half ass this shit". Name me one classic playlist in the history of Halo that didn't have glaring flaws and obvious oversights.
  21. Classic Halo didn't die. It was MURDERED!
  22. Probably this. When they started building 343 industries they probably filled in the gaps starting at the top and Frank O Spindoctor was the first one to show up.
  23. If you consider Fathom one of the greater maps then yeah feel free to add Haven in there as well lmao. Agree Extraction was good though. As I said, it's not broken so yes everything you listed is true. It just feels like a drag to play on , I blame this on the poor design decisions with all the long hallways, lazy cover everywhere, very few interesting lanes to flank, poor LoS etc. Sprint really fucked the map over as it is stretched to hell and back so maybe if it was remade in a sprintless Halo and un-stretched it might be a decent map because the layout itself isn't terrible. It's also telling that it's direct remake in H5 didn't make it in the circuit despite having very lackluster competition and the dire need of additional maps later in the game's lifespan.
  24. I think he means that Zealot, Haven and Countdown stick out of the sea of horseshit maps in those games so people act like they are actually good maps even when compared to the greater maps of the OG trilogy. Which they aren't. They're not Sword Base or Pegasus levels of awful by any means but they are oh so mediocre.

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