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  1. If there are still no management changes after this shitshow I will seriously question what Microsoft is doing.
  2. Watch them only improve the graphics and keep all the weak-ass gameplay decisions and generic weapon designs. I still have basically no hope for this game, because with the massive mismanagement over there 6 years won't do the trick either. However this is good news for the developers there because fuck crunch time during a pandemic. Maybe they are even finally going to realize rushing their games out for a holiday sale and releasing two weeks before the next CoD game is not the brightest of ideas. Speaking of which, isn't it odd we still don't know shit about CoD 2020?
  3. If you need bullet mag to get a 3sk anywhere on the body with a 900 RPM weapon I got some bad news for you. CoD might have wonky netcode and quite a bit of AA on console, but it doesn't have Halo's bullet mag or Overwatch's ridiculous hit boxes.
  4. Idk this was a pretty good take. 343's hitmarkers are some A grade eye cancer.
  5. You can easily mod this in reach and it's pretty hilarious. Adding stun to the PR also stuns the evading player so he will just roll in place.
  6. We to be fair it still had cancer like nade hitmarkers, shit spawns, no descope, a pretty bad forge compared to Reach, power ups that have to be actually picked up (lmao 343),garbage sandbox and other issues. I liked H4 customs but essentially calling people who didn't like it nostalgiafags is a little short sighted.
  7. Honestly it's kinda impressive how they made H4 in 2-3 years while also transferring over tech and knowledge from Bungie, building a studio at the same time and using the spaghetti blam engine. The game was obviously complete shit from a design standpoint but the graphical fidelity and amount of content were impressive given the circumstances. It seems things only got worse from that point.
  8. In H4 assault was just a grifball variant and in H5 I don't even know what the fuck they did, weren't oddball and assault the same gametype? Truly baffling how hard it is for these clowns to port over existing gametypes. They don't even have to be in MM or have maps built around them, but to just completely leave them out and not provide a basic functioning variant of them in all games moving forward just reeks of ignorance and poor allocation of resources. Also whatever the fuck happened to extraction? The one redeeming quality of H4 MP has just been erased from existence.
  9. Personal bias: BR is dogshit and boring af to play Objective observation: 343 will fuck it up either way and waste a ton of dev resources on it. See: Breakout, Warzone, Spartan Ops, Dominion, squad play in campaign . All more or less good ideas on paper but failed horribly because of their botched implementation.
  10. Yes, but technically there is not "hitscan" in any of the games, it's just relly fast projectiles (at least up to reach, I don't care enough about the dumpster fires that came after)
  11. Can someone explain to me how 4-man parties of insanely sweaty and toxic neckbeards running social are still a thing? Every time I'm vibing in H2A or H3 I get matched against these chumps who teabag and talk shit in text chat after every kill. Why?
  12. It's not really about the graphics themselves, it's more a "what the fuck have they been doing the past five years?" Right after the reveal they tried to talk themselves out of it with the "free raytracing update after launch" thing which just raised even more eyebrows. Let's also not forget that the next day they backtracked on the "no Halo will ever launch without a public beta again" promise. This all points towards yet another rushed launch and years of waiting for updates to finish the game. It's not the graphics, the weapon designs or the hook, it's about how there are multiple red flags of typical 343 mismanagement ALREADY and it seems that after ten years we're still chasing trends and taking steps backwards instead of "evolving Halo" like the always talk about. I don't want the game to fail but they make it really damn easy to be pessimistic.
  13. SWAT should just get replaced with ODST slayer. SMG/automag starts, no shields, everyone spawns with ODST armor.
  14. Did they clarify if the game is free on all platforms or only on the Series X?
  15. There might even be P2W bullshit like Warzone again just not RNG boxes. Their wording is intentionally vague as always.
  16. Gotta love how even when pointing out obvious mistakes like removing the shotgun and magnum for generic Striker and p250 ripoffs the 343 defense squad can't help themselves and have to add "IT WONT BRING THE GAME DOWN GUISE HYPE TRAIN IS STILL IN FULL FORCE", it's so pathetic to see the majority of big Halo personalities gushing over this game despite all the massive red flags we've seen so far. It seems the only people you can trust in the Halo "influencer" world now are Tommy Kost, Favyn and BringHaloBack.
  17. No it's not. It's complete fucking dogshit. Was armor lock good as a map pickup in MLG v1 Reach? No it was the same cancer it just didn't show up as frequent.
  18. Was just about to post this. Perfectly summarizes my feelings after that reveal. It's not just surface level things like graphics and the hilariously generic weapon designs, it's the stuff underneath and it's implications on the game at large: Mainly sprint/slide/clamber, the "new" equipment and the super uninspired new weapon sandbox. Frankie has been on a lying streak for 8+ years so really no suprise here. When was the last time he said something and it actually happened? I can't think of anything.
  19. How are yall seeing that sprint is exactly 110% BMS and that strafing is crisp from that demo? Some serious detective work.
  20. I always thought 1-50 is fine for MM, because MM is inherently random and it doesn't make sense to artificially make the first ten games count 100x towards you rank. The frustration of getting fucked over by a teammate during placement matches cannot be overstated. However, I think something like H5/CoD/OW would work for a team ladder system. Aka bring back clan matches already. You create a team/clan, play your placement and then play for top spots within each divison until the end of the season. Could be super addictive and help people get into competitive Halo as a team instead of gambling by going in solo in the MLG playlist. Having a 1-50 grind system (maybe make it less grindy than H2/MCC though, it's pretty ridiculous) and a division system at the same time would allow players to always have something to go for. Add the H3 XP system with military ranks on top and you have a game that doesn't get boring after a couple weeks like the last few Halo games.
  21. There is a delay of roughly three seconds when you switch input device, but other than that there is no restriction. I assume this will change when input-based MM becomes a thing.
  22. I've seen random normies on facebook with the Craig brute as their profile picture. Halo is in the mainstream again, but for all the wrong reasons.
  23. The demo kinda hints into that direction with the titanfall-esque weapon pickup promts, the "massive scale". Also on another note, where are those people who mined the steam store and claimed the Infinite flights were probably starting right after the Xbox presentation?

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